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  • Can a qualification in drama help you in your working life?

  • Pearson and Shakespeareís Globe spoke to a number of eminent practitioners from the

  • business and theatre sectors, to hear their thoughts on the importance of a drama education.

  • When you think about business schools, you donít necessarily think about drama. But

  • when you think about business, you certainly think about drama.

  • The skills you gain, and study, and understand from drama, are critical if you want to think

  • about the impact you will have in the business environment, especially if you are a leader

  • of a company, firm or organization. We have a lot of CEOs and managing director

  • level people doing our Executive degrees. Iím interested to see how other people look

  • up to them, as experts. But also, the reverse is true, that we now live in an environment

  • where you might have a very young CEO. I think were drama comes in, is that if you think

  • about your favourite heroes from fiction or theatre, are they always the King Lear authority

  • figure, or are they a younger person who is bold and dramatic, who is able to take risks

  • and do things that will make a positive impact on their society.

  • Performance is key to business, and good communication is key to performance.

  • Employers want the skills that are developed in drama. They want people who can think for

  • themselves, who can work in a team, who can listen to others, who know how to negotiate,

  • who know how to create an outcome. It doesnít matter what product you are producing;

  • the skills are required.

  • If a business didnít have any entrepreneurial or creative flair in it, it would probably

  • be quite unsuccessful and moribund. Itís really important that when a business plan

  • is put together for a new product, that creativity is brought to it.

  • Things donít just happen on the bottom line; you need good ideas, you need invention, innovation.

  • All those come from people having creative talent.

  • My advice to a parent who is thinking of their children studying drama would be to definitely

  • let them go for it. Like myself, it was very helpful in gaining confidence, and networking,

  • and building a network of people, but also they may get it out of their system and go

  • on and do other things. There are so many transferable skills that theatre and acting

  • can give you, that can really stead you will for any career.

  • Working in the creative industries helped me, because the first thing I needed to do

  • was to try and develop a team; gather a team around me. I had to think strategically. I

  • had to be able to think imaginatively and ëon the hoofí. And I couldnít have done

  • that without the background I had in the arts. But that theatre training allowed to me take

  • over that role with some degree of confidence.

  • Arts and culture contribute to the national economy in an enormous number of ways and

  • have a significant impact. In 2011, they contribute five billion pounds to UK GDP and, on average

  • between 2008 and 2011, they funded 111,000 full time equivalent jobs.

  • Give them the opportunity to explore their interests and, beyond that, be reassured that

  • some of the skillset will not be wasted, even if a young person decides to pursue other

  • careers, whether its a career in medicine, in law, or in business, or in other areas.

  • I do think that some of these skills will be useful. And not just useful in the early

  • stages of their careers, but for their career lifetime.

  • I always say, in an arts organisation, every artistic decision is a business decision,

  • and every business decision is an artistic decision; the two work hand in glove to assure

  • success.

  • As weíve heard, studying drama helps develop key business skills, such as negotiation,

  • leadership and collaboration. It also boosts confidence, teaches pupils to work in a team,

  • and to think creatively. Drama provides key transferable skills that will be useful in

  • any industry.

Can a qualification in drama help you in your working life?

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The Importance of Drama: Transferable Skills

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