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  • Sirianni started his coaching career at his alma mater, Mountain Union, before making the jump as an assistant to the Chiefs in 2009.

  • During his time in Casey, he worked under head coaches Todd Haley and Romeo Coronel, then joined the charters, worked alongside head coach Mike McCoy, an offensive coordinator.

  • Frank right, Teaming up with right again with the Colts Since 2018.

  • He engineered an offense that ranked eighth in points per game over that span.

  • Let's get back to Adam.

  • The Eagles have found their head, man.

  • What more can you tell us, Laura?

  • The Eagles have been in Florida here, conducting interviews for the better part of the last week since they fired Doug Peterson, brought in any number of candidates and went through them.

  • And I think because they started a little bit late, firing Doug Peterson week after some of the other coaches got fired, they were a little bit late to the process.

  • And again, that meant that other coaches landed other jobs elsewhere before the Eagles could have all the options that they wanted still have plenty of options of plenty of good candidates out there, and ultimately in the end.

  • I think that they felt most comfortable with Nick Syriani, who's worked under Frank Reich in Indianapolis and knows the Philadelphia system well, what's the right higher?

  • I thought Doug Peterson sister stayed on and Dam was screaming like they're going.

  • It's about Carson Wentz, and I understand it from a money standpoint, like they are invested in Carson Wentz.

  • So this is another part of that investment outside of the $100 million contract, outside of the fact that he had a rough season.

  • This is another yet another investment in the fact that they think Carson Wentz is gonna be the guy for the future.

  • This is all on Carson Wentz now like this.

  • The amount of pressure that he's gonna have as we talked about the pressure you have in Philly just got revved up another notch.

  • I think it's pressure on all of them.

  • I think it's pressure on Nick Carson Wentz, the front office, all of them.

  • They What's interesting about this is they went and got the other guy they didn't get.

  • The guy didn't get Frank right?

  • They got somebody else.

  • So you expected for him to coach him the same way It's totally different when you're in that playing, flying in the cockpit versus sitting back in, delegating certain things.

  • Now you become the head coach.

  • I'm assuming the play caller and the quarterback coach, even though you may not have the title letters.

  • A quarterback coach, you are intimately involved with him on the day to day basis.

  • Will it work out?

  • I don't know What what?

  • How are you gonna handle the locker room when they turn around and they look and say, Well, Jalen hurts should be really playing, man, you know how you're gonna handle that?

  • It's a really interesting point, Dan, because I think it's obvious we talked about the reasons why we're talking about Carson Wentz is because of the money that's owed to him, right?

  • And that's what's top of mind for this organization and the leadership in the organization.

  • But what if Jalen Hurts ends up really being the guy?

  • And Sirianni is in that scenario feels like, at least in his experience, he'd be prepared to go with whoever is best to run the offense.

  • Yeah, listen, this is not about Jalen hurts, right?

  • This higher was absolutely about Carson wins 100%.

  • Jalen Hurts goes into this off season and into the summer and proves he's a better player than Carson Wentz.

  • Thin.

  • The Eagles have a big problem.

  • Yes, there's no question about that because Nick Sirianni signed on to the Eagles job in part because of Carson Wentz.

  • He doesn't take the job because you know what I loved.

  • Jalen hurts coming out of Oklahoma.

  • Could Jalen Hurts becomes something we don't we have no idea, but the number one goal for him going to Philadelphia.

  • Make no mistake about it is to get Carson was right.

  • Get him bawling.

  • And so it has everything to do with the non physical.

  • He's got to go make like good, good relationship.

  • He's also got to bring someone with them that can coach the heck out of the guy.

  • This is not about being buddy buddies, but what if it doesn't work and all of a sudden in that locker room niggling, Well, then everybody's gone, though, and that's gonna happen fast.

  • Alright, guys, we're gonna get back to this because there's a lot more to talk about with it.

  • But let Z thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Sirianni started his coaching career at his alma mater, Mountain Union, before making the jump as an assistant to the Chiefs in 2009.

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Reacting to Eagles hiring Nick Sirianni as coach and what this means for Carson Wentz | NFL Live

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