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  • when the ball bounces rattling the snakes, the handler must never stopped the dribble.

  • We're told our dreams were out of bounds, and the men who come after you in the darkness are the Fowler's, the pressure, the Unstrung King, dissatisfaction and defiance.

  • All for a better team, not a game.

  • We're talking about practice, full court, pressing against injustice, way our ancestors shots and rebounds, requiring the contribution of every man we all must be confronted Playing for change begins within the arenas inside.

  • It begins with you.

  • There is no I in team, but there is a M e.

  • It begins with me.

  • Fourth quarter won't end with us.

  • We must listen closely and never mistake's screeching sneakers for whistle's blown shot.

  • Clock is winding down.

  • Shot must be taken.

  • The ball must be inbounded.

  • Three points.

  • Justice, equality, love for the lead.

  • Some powerful words right there.

  • And as n BA players continue to use this season to push for social justice, the MBA Players Association is teaming up with the compound to provide players with play for change shirts that represent how players are playing for a bigger cause, and the man here behind that bigger an amazing cause.

  • Compound Founder Set free Richardson set free.

  • Welcome to the show.

  • Super excited to have you here with us.

  • This cause is incredible.

  • So I want to hear about the T shirt and how it is symbolized for MBA players.

  • I'm totally thank you all for having me this morning.

  • Um, the idea came for just, you know, when Kobe started the players voices was really it was a magnitude on the world.

  • And then, you know, after that with George Floyd, I just wanted toe be able to create something that help players toe to voice their opinions and their views and inspired from all the silhouettes of, like, the MBA logo, you know, the Michael Jordan logo silhouettes has always had a big place in basketball.

  • So I created this with the idea of, you know, mixing in 1968 Olympics with, you know, a guy holding the ball and teamed up with the nbp a toe, get the shirts out to the bubble.

  • All the players I heard that you were inspired in part by a conversation on the on the shop between LeBron James and Barack Obama.

  • What was it about that conversation and stuff with you.

  • Well, it was actually, it was two sides.

  • The, um you know, it was so much talk going back and forth about should players not playing, should they play?

  • And then, you know, LeBron when he had that conversation with Obama, actually looked at it to be like, You know what?

  • I am gonna use my platform.

  • Thio, put a message out there to, you know, let everybody know what's going on in the world of, you know, social justice.

  • Who are the players, the specific players that you're working with?

  • And what have they told you about?

  • Why this cause is important to them?

  • Um, totally, like Jae Crowder reached out and wanted to wear the shirt.

  • Got him shirt.

  • Um, Donovan Mitchell.

  • He also it's not always say it's like a working relationship there supporting actually the cost in the movement, not just working, but using their platform.

  • And actually, all players don't get a chance to be on the podium.

  • So some of them when they're not, it was really powerful to see them wearing the shirt just to speak their opinion.

  • Um, Jalen Brown was wearing it and the bubble J R.

  • Smith.

  • A lot of guys just has been a part of the movement that I'm trying to create and get their voices out there.

  • It's really hard to imagine that there would be any player that wouldn't want t to get behind this movement.

  • And really, you're planning on sparking something even larger than what it is right now.

  • So tell me about that.

  • Totally as you know, I think like basketball, the voices should be heard not just for social justice, but you know, if we're just, um, anything that they want to address, which could be breast cancer, just any anything that could help the human race through basketball and one of the things the initiatives that we're looking to do this summer coming up is the stop, the violence on playgrounds and all the gun violence.

  • You know, a lot of companies always want to refurbish the courts and paint the parks over.

  • But security is one of the big problems that we have basketball parks and playgrounds.

  • So that's one of the initiatives that play for change.

  • Is gonna you know, the same way you look at a lifeguard is at the beach.

  • We should have security and, you know, protection at the playground for the Children of tomorrow.

  • All right, well, cool stuff.

  • Really awesome.

  • What you're doing here.

  • Everyone.

  • Make sure you check out set free Richardson.

  • He is the founder of the compound, teaming up with the MBA Players Association for some really cool initiatives to push for social justice this season.

  • So set free.

  • Thank you so much for your time.

  • And we appreciate you.

  • Thank you all.

  • Take care.

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when the ball bounces rattling the snakes, the handler must never stopped the dribble.

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