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  • My good friend Andy Richter is with us.

  • Happy Inauguration Day and the Inauguration Day.

  • It it is a happy day.

  • It is good, doesn't it?

  • Yeah, I thought it was Ah.

  • Very lovely ceremony.

  • Yeah.

  • I thought I really loved Biden's speech.

  • I thought he gave an amazing inauguration speech.

  • And, uh, Mike Pence had to confront Lady Gaga.

  • What's those two have?

  • I didn't see that moment, actually, did they?

  • Was it Was it awkward?

  • Oh, I don't I don't know.

  • I just imagine at some point he was like, uh, Miss Gaga.

  • Hello.

  • Thank you, Miss Gaga.

  • I have heard of your work.

  • Yeah, well, the fan and on the car ride out to the airport.

  • His wife was probably like I saw you talking to that lady Gaga.

  • Uh, keep it in your pants next time, Pence.

  • Sorry, Mother.

  • Uh, uh huh.

  • I I just I thought it was absolutely lovely.

  • You know, that was it was a wonderful ceremony.

  • Um, I like when Garth Brooks came out, it looked like he was walking into a saloon in a western.

  • You know, when he came walking out and he had the hat and the boots and it really did look like he had just I wanted to see him get on a horse and ride off afterwards.

  • Well, yeah, but also to he, like, hugged and kissed everybody like everyone else is being careful and not Not Garth.

  • Yeah.

  • You know, I'm sure they've all been tested and they were all boiled.

  • Everybody, all the performers and everyone on that stage was boiled for 20 minutes in in hot liquid.

  • So it was a very safe inaugural, but wow, just such a historic day on Dove course, the inauguration was the big news.

  • All the cable networks, uh, covered it.

  • Here's a clip of CNN's coverage.

  • Here is MSNBC during Biden's speech.

  • And then here's how Fox News covered it over because you're stir and you wanna whip the air.

  • Apparently, their plan is to just go with an omelet marathon.

  • For the next four years.

  • It's gonna be a four year omelet marathon.

  • That's terrible for your heart.

  • Really?

  • Maybe.

  • Yeah, I think it should.

My good friend Andy Richter is with us.

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How Fox News Covered President Biden’s Inauguration - CONAN on TBS

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