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  • so we will get to Tyree's sound in a moment.

  • But from last night's Nets win, Paul, What was your biggest take away?

  • Man, this is scary.

  • I'm not even because, look, there are only two games in.

  • They beat the top seed in the Eastern Conference, and they haven't even got their chemistry together yet.

  • I mean, yeah, they're scoring points and getting assists.

  • They're turning the ball over a lot.

  • So you gotta expect those to come down in the next few weeks as they get to know one another as they implement Kyrie Irving.

  • But, man, like I said earlier, it's like having Jordan and Jordan on the same squad.

  • It's like Who's number two?

  • I kid you not, I mean, seriously.

  • With all due respect to the two time M V P, the two best players in the Eastern Conference are on the Nets, right?

  • And is James Harden.

  • And it's Kevin Durant and mainly the reason why I say that is not because of the honest defense and all the is more because when it comes down to the last 30 seconds of a game and you're in the postseason or you're in a moment where you need it.

  • They have the two best players in the conference when it comes to knocking it down.

  • So the postseason is going to be the three with Kyrie.

  • Oh, yeah, Well, obviously, when you talk about the last 30 seconds like Kyrie talk about, you know, I finally have somebody that can knock down that shot.

  • Well, you got to You got you got to go and look, this is the problem to you.

  • Talk about the end of a playoff game when we're skipping some steps here, Obviously, but you talk about the end of the playoff game with Yannis.

  • I mean, you guys always tell me a big man that's a tough position to put a big man in to be depending on him finishing, especially if he's struggling at the free throw line.

  • And we saw Yannis was better at the line last night.

  • He had that game against the Mavericks the other night, where I think he was one of 10 for the line, but his free throw shooting overall guys this season, he's a 59%.

  • Four years ago, he was at 77% and it's just gone down every years.

  • Well, pressure.

  • When people talk about pressure, a lot of times it rears its head in different places, right?

  • Yanis now feels the pressure toe win a championship.

  • He feels the pressure toe, B, M V P.

  • And sometimes that pressure is not gonna show up in your ability to dunk.

  • It's gonna show up in like the moments in those little bitty things, whether it's a three point, whether it's your free throws and you can see the decline.

  • So I don't know.

  • As the pressure has gone up and his free throw percentage has gone down like physically, he's still one of the most dominant guys we've ever seen.

  • But like that pressure in the technique, that's where it's starting to show in his game, he needs a closer, simple and plain.

  • He needs a superstar closer, like Shaq and Kobe and Wade.

  • Hey needs that guy.

  • I'm not sure Middleton could be that guy.

  • He's a great piece, and he's having a great year.

  • Will be an All Star, but we saw how they struggled down the stretch, and if you're honest, can't make free throws or hit perimeter shots consistently okay down the stretch and who's gonna be that guy?

  • And that's why I just don't have faith, regardless.

  • Milwaukee Bucks.

  • They may finish first in the conference.

  • I just don't have faith in them come playoff time because of that.

  • Look at that shot down.

  • This is the thing.

  • Milwaukee Bucks fans.

  • We're not saying that your team is in great.

  • We're not saying that.

  • You can't.

  • You can't get to the conference fines.

  • We're not saying that you can't.

  • You guys were just talking about the most elite level, these guys champions.

  • They're talking about that nuance of the most elite.

  • Well, let's just say the last two shots right.

  • The last two shots of that game were taken by Chris Middleton, who is a very, very good player in All Star.

  • The last two shots for the Nets will be taken by James Harden.

  • Kevin Durant are possibly Kyrie Irving.

  • Let's just put that in perspective.

  • Three.

  • Future Hall of Famers versus you know, All stars, right?

  • Versus an All Star Right on.

  • I know we're jumping ahead when we talk about that, but you got two MVPs leading scorers, all these different accolades versus Chris Middleton, and that's not a disrespect That's just the reality, was just saying Chris Middleton is probably not one of the top five players in the NBA right now, which is an okay, it's okay assessment.

  • And I wouldn't say they struggled down the stretch they were going was exciting.

  • Lead for lead check point for point, you know, hit for hit.

  • But yes, at the end, it was the Nets who came through.

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so we will get to Tyree's sound in a moment.

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