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  • hen come in?

  • Why it must our only options be to squawk and settle or to never leave the nest?

  • What if I want to fly?

  • How do I feel about a new SYRIZA being commissioned?

  • I mean, I was pretty optimistic because the show did so well, but I'm just so excited because I know what's in book to having written it.

  • And I think there's some scenes that are gonna be so incredible and people are gonna love.

  • I think Syria's two is going to be amazing and I'm so, so, so excited about it on for all we know, what's what I'm making some interloper living in bloom spree of all places.

  • What should be so terrible that Bloomsbury This just goes beyond anything I dreamed.

  • There is a woman who she is writing a musical on Tick Tock Richardson the musical And now people are choreographing it.

  • E.

  • I was thinking I'm Abigail Barlow and I'm Emily Baer and we co created Brigitte to the musical.

  • I'm afraid I cannot offer you that dance, Miss Cartman.

  • When I saw Richardson for the first time, I just had this overwhelming feeling that it had to be on stage in some way because the drama that plays out is such masterful storytelling drama.

  • Yeah, dramas too much.

  • And it's amazing because that's exactly what it takes to be put on a Broadway stage.

  • A really compelling storyline.

  • This is what you face.

  • I went to my piano because I was so inspired and posted it on tick tock like I always do.

  • And this just happened to really connect with a bunch of people, millions of people.

  • Actually, I guess I have to be a lady smiling and way obeying.

  • And so many creative talents have lent their creativity to this idea that just kind of exploded.

  • And, you know, people are watching this show just because they love the music and and people are going back and watching it a second time.

  • It's It's the craziest, craziest experience of my life.

  • It's been very wild.

  • We have heard from Phoebe Denver, who is, of course, Daphne and Penelope.

  • Nikola Coughlin.

  • I think if we heard from the Duke, which we haven't heard from yet, we would both just melt.

  • We'd instantly into a bottle, a bottle of tears, eyes, the very reason I'm here system I can already see how people are going to eat up the rest of seasons because there's so many questions that you're left with, you know, tales that you wanna chase.

  • Yeah, so many characters that anyone could identify with.

  • Not only are there young girls who are struggling with you know how they look and how they feel and and boys, but there's also, you know, mothers and fathers who struggle with things that that mothers brothers today.

  • D'oh!

  • So I think that's why it appeals to everyone is because there's so many characters that everyone confined someone they can relate Thio.

hen come in?

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