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  • gym membership Whole.

  • 30.

  • Finally joining that dating app.

  • It's time for New Year's resolutions.

  • New Year.

  • New me, right?

  • Wrong.

  • But everyone I know is doing New Year's resolution, so I should too, right?

  • No.

  • Did you read the title of this video?

  • Absolutely not.

  • 80% of people who make a New Year's resolution will abandon it by the second week of February and certain resolutions, or even harder to keep, like fitness or losing weight.

  • A social network for athletes looked at user fitness records over the month of January.

  • They found that U.

  • S users were likely to bail on their fitness resolutions by January 12.

  • According to Forbes, the number of New Year's resolutions that are actually achieved 8% Those numbers don't look good.

  • Why do we suck at resolutions?

  • Well, to start with there often vague and hard to measure.

  • Consider the popular resolutions.

  • Get in shape.

  • What shape?

  • Hourglass square, Octagon.

  • Travel more okay.

  • Where exactly how long You know there's a pandemic going on?

  • Don't you have more sex?

  • Okay.

  • With him yourself, let's be realistic.

  • No one could follow through and stuff that broad.

  • You wanna hold yourself accountable?

  • You have to be more specific.

  • Another reason resolutions fail because we don't just need to change our behavior, Wade told our consciousness.

  • But seriously, behavior is hard to change when we haven't mentally prepared to do so.

  • Humans hate change because we don't like to abandon what's comfortable to successfully change.

  • You need to know why you're changing.

  • You wanna quit smoking?

  • Think about why you smoke.

  • Is it stress?

  • There might be something else you need to address first.

  • And if you're pursuing a New Year's resolution because of some sort of social pressure, you might not really believe you deserve to achieve your goal.

  • Or are you afraid that by actually succeeding you might leave others behind?

  • What will your friends think?

  • You try hard.

  • Finally, resolutions don't succeed, because if we don't see instantaneous results, we already feel like we failed and we give up.

  • It's hard to commit to big change, and if you have some hyper specific idea of your desired outcome, say you want to get in shape and that shapes and octagon.

  • If you don't achieve that a deal, you might lose sight of the rial ways you benefited.

  • All right, so is there any help?

  • Is there any way that my resolution could be in that 8% that succeed?

  • Maybe if you make a specific resolution, say, eat an extra helping of vegetables every day for two months and you have to know why you're doing it.

  • You have to really believe that extra helping of vegetables is going to change your life.

  • You have to commit to those vegetables.

  • Don't ghost those vegetables.

  • Marry those vegetables.

  • But most importantly, don't make a resolution just because everyone else is doing.

  • That's going to be a waste of money and time.

  • What's the root causes of your unhappiness?

  • Is it the stress?

  • Is it self esteem?

  • Address the real issues and leave the fitness discounts to the suckers, then oh yeah.

gym membership Whole.

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The Best Ways To Keep Your New Year's Resolution

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