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  • medics that Abuja's E.

  • H.

  • A clinic in Nigeria are exhausted.

  • They're facing long lines of coronavirus patients and another long wait for news of a vaccine.

  • Though Europe has been inoculating, it's people since December, African health authorities say it could be weeks, even months, until they get their first shots.

  • Dr.

  • Hollywood Job a a rogue A says cases amounting every day.

  • Stocks of PPE a dwindling and he and his colleagues are feeling increasingly drained.

  • The cases will continue to rise if you don't have a vaccine to stem things.

  • Vaccine to even produce toe give us some herd immunity, so that continues to mean more work.

  • Stress, more mental stress, more stress on all the resources that I as an individual and the facility has to offer.

  • It's not just patients lives at risk.

  • More than 2600 Nigerian doctors have contracted covert 19 and dozens of them have died, Dr Additon JIA Dana Khan, chairman of the Nigerian Medical Associations Lagos Branch, as doctors air even leaving the country due to the strain.

  • We have depleted numbers even before this covenant in pandemic true brain drain on.

  • Even during this pandemic, a lot of doctors have left it shows of this country, so we are depleted every day by the minute on.

  • Yet we are combatting a lot of cases as you see that a zit is not that the cases are rising.

  • Last month, the country's health minister said he hoped to see the first vaccines arriving through the Global Kovacs scheme in January.

  • But he gave no precise timings and made no mention of which shot Nigeria would get.

  • African states have accused richer regions of cornering most of the supplies.

  • World Health Organization head Tedros Adhanom Gabri Aces said on Monday that the world was on the brink of catastrophic moral failure when it came to sharing out shots.

  • Privately, some doctors are worried that when vaccines do arrive in Nigeria, they will go first to the rich and powerful.

medics that Abuja's E.

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