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  • got to give it up.

  • Really?

  • You've got to give it up to this offense because why?

  • It's demoralizing.

  • And I know how those Rams defenders feel is because it was mentally and physically that little Jalen Ramsey sort of bring them over to one side, let him settle in.

  • Let him think that we're going one on one with the tight split and a little fade outside.

  • No, we'll get to the other side.

  • You're not smart enough to adjust, or Staley didn't cover the adjustment or you couldn't.

  • You couldn't mentally executed.

  • So you beat you mentally.

  • And then Roger's doing what Floyd Floyd get him up in the air.

  • Bunny rabbits get around him mentally, physically demoralizing.

  • And that 188 yards that offensive line, also saying, You know what?

  • We're tougher than you, too.

  • So much, so much more for that Packer offense.

  • Well, when I when I see it right here, look, e I mean, the Rams did have the number one defense in the league without question, they did, and they deserve that.

  • But this is a historic offense.

  • That's how I look at it right now.

  • And you're right.

  • I mean, look They had three running backs that were just pounding the ball until Dylan got hurt.

  • I mean, so they could beat you with three different guys running the football.

  • And they can beat you with the play action game.

  • They could do all those type of things nobody can cover.

  • Uh, Adams.

  • Randy, you talked about it yesterday.

  • About how he, you know, he can break your ankles at the line of scrimmage with the crossovers and at the top of routes like it's unbelievable.

  • Unstoppable, but historic offense whips the best defense in this this thing.

  • But would it be a historic defense?

  • We would have beat him to speak.

  • Trust me, don't worry about it.

  • Would have killed him.

  • Baird would have.

  • No, I'm just kidding.

  • But this this offense to me, I truly believe it's not just the number one offensively, it might be higher than that.

  • I'm and I'm gonna tell you why their their offense is is really up Thio to power right here.

  • You talk about the sound bite of Davante Adams talking before Jalen Ramsey followed me around for four quarters and I've I've been high and very loving of this offense.

  • The reason why when you have a number one receiver like that and I was mostly through 14 years of my career, I was always the outside guy and I was always jealous of the inside guys because, Matt, that's where a lot of the balls go.

  • But when you look at how they moved Davante Adams in this offense going against Jalen Ramsey, Aaron Donald, this defense if they couldn't stop him, man, good luck going down in the future, Man.

  • Green Bay Packers If their last stop is Tampa Man, the chemistry between Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams, other than Stefon Diggs and John Allen at the top of the charts and it's unbelief, does it put to rest the talk about that number one overall.

  • Pick their number one pick and they go ahead and get.

  • Gotta win.

  • They gotta win it.

  • They gotta win.

  • They gotta win it.

  • First they bring a Super Bowl ring.

  • You could put that through anything other than a Super Bowl ring.

  • Rex will still be better.

  • E don't care.

  • Jefferson would have looked good in that off Randy.

  • Real quick.

  • Did you ever tell a D B before a game to follow you.

  • No, that was e didn't need Thio.

  • I guess I was gonna do it.

  • Yeah, that's a very fair point.

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got to give it up.

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Breaking down the Packers’ win vs. Rams | NFL Countdown

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