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  • How do you put your eye back in?

  • Let me show you.

  • So there's two dots at the top of the eye and they're there to help me.

  • So I know which part of the eyes the top.

  • That way I don't put my eye in sideways.

  • So what holds in a prosthetic eyes, actually, just your eyelids.

  • So in order to put your eye in, the only thing you pretty much have to do is just dig under your eyelid.

  • So I always start with the top eyelid.

  • It just kind of pulled up and kind of pushed my eye up under it.

  • And then I pull my bottom, I let down and my I kind of just sits right in there.

  • And that's how you put in a prosthetic eye.

  • Can you show us how you clean your I?

  • Yes.

  • So the first step is to take the I out.

  • The second step is to plug the sink so I do not lose my eyeball.

  • That would not be good.

  • The third step is to fill the sink with warm water.

  • The next step is to put my eye in the water and let it rinse off.

  • I then grabbed my I put a squirt of soap on it and wash it off.

  • I now rich the soap off with warm water because if I got soap in my eyes socket, that would sting.

  • And the last step before putting it back in is too dry it off.

  • And just like that, we have a clean eyeball storytime on how you lost your eye.

  • Please, I've answered this before.

  • However, I've had a lot of new followers asked me how I've lost it.

  • So let's get right into it.

  • When I was two years old, my mom had taken a picture of our family right after my sister was born, and in that picture she noticed that I had a gold film around my eye.

  • She was kind of curious and concerned about that.

  • So she showed it to the doctor when my sisters two week checkup came around and he was also kind of curious and concerned, so they sent me to a different hospital to do tests and X rays to see if I had anything.

  • When the test results came back, they found out that I had a rare type of cancer and the retina of my eye called retinoblastoma.

  • So the doctors gave my parents two options.

  • One to remove my eye and take out all the cancer with it, or to go through chemotherapy, which would allow me to keep my eye.

  • However, there will be a chance of the cancer spreading and possibly may dying.

  • So without a doubt, my parents chose to remove my eye so that their child wouldn't die.

  • I'm so thankful for my parents and making that decision as I've accepted this as who I am.

  • Do you have any customized fake eyes?

  • Let me show you all the eyes that I have.

  • I have three clear eyes, which were used after my eye surgery to heal my eye socket before getting my prosthetic eyes.

  • And these are my four prosthetic eyes.

  • They're all hand painted and custom fitted to my eye socket.

  • As you can see, the eye on the right is smaller than the rest is.

  • That was my first I when I was two years old, and then they gradually get bigger, as I have grown throughout the years.

  • Can you wear an eye patch?

  • I don't have one, but let's go to Walmart and see if they have any.

  • Let's go find an eye patch.

  • And do you know where the eye patches are?

  • You have to find it out.

  • Yeah, I'm missing my eye.

  • It's okay.

  • I was a So the girl wouldn't show me where the eye patches were because looking at this Gross her out.

  • Apparently.

  • So I had to find the eye patches by myself, but I found him.

  • So let's put this bad boy on.

  • Yeah, okay.

  • On.

  • Just like that, we have ourselves an eye patch.

  • Does it hurt to touch the skin behind your eye?

  • How could anyone do that?

  • Well, I'm about to show you first.

  • Take out your eye on and second touch the skin behind your eye.

  • Don't do it.

  • Yeah, that does her.

  • It's like a really bad burning sensation.

How do you put your eye back in?

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