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  • you know, there's a tradition.

  • You probably heard of it called Dry January.

  • That's where a lot of people abstained from drinking alcohol for all of January.

  • And, Andy, this is something you'd like to do.

  • Is that right?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, it's nice to hit the reset button after the holidays and just kind of, you know, clean yourself out.

  • Yeah.

  • So tell me, how is your dry January going so far?

  • Well, if you'll refer to the calendar here, it started off strong.

  • Um, I got through January 5th with no problems, but then there was attempted coup on I spent that they glued to the news.

  • So I made an exception on that day and had a drink.

  • You know, Andy, I'm going to say that That's very understandable.

  • A lot of us were stressed out that day so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself.

  • Well, yeah.

  • Then a couple days later, Los Angeles announced that were 150%.

  • I see you capacity because of the covert search.

  • So I made another exception and I had a drink.

  • Well, Andy, that was rough time, too.

  • And then Kim control announced she's not coming back for the sex and the City Re union.

  • So of course, that was a drinking day.

  • Not sure that's the reason to start.

  • And then I read that Kim and Kanye are getting divorced, so I had to have a drink.

  • And then I read They're not getting divorced, so I had a drink for that too.

  • Then I went to Trader Joe's and they were all out of jingle jangle.

  • And they won't be getting any more for 11 months because the seasonal item, I mean, if that's not cause for a drink, I don't know what is.

  • Andy?

  • What happened on the 12th?

  • Well, I smudged my sad face, so, you know, I needed a drink.

  • And between that and finding out Wonder Woman 1984 is a little underwhelming and my Postmates delivery not including a side of 1000 island like I specifically requested.

  • I mean, how the hell is anyone expected to stay sober around here?

  • Okay, well, Andy, I e don't like to say this, but it sounds like you're drinking the same as any other month.

  • Possibly even mawr.

  • How dare you judge me?

  • This is an abusive workplace.

  • I'm making an exception.

  • This'll sketch was brought to you by alcohol.

you know, there's a tradition.

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