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  • Ryan Clark.

  • You are making an interesting point today about the way the Ravens need to approach the situation.

  • Listen, this is an organizational priority, and I'm not excluding Lamar Jackson from any blame from any fault from any responsibility in the past game.

  • And it's kind of hard to be upset with the Baltimore Ravens because of the way that they've embraced Lamar Jackson as a player and the things that he brings.

  • But they have to fix this problem.

  • I don't care if you go find the next new young, hottest college guy.

  • He needs to be a past game coordinator.

  • There is someone that needs to spend time on getting Lamar Jackson in the best places to complete passes and be efficient in the past game.

  • It's not about the number of attempts, it's about the efficiency and the mat and their effect on the game also get him a number one wide receiver.

  • When Antonio Brown said he wanted to go there during that break during that suspension, they should have been working on that deal and Hollywood Brown is talking about those things, but right now he's not a number one and so they need to figure out ways this offseason to say, Okay, here is where Lamar Jackson is great.

  • No, you know what they should do?

  • They should go chilling Buffalo.

  • They should sit in the whole offensive staff up to go see Brian Day ball up to go see McDermott and say, What did you do with Josh Allen?

  • You understood you had a quarterback with specific traits and specific deficiencies.

  • How did you fix him?

  • How did you help him?

  • What did you get him and how is he now?

  • A top three M v p candidate.

  • Go figure that out.

  • That's what Baltimore needs to do.

  • And two names.

  • Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay.

  • That's exactly who Baltimore needs to go chase this offseason.

  • Okay?

  • They need to go get a number one receiver.

  • That's proven That's big.

  • That's physical.

  • That's got that wide catch radius that guys can go make plays for Lamar Jackson in the past game because our seas right.

  • Like Hollywood, Brown has got traits and he's got skills, but he hasn't proven he's the one.

  • They need a true one that that can develop this past game, that he wants the coaching staff to go on get.

  • And the last thing I'd say is this Green Listen, all offseason people gonna say Lamar Jackson needs to become a better thrower needs to become better in the past game.

  • Lamar Jackson, please, If you're listening, do not listen to them.

  • Okay?

  • Everyone's going to tell you to try to become something that you're not.

  • Everyone's gonna try and talk to you all off season to try to ask you to be a quarterback that you're not.

  • Okay.

  • You are a great player.

  • No one is going to crush question your work ethic that you're fractionally get better as a thrower.

  • It is upon your people organization to take your talent and make it flourish in the past game.

  • You're good enough.

  • Don't try to change who you are.

  • Just because people who don't know what they're talking about are gonna be really loud.

  • Have your organization go get you a number one receiver and your passing game will be just fine.

  • What do you think, Rex?

  • Well, something about you know, if it's up to the organization, it will be done.

  • Okay?

  • They're gonna understand he needs a number one receiver.

  • Hollywood Brown.

  • I love that little tweet you make in there.

  • But you failed, my friend.

  • You were brought in to be a number one receiver.

  • You ain't number one your way to name Small.

  • And if you're gonna go look, Lamar is not the most accurate guy of all time.

  • Okay, We get it.

  • Let's get him some big targets, guys that can catch them, you know, have a have a wide catch radius.

  • That's what you dio and and to me, this, by the way, you know Josh Allen was it was probably third and league MVP voting.

  • This man won the m v p.

  • So it's not all broke right there.

  • I don't disagree that they need to get a little more creative in their passing game, for God's sakes.

  • But get a guy.

  • I think Dan's right.

  • Why not get both done?

  • By the way, the first shot we showed was Keenan Allen.

  • You ain't getting him from the charges.

  • I get assure you, go get the other two.

  • Robinson Kenny Golladay.

  • Yeah, Josh Allen were in the same draft class, and there are a lot of similarities between them.

  • When they came in the way they were viewed outstanding athletes questions in the development of their passing game.

  • Maybe the biggest difference between the two of them is Stefon Diggs.

  • I mean, it may not be any more complicated necessarily than that.

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Ryan Clark.

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