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  • [dramatic music building]

  • REPORTER: This small American group

  • includes a teacher, a nurse, a recording

  • engineer, and a photographer.

  • 10 years ago they might have stuck to smoking marijuana.

  • But now they pass around the lines on the mirror.

  • MAN: Save some for the rest of us.

  • [laughter]

  • His structure is based on two foundations.

  • One is extreme violence and the other is business

  • and logistical organization.

  • His capacity for violence, his ambition and his smarts

  • single him out.

  • And no one actually ever challenges

  • Escobar's leadership.

  • Planes would leave the jungle drug laboratories,

  • laden with cocaine, and begin to fly

  • northwards and hopscotch across the Caribbean

  • before it hit US shores.

  • CARLTON TURNER: And that was all coming in to Miami.

  • So Miami was a distribution point.

  • And Miami became a hotbed of corruption, of the cartels.

[dramatic music building]

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Pablo Escobar's Drug Empire | Narco Wars

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