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  • free at last, Free at last.

  • Thank God Almighty.

  • We're free at a.

  • I knew the FBI had to avail King.

  • I just didn't know the extent that they did.

  • After Dr King gave his famous March on Washington speech Wednesday, August 28 1963 in a memo dated the 30th, the barkers No later than that the second person in the FBI may have been solving since the urgent memo.

  • Every time King made the move to a different city, there were agents who were sent out by the FBI to monitor and surveil him.

  • They were wiretapping.

  • They had bugs in this hotel rooms.

  • I mean, they were everything he did.

  • They were following film looks at this parallel story of the FBI and King and how they all came to do Kevin in terms of the FBI surveillance king try to destroy.

  • Can you remember the march on Washington And can you remember 13 E?

  • I always say that people there were three pictures we have on our walls in our household in many African American households.

  • Why Luther King, John Fitzgerald, Kennedy and Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity.

  • The night before his assassination, King gave one of the most remarkable speeches of his whole career.

  • One of the themes was the idea that protest itself was really in peril.

  • Uh huh.

  • You were seeing crackdowns all across the country, increasing concerns about violence.

  • You started to film?

  • Basically not.

  • You know, none of us knew what was gonna be 20 was gonna be like, but we felt that much of the stuff that you see and hear in this film it's just relevant.

  • Many of the things we've seen in America today, you know, you're gonna if you vote this Democratic to be president, they're gonna destroy your suburbs, you know?

  • You know, You know, if you let these black lives matters, people keep protesting, they're gonna lead to Antifa.

  • I mean, this is thistles.

  • The same dog whistles that we've heard for so many years.

  • You think there's been progress in America and there has been I should take that back.

  • There has been, but there's still ah level of systemic racism that's prevalent in this country.

free at last, Free at last.

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