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  • quote.

  • Lay it out for us.

  • What do we know about how this happened and how we got to this point?

  • First, guys, I am thrilled to be on this show.

  • You guys know how much I love watching you guys.

  • But listen, this is this is a massive deal all around.

  • Uh, listen for the Brooklyn Nets to go out and get James Harden.

  • You know, this was something that Kevin Durant very much wanted.

  • He and Harden started talking about this months ago and listen with the uncertainty surrounding Kyrie Irving right now.

  • And I think there's still hope.

  • Expectation he returns in place for this team.

  • Remember, free agency comes back upon you pretty quick in this league.

  • You know Kevin Durant's in the second year of a four year deal and getting Harden.

  • That's another reason for for Durant to want to stay.

  • But now, if you get Irving back on and he's back Thio playing at a high level, you have a 123 Perhaps unlike we've seen in this league in the modern era, but certainly it comes at a steep price.

  • Four first round picks, four picks, swaps, the Pixar unprotected one of those picks is coming from Cleveland.

  • This is part of a three way deal, really a four way deal.

  • Caris Levert goes from the Nets to the Indiana Pacers and Indiana since Victor Oladipo to Houston.

  • So a lot of moving parts in this deal.

  • You mentioned some of those moving parts, and the Kyrie piece of this is really interesting.

  • I want to get back to that.

  • But let's talk about this 14 deal.

  • Give us a little more detail on the second level.

  • Part of this other than just James Harden joining the Nets.

  • Well, I think this was a deal, really.

  • That came together in the last couple of days, and Philadelphia was very much, uh, in pursuit of James Harden.

  • Obviously, Daryl Morey, their president, traded for him in Houston.

  • One a great deal with him.

  • But ultimately, that's Nets deal this package.

  • Bringing Cleveland, uh, into it.

  • I got it done.

  • And for Houston, you look at them.

  • Remember they gave up Ah, lot of picks and that Chris Paul Russell Westbrook deal.

  • They get him back and then some, and it gives the Rockets now their new GM, Rafael Stone and ability to start to rebuild.

  • Uh, Victor, all depots in the last year of his contract.

  • You know, they could see how that goes.

  • Do they want to resign him?

  • Uh, does he wanna be there?

  • But certainly Ah, blockbuster deal by any standard, uh, in the n b a.

  • And it is going to be a fascinating to see Harden and Kevin Durant reunited, uh, in Brooklyn.

  • Obviously, they played in Oklahoma City together.

  • And then Kyrie Irving likely potentially.

  • You would expect at some point as part of that mix, too.

  • Wow.

  • As all this was coming downwards on your Twitter, it was like looking around like, Wow, what else is going to be added to this?

  • But just to recap for everybody, we see James Harden go from Houston to the Brooklyn Nets, joining up with Kevin Durant.

  • Something that he wanted to dio.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.


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Woj breaks down the blockbuster James Harden trade | NBA on ESPN

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