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  • But over a year since he fought, he's gonna take on Korea.

  • They haven't fought in six years that you have C 2 57.

  • What do you expect to see from McGregor?

  • I mean, Connor seems to be as motivated as we've seen him for a long time.

  • You know, when you fight a guy like Floyd Mayweather and you make that type of money and you become a rock star like Connor did, it's easy to get caught up in that lifestyle, and it seems as though he did for a while.

  • But coming back to 1 55 fighting Dustin poor you again and with hobby walking away in the championship seem to be up for grabs or the Omega Medal of Rematch on the table.

  • Connor McGregor seems so focused on coming back and doing something special and making this drop our jaws to the floor like he did so many times on his first run to becoming UFC double champion.

  • Daniel, that's nice, But let me ask you this question.

  • What do you think is the motivation for Connor McGregor coming back to fight because he made the money with the Floyd Mayweather fight, the whiskey.

  • I was talking to Dana White about this yesterday.

  • He's making a boatload of money with that.

  • So he's pretty set and he's good.

  • What do you think is his primary motivation right now?

  • You know, Stephen A.

  • That's a great question, because when we saw the fight and Connor was coming back, I immediately thought, What makes him wanna fight now?

  • Because for a while he was away from the sport.

  • Then he said he wanted to go three times last year.

  • Money is not an object for this young man anymore.

  • So it has to be competition.

  • And you know that Connor McGregor as a fighter is as good as they come Because how?

  • Beating the Magomadov?

  • Yes, he beat them and submitted them.

  • But that was in the fourth round.

  • And then how BB Dustin poor you in the third round.

  • Then he'd be just engaging in the second round.

  • It's like they got the fight's got mawr.

  • He was Mawr distance from the competition, and Connor had moments.

  • So I believe that the competition is what's driving him now because there is no other reason for him to be doing this.

  • Like when you're a man that has hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank.

  • You gotta be motivated to fight competitively.

  • Are you?

  • Stay away as as marvelous, Marvin Hagler said.

  • The great middleweight champion of the 19 eighties Best pound for pound fighter in the world in his day.

  • Hard to get up and go running at five in the morning when you're sleeping, sleeping in silk pajamas.

  • But but But I have to take exception of what you said about Connor and no Magomadov.

  • He didn't give no Magomadov any run whatsoever.

  • That was a domination, Daniel.

  • Like what if all this is Tau eventually trying to get to that rematch?

  • What?

  • What does What does Connor have to show you given especially the way their styles match up to make you think he'd have a shot at beating nor Magomadov in a rematch?

  • So here's the thing, Max.

  • I'm not saying he beats Habib, no mega Meddoff.

  • But what I'm saying is of all the fights we've seen, how Bebe have the pound for pound best fighter in the world.

  • There were moments in the third round.

  • Habib attempted a couple takedowns, couldn't get counter back to the ground.

  • Connor was able to land a few shots.

  • You know, that kind of McGregor onto Judgesscorecards won the third round against even the mega Meddoff.

  • Granted, you know it's it's apples to oranges, right?

  • How tough is it really for Habib?

  • We're judging him on a different level, but Connor seemed to be the toughest guy at that moment.

  • He would have to show me, um, the ability to defend take down, even if it against Dustin poor you who's not a known wrestler.

  • He would have to show that he's willing to go along again, because there have been times that when the fight goes along, kinda has seemed to struggle.

  • But he seems to have everything in the right place right now to show a fantastic performance.

  • If he goes out there and he wipes out Dustin Peoria as he did cowboy Cerrone e.

  • Then I don't know if we will have seen enough to think that he can push RB, but again, I think that for a long time this has been the toughest fight that in America met off his head.

  • First of all, I don't think of people ever fight him again, because I think he despises Connor McGregor so much.

  • He thinks he's doing Connor McGregor a favor by fighting him, which is the number one reason why they wouldn't fight Number two.

  • Where I differ from Max in that regard is that I looked at the fact that kinda hadn't really fought in a couple of years other than the Floyd money Mayweather fight and the fact that he had survived that long.

  • Because I see, I see looking just looking to make a metal against Gay Chee.

  • You could just tell from open and tax the gate.

  • She had no chance because to make a metaphor is just too strong and he was coming for him.

  • But I asked this question when we look at when we were and I love gaity.

  • But when we look at when we look at Connor McGregor, talk to me about that.

  • I'm not talking about Saturday's car Saturday's card and speaks for itself.

  • But I would ask you this, Daniel, when you look at the sport itself, is there anyone out there with the potential to be another Connor McGregor?

  • Because I think the UFC would love to have Connor McGregor.

  • But in the same breath from a box office standpoint.

  • I don't see anybody that could pull off what he's pulled off in your fight game.

  • You know, Stephen A.

  • There's never been anything like Connor.

  • You know, he he has reached a level where he's absolutely box office, right?

  • He's not.

  • He's not thought of as a mixed martial artist, whereas mixed martial artists are celebrities and their stars.

  • Connor McGregor is talked about in the same regard as as LeBron James and and Floyd Money.

  • Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez, the biggest fighters and athletes in the world is where Connor McGregor stands in terms of popularity.

  • I don't know if there's anyone that's on the rise in that regard, but Israel Adesanya, the middleweight champion of the world, seems to be gaining traction with the mainstream fans and the people around the world.

  • He's big time.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

But over a year since he fought, he's gonna take on Korea.

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