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  • You know that Polly's back.

  • We just need to fix his glasses and he can get the babies to the right flyers.

  • Think you can fix him, Mr Whimpered.

  • Of course, he should be done by the end of the day.

  • End of the day.

  • The end of the day.

  • We don't have until the end of the day.

  • We're almost out of time to get these babies to their families.

  • Gotta try.

  • Gotta try, no matter what, rain or shine.

  • The baby's always go out time.

  • But you're the only one who knows how to get the babies out for delivery.

  • Polly, and you can't see without your glasses.

  • Too bad Polly can't use my eyes.

  • I can see Great.

  • That's Pip.

  • That's me up that Polly's foot on.

  • And that's my foot.

  • Freddie.

  • That's it.

  • Paulie might not be able to see.

  • Oh, we can't this'll.

  • Penguins Got a plan.

  • Let's follow Polly's lead.

  • Let's try.

  • Let's try.

  • Everything's gonna be fine if you follow my lead.

  • Follow my lead.

  • M 00 P.

  • Okay, if you do just what I say, repeat after me.

  • Repeat after me.

  • Repeat after me.

  • Repeat after me.

  • Find the button blinking green Find a button blinking green got Hold it down and counter dream Hold it down and count to three What?

  • That lever on the right Pull never on the right Now push off Now push off and let's roll through the other side Swipe the screen, Swipe the screen, Talk the heart Grab the like grab like a safe fires prepared to depart Fires prepared in the O I know my leave.

  • Okay?

  • If you do, just stay with me.

  • Almost blue light Switch with Spice Press one in which Vietnam?

  • Big turn right turn.

  • Resolute Your flyer Brief way 50.

  • When you repeat after me, Theo, babies air off to meet their mommies and daddies.

  • We're gonna have such a great lives.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • No, thank you, Polly.

  • Because today we realize that without you, none of the babies would get to their parents.

  • You make your job looks so easy peasy.

  • But it was really hard when we tried to do it.

  • I think we'll stick to making deliveries.

  • There's my me.

  • Um e missed you.

  • Thanks for watching me.

  • It for me.

  • Did I miss anything while I was gone?

  • Not really.

  • Not really.

  • Holly, Where are your glasses?

  • I got them right here.

  • E Think these air kind of snazzy, don't you, e You sure did.

  • You sure did like a rocket through the sky.

  • We go bringing this baby.

  • Soon you'll be with your family.

  • Bring this baby.

You know that Polly's back.

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The Perfect Team ? | T.O.T.S. | Disney Junior

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