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  • if you were wondering, why do Shawn Watson might be frustrated enough to force his way out of Houston?

  • Pull up a chair.

  • We have a lot to unpack.

  • Let's start with just how good he was this year.

  • In the whole history of the sport.

  • There are four quarterbacks who completed 70% of their passes at 8.5 yards per attempt over a full season.

  • They are Joe Montana, Steve Young and Drew Brees, who each did it once, and it all three of those seasons.

  • Their teams won the Super Bowl.

  • Watson just became the fourth.

  • His team went four and 12.

  • How did that happen?

  • Well, first of all, they couldn't run the ball at all.

  • They're running backs, had the fewest rushing yards in the entire league, and then their defense was unimaginably terrible.

  • Over the 15 seasons that ESPN has been tracking defense of efficiency, this year's Texans were the 478th best defense out of 480.

  • That is why franchise legend J.

  • J.

  • Watt apologized to his quarterback after the last game of the season.

  • Remember, too, that this is a franchise that traded away DeAndre Hopkins, who was first team All Pro three straight seasons with Watson.

  • He promptly went to Arizona and caught 115 balls this year.

  • Now the Texans have very little opportunity to add talent.

  • They don't draft until the third round this spring because they traded to ones and a two to Miami for Laramie, Tunsil and the franchises.

  • Other legend Andre Johnson is tweeting warnings at Dash on.

  • By the way, that was the first tweet Andre has had in two years.

  • That wasn't an ad for something.

  • So what happens now?

  • Frankly, whatever do Sean wants because his team may not have listened when he suggested coaching candidates.

  • But if he really does demand a trade, that will be something they cannot ignore.

  • Those are my thoughts on this.

  • Let me turn to the group in here and see what we think.

  • Chef De I'll start with you.

  • What do you make of the whole situation right now to Shawn Watson?

  • Where are we?

  • You didn't even touch on the other option greeny.

  • And that's DeShaun Watson withholding his services and refusing to report which he also could dio.

  • And so there are a number of ways here that the Shawn Watson can and potentially will exercise his leverage on the Houston, Texas.

  • Now, let's also say this.

  • They just had a new general manager, Nick Assyria, last week.

  • I think Nikos Area had no idea that he was gonna be stepping into the situation that has evolved in Houston over the last week.

  • They don't yet have a head coach.

  • Let's see who the Texans higher as a head coach.

  • Let's see how the Shawn Watson feels about that.

  • Let's have him sit down if he's willing, with the new general manager and the head coach, whoever it is to hear their vision and then make a decision.

  • But if they go in a direction that he doesn't improve of for the head coach, This is a story that threatens toe hangover, this franchise all off season and into next season.

  • You know, Dominique, when when I was putting together, that s a with him, Bo, the one thing that really jumped out to me.

  • We talked yesterday about how sort of not out spoken Andre Johnson has been the fact that he hasn't tweeted anything in two years.

  • That wasn't an advertisement for something and chose to post.

  • This just goes to show you how meaningful that is to him.

  • And I think speaks to a feeling about the organization that he obviously has.

  • And maybe de Chama starting tohave under Johnson's a smart man, and I think maybe that's evidenced by the fact that he does not tweet other than to make money.

  • But aside from that, he doesn't.

  • He doesn't weigh in this way unless he wants us all to know this.

  • Like he could get ahold of the Shawn Watson.

  • I'm sure if he wants to.

  • He's a Houston legend, and just Shawn Watson is on his way to being the same thing.

  • That was the point of doing that.

  • That, to me suggests that he wants us all to know before, which I think is the reflects of many in the media.

  • Many fans.

  • The reflex is to side with the organization and called the players spoiled or whatever.

  • I think that is what Andre Johnson was doing there because he could have called to Shawn Watson to tell him that he's making sure that we act right and we understand that this is more complicated than we think going on in there without telling specific stories.

  • And the last thing about Andre Johnson.

  • He knows this very well, personally, because he was among the best receivers in the league throughout his career.

  • But if you ask people who are new NFL fans, they don't hear his name, they don't hear his name, not because he wasn't good enough or because he didn't perform or because he was unhealthy or something like that.

  • They don't hear his name because the teams around him failed him.

  • And he doesn't want that same thing that happened to DeShaun Watson years after his career is over.

  • Lewis, what do you think of the whole situation?

  • Yeah, Look, I think you know how much I talk about communication, and that's really what seems to have really failed in faltered at this point in time between the Shawn Watson and and that's something that obviously you look to.

  • Sean is very aware of how you know how short lived careers can be.

  • How much, uh, Windows play a big part on whether or not you have the kind of career that you want and taking advantage of those windows.

  • And right now he feels as though his window is not being maximized.

  • Then he wants toe.

  • Have someone in this organization that he really trusted, believes in that that's gonna have a positive impact on his playing career and the rest of the football team.

  • And I mean, look, players, Mawr and Mork, considering how contracts are trending and how much guaranteed money is trending, especially in the favor of quarterbacks, give players a certain amount of voice that maybe they didn't have previously.

  • And Dawson is exercising his so it would behoove management down their toe.

  • Listen to what this young man is saying at the risk of losing him, either mentally or physically in and of itself, when he decides not to show up.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

if you were wondering, why do Shawn Watson might be frustrated enough to force his way out of Houston?

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