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  • So James Harden is now in Brooklyn, and I knew I mean that physically, not just spiritually.

  • He got to New York yesterday and the team will have a press conference today, 1 p.m. Eastern.

  • When that happens, we'll bring it to you live.

  • But if you're wondering when we might see Harden on the floor with his new team, the Nets do play the Magic Magic tomorrow on the Earth game Monday night against the Bucks.

  • Let's bring in our Mallika Andrews now who joins us via the phone.

  • That's the schedule.

  • You got the Magic, then the Bucks or two games between tomorrow and Monday night.

  • So when do we see him?

  • That's right.

  • Good morning, Nicole.

  • Well, what has to happen for James Harden to get out on the court with the Brooklyn Nets is not only does he need to pass his physical examination, but also every player that is involved in this 14 trade.

  • All of those players need to pass their physicals.

  • Now.

  • These teams want to get their new players out on the court.

  • They're working to do this quickly, right?

  • They do not want to be playing down to 89 players like we saw when the Knicks and the Nets played the other day, so they would like to see James Harding out on the court as soon as possible.

  • It could be as early as tomorrow on Saturday against the Magic, but again, it will just depend on that physical.

  • Now, Sean Marks, the general manager of the Knicks, said that he thinks that the Nets are going to have to use their practices, their games as practices to some extent because of the fact that they're on the schedule right now, where they're playing every other day.

  • They're going to need to cram a lot of that learning time into these games.

  • But what he is hoping is that he Kenbrell ANC on largely the relationship that James Harden and Kevin Durant had before because they already played together, as well as the relationship that he had with Jeff Green from playing with him in O.

  • K.

  • C.

  • As well as with the Rockets so they could speed up that process of jelling on the court when he does play, which could be a Z early as tomorrow.

  • Mallika, what more can you tell us about this situation?

  • with Kyrie Irving Well in the bill.

  • Remember what the league was investigating Here is whether or not he broke health and safety protocols by going to what appeared to be a family birthday party earlier this week.

  • I know it feels like it was a lot, lot, lot longer ago than earlier this week, given all the news that has come out.

  • So that's what the league was investigating.

  • But remember, he is only actually losing.

  • He has missed five games due to personal reasons, but he is on Lee losing his salary for two of those games because the personal reasons are secondary.

  • That is unrelated to the totality of that hiatus is unrelated to the league's investigation.

  • They were just looking at the behavior that's in those videos that they deemed violated their rule.

  • That says that players cannot go to clubs, cannot go to the lounges, cannot go to bars and cannot be a gatherings of 15 or more people.

  • So potentially we could be seeing the Nets Big three for the first time on Saturday of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden against the Orlando Magic.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

So James Harden is now in Brooklyn, and I knew I mean that physically, not just spiritually.

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