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  • James Harden and the Houston Rockets are completely out of sync.

  • They lost to the Lakers, got blown out.

  • We know the situation.

  • He's been on the trade block.

  • The Rockets are holding out for the best possible package they could get.

  • As I mentioned, the NBA trade deadline is in March.

  • But James Harden, essentially last night, told the fans, Listen, I have literally given you everything I got.

  • What more do you want from me?

  • Which is not good enough?

  • Uh, chemistry, talent, My just everything.

  • And it was clear.

  • Um, like I said, these last few games from the from the beginning of the game, it was just aggressive.

  • Patron team, obviously championship team.

  • And, you know, one of the best things that we have in this league.

  • I love this city.

  • I literally I've done everything that I can.

  • I mean, this situation is this is crazy.

  • You know something that I don't think you'd be fixed, so yeah, Thanks, Jay, um demanded a trade for the first time was nonverbal.

  • When he turned down the $50 million a year extension $50 million a year extension.

  • He turned it down, said No, I'm good I don't want the money.

  • I'm trying to be out now.

  • He actually verbalized that telling everybody, Look, I don't wanna be here.

  • It's only 10 games into the season, 10 games into the season.

  • Kate, What's gonna happen when we get to 20?

  • When we get the 30 Raphael Stone, they need to really highly considered how chaotic and how problematic this is going to be of discontinuous.

  • Yeah, I think they I think they're gonna move him at some point.

  • They're just waiting for the right deal.

  • That's out there.

  • The Thio come to fruition, I'm sure.

  • And this is the first time verbally, much like you mentioned that he said something.

  • And again, I go back to One of my biggest things is when a player finally says that he doesn't wanna be.

  • There is time for the organization to part ways, and I think they will at some point in time.

  • Very soon.

  • The last thing I would say about this we have all praised the new head coach, Stephen Silas, who was put in a nearly untenable position.

  • We have all praised the general manager, Raphael Stone, as have mentioned there by J, coming in waiting to get the right opportunity.

  • But this is one of those moments in sports, and I'm giving these dudes the benefit of the doubt there in those positions for a reason.

  • But this is the reason where sometimes a little gray behind the temples and having some experience either the head coach or the general manager manager position is vital.

  • This is going to be the biggest asset.

  • They either move or get back in return, no matter how long these guys were in their positions.

  • That's how talented Harden is.

  • And right now, if somebody that's pulling the trigger has never been a head coach and never been a GM, you just gotta step back and say You're in this job for a reason.

  • But I'm a little bit nervous.

  • I'd rather have somebody that's been there and done that.

  • Just my opinion zooming It could work out in their favor.

  • Just consider there are a lot of teams in Eastern Conference right now that are going through injuries that are going through Cove it, you know, uh, covert protocol, A lot of players missing time.

  • So if you want to make a move in the east, it might work out in Raphael Stones favor, but there's no doubt there's a time crunch.

  • You got it in 20 minutes.

  • By the way, we'll talk to the front office insider Bobby Mark spent over 20 years and NBA front offices, and the Rockets are a singular problem.

  • The league as a collective problem like, are we going to make it to next week?

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James Harden and the Houston Rockets are completely out of sync.

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