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>> Mohini: Hello and welcome everyone to this Special Master Class with Dr. Pillai today.
My name is Mohini and I just had the most amazing year of my life and that’s why I’m
hosting this Master Class today. I want all of you to experience the most amazing year
of your life in 2014 and beyond. So throughout the class, I will be sharing tips about how
you can make the most of these life changing teachings.
So first of all, be receptive to Dr. Pillai’s words and most importantly, his wordless communication.
His words convey new concepts to your mind, but his wordless communication will touch
your soul in a very profound way and can bring you Miracles.
Second, be receptive to the energies of the day. Today the Planets are configured to facilitate
change in a very powerful way. Third, Dr. Pillai teaches that it only takes
a second to change your life. Be receptive to a shift that could happen during this class,
that could truly be the beginning of an entirely new life.
Finally, this is a Master Class with teachings at the highest level. Listen with your soul,
because your soul intelligence cannot only understand, but you may even remember working
with these teachings before. So the Master Class today is divided into
3 parts with 2 breaks in between. In both parts Dr. Pillai will be giving both teachings
and techniques so that you can experience the teachings in a very real way.
In Part 1, Dr. Pillai will teach you how to master Time and to be a Time Line Jumper.
In Part 2, he will reveal secrets in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as taught by Patanjali himself.
In Part 3, he will share his latest revelations of the Lightbody from the perspective of his
own inner evolution. >> Dr. Pillai, Thank-you so much for joining
us today and we are honored to be in your virtual presence for this Master Class.
>> Dr. Pillai: I’m extremely happy today. First Thanks to Google for making this happen.
There are thousands, several thousands of people listening to this presentation. It’s
all free. The model of Google is: ‘No Evil’. And I am doing it for free which makes me
even happier. What I’m going to share with you will change your destiny.
Everyone has a destiny. Destiny starts at some point and reaches a destination. Everyone
has that. We need to change the destiny of everyone. I’m going to have a program that
I’m very happy that will definitely change your destiny. Not many people have a good
destiny when they come to this earth plane. They have to struggle and that struggle has
to change. There is no teaching what so ever in the academic
setting to change the destiny of people, to make them understand what life is, to make
them understand what time is. These are very, very important things. We teach everything,
except about life and that is what is lacking in our curriculum and that is what I’m providing
here. You can change your destiny. You can change
your destiny by changing your time, because destiny is time. Is there a course on time?
There is no course on time. Have people understood what time is? No, because we don’t usually
reflect on time. If we reflect completely on time then we have completely understood
our destiny and how we can jump our time. Time Line Jumping is the first part of the
program. Time Line simply means your life time, your
givens in your life. You just start out as a school teacher, or a physician, and that
is your time line and you just at one point, retire and die. Is that all that you can do
in this lifetime? At least these examples that I gave are about ordinary standards.
Most people don’t even have that opportunity. Can they do Time Line Jumping?
Time Line Jumping means that there are several opportunities simultaneously available at
any given moment. You can jump and pick up those other opportunities that are available.
For that, you must understand what time is. That’s why I decided to do this Program
on Time Line Jumping. You have to jump and see the parallel times existing. This teaching
has not been given. That’s why we are not able to change our life the way we want to
change it. There are simultaneously available opportunities available to everyone, but then
you have to know what Time is and then how you can change.
I’m going to tell you a few things about my own life. I don’t teach anything that
I have not experienced. I wanted to experience Timelessness in this life time. I have had
several lifetimes and in all of my lifetimes I have only been involved in the study of
higher states of consciousness and I will refer to it during the course of this presentation.
So in this lifetime also even at the age of 20, I was driven by something within me to
go to the Himalayas and I lived the life of a monk. Some of you who have studied with
me know this is how I looked, because I just wanted to experience what it was like to be
in Timelessness. This is a picture of me sitting on a hilltop in Southern India where all the
Siddhas live. I was there sitting in a temple, I was blissed out. And this was another picture
of me when I was in Sedona and I was like that for several years. Then I thought at
some point that I should not only be involved in introspection and that I should come out
and relate myself to the common people. So what I did, I began to change and this is
a picture of me at the transition point when I changed around 2000, or 14 years ago. This
is how I look now, as you see me. So what is my orientation now? This is a very
important thing for me to convey to you. When I changed my appearance, people who were close
to me said: ’No, No, No, you will lose your disciples because nobody is going to believe
you if you don’t wear the Saffron robes’. No, I have to be honest with myself. I have
a different methodology and that methodology is that of Einstein. I’m not just going
to glorify only the ancient tradition wisdom of time. I should incorporate everything.
So Einstein said: ‘Religion is blind without science’. I truly, truly believe it. Not
believe it, but trust it to be the truth because that’s how most religions are. They are
blind. What about science? Science is lame if it
is not supported by religion because religion has the highest wisdom. So the merger of science
and religion is where I stand now. That’s why I am happy that the Divine put me in the
US. So although I was studying religion for my PhD, I did courses in the Medical School.
They allowed me to go and take courses there on Neuro Psychiatry I and II. That’s why
I am able to relate to both of the worlds. So everyone should lead a 200% life. Not to
go behind the swamis, not to go behind the science, but then have a very balanced attitude
towards life and use both of them. That’s very important. That’s how you are going
to progress. Then the second thing is the 200% life: 100% material, 100% spiritual.
So don’t create a conflict between the 2 because God is not poor. Most Godly people
have been teaching only aestheticism. The aesthetic model is not going to work. For
all of this, there is one important thing that you have to understand which is: ‘Change’.
Obama won one of the elections by this key word. The mantra was: ‘Change’. That is
relevant for everyone, ‘Change’. If you are poor you have to become rich. If you are
not intelligent, you have to become intelligent. If you are not healthy, then you have to become
healthy. So ‘Change’ is important. If you don’t change, then life becomes meaningless
and miserable. So how are you going to change? That is where
I come with this new teaching, ‘Time Line Jumping’. What is time? Time is just life.
We have to understand what time is. Only then can we understand how we can change the time.
When you change time, you can change life. This is what I’m going to do now. I’m
going to give you some theoretical understanding of what time is because it is such a vast
discipline. But at some time it is going to be a discipline by itself. So first, what
is Time? It is so vast, as I said. There is a Physics of Time, where Einstein talks about
the relativity of time and space, whereas Newton, prior to him was talking about absolute
time. Einstein proved that Newton was wrong. I’m not going to go into that because I
don’t want to make it as a dry subject. I want you to understand time in the perspective
of Einstein in that you cannot conceive of time without conceiving of space because they
are inter-related. What do I have to do with it because I’m
not a physicist? Here is the key. When I first started teaching people would come to me and
say: ‘I want to change my time because it is a really bad time for me. Ok. How can I
change it?’ I would introduce this concept of how you can change your time by changing
your space. This is a teaching from Dattatreya. That was according to the Nadis one of my
incarnations. Parasurama, a great Rishi, came and asked Dattatreya: ‘How can people change
their time?’ Dattatreya said: ‘You cannot change your time, but you can change your
space,’ How? If you are not successful in New York, move to Boston, or Los Angeles,
or san Francisco. When you change your place, you will change your time. This was a teaching
of Dattatreya. What time? We cannot put our hand on the Time Line for these people. ‘When
you change your space, you will change your time’.
This is what I have taught to so many people. They moved from New York to Boston and their
destiny changed. My destiny changed when I came to the US. If I would have stayed in
India I would have had a different destiny. So that is very important. That is how the
Physics of Time has to be taught in schools, relating it to life, not just as physics that
Einstein and Newton did. They need to do what they need to do. But as someone who is interested
in practical life, this is what you have to do.
Then there is the Psychology of Time. So the Physics of Time and the Psychology of Time.
So how do you perceive Time. When you are talking to your girlfriend or boyfriend, time
goes very quickly. How does that happen because it is a Miracle because it is a subjective
experience. It is an intuition as Kant would say, built inside in our brain. So it is related
to pain or joy, like for instance, like Romeo and Juliet. They were meeting, and nobody
knows they were meeting. Juliet says: ‘Romeo, get out now, it’s going to be the dawn soon.
I hear the Lark.’ And Romeo, says: ‘No, No, it’s the Nightingale.’ because he
doesn’t want to leave. The reason I’m alluding to this is because
Time is psychological, it is relative, it can stress you out. Most of the CEO’s are
stressed out, because they want to accomplish things and time is running out.
Again, another Shakespeare example of time is, Macbeth: ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.’
It is a soliloquy in which life is a tale told by an idiot and full of sound and fury.
You can see the power of Shakespeare. It’s no accident. Do you know why I am referring
to Shakespeare? I just reflected on it, because I want to be conscious all the time and then
the information comes from the Universe: ‘Today is the 400th Birthday of Shakespeare.’ So
there is no accident. If you remain really alert, everything is
yours. Later on I will talk to you about how alert Richard Branson, and Bill Gates are.
I will tell you later on how they relate to time and their success. I talked about the
Physics of Time, Psychology of Time, then there is the Neurology of Time, which is how
the brain responds to time. I’m not a neurologist of the brain. We have to know about the Circadian
Rhythm, and the nucleus that is involved supra-schematically that processes time, or the basal ganglia
that are related to time, or the frontal and parietal lobes that are related to time. I’m
interested in that immensely because if you have been following me, my teaching is: ‘If
you are poverty stricken, or prosperous, they are all a matter of neurology.’ If you are
unintelligent, it’s also a matter of neurology. Everything is a matter of neurology.
I’m glad that Obama made available billions of dollars to study the brain. These are the
parts involved with the brain. You can put a mantra there. These are the teachings I’m
going to do when I do a 3 month course on that. You can put a mantra there and then
have the scientists to go and look at what happens in those parts of the brain, the basal
ganglia, or the cerebellum, or the thalamus and then see what happens to the inner brain
and how it responds to it. The whole idea is if you begin to perceive
time, then you will completely understand ‘how you can get out of this time’, ‘how
you can activate time’, and that it moves faster. I’ll talk about Timelessness in
a minute. Einstein said: ‘That Time will stop, if you vibrate as fast as Light.’
Why do you have to stop time? When you stop time, you are in the soul intelligence and
you will be doing the Time Line Jumping. That is there.
So you are not a victim of time. You are not a victim of time. You are not a victim of
time. No matter what your ‘givens’ are, you can change. What you need is to systematically
understand: ‘What is Time, and what is Time Line Jumping?’ If you know that, then that
will give you Freedom, Instantaneous Freedom. So the Neurology of Time to see what parts
of the brain are involved and how to activate them. Now there are devices like the ‘God
helmet’. You can put electrodes on the brain and then see what happens. I’m not recommending
any device, by the way. Just don’t go buy that. I am just alluding to what is happening
in this world. Then there is Astronomy and Astrology of Time.
See how complex this subject is. So when the Planets move, that affects the destiny of
the world. Even the brain, the body, the events are affected by the Astrology of Time. You
can see that. Today is the Time that --- I am very conscious as I mentioned to you. Yesterday
was a Star called Purva Bhadrapada. The Moon conjuncts with this star and that is my Birth
Star. I was feeling a very deep silence within me, so I was looking at what is happening.
It was because of that Star’s influence that I was feeling so high, spiritually and
it stayed all through the day. Today is Uttara Bhadrapada, which is another
Star. This is all Moon, because the Moon influences your consciousness. That’s where the lunacy
word comes from, the influence of the Moon. Today is Uttara Bhadrapada. This is the best
time to talk about prosperity, change, and everything. Bill Gates was born in Uttara
Bhadrapada Star. Also the Time changes every hour, not only
every day, every hour. There is this Hora System. If you follow the Hora System, that
is also something I will teach you. Within a day, you do not know what to do within a
day, even thoughts come based on what influence you are receiving from the Planets. These
are the things that are going to be proved. It’s a shame that the Supreme Court of India
approved Astrology as a Science about 10 years ago, if not 8 or 9, and the University Grants
Commission approved it. The grants are available, and nobody to teach it. It’s a really a
shame. I want those of you who are Indian people watching today, you have to take action
and I will be behind you. There is nobody to teach it in a scientific way. This is going
to change you! Every hour is important. And why are we wasting our time? You are insulting
time. If you insult time, you will insult money. That takes me to the next equation,
the economics of time. The Economics of Time is a Divine Economics.
Time = Money. Everybody gets paid for their time. Somebody gets paid $8, or $10, I don’t
know what the minimum wage is nowadays. And somebody gets paid $10,000/day or $10,000/hr.
what is the difference? It’s how you relate to time. Those people who are making $8 do
not understand the equation between time and money. If you know that and put it in your
consciousness, that’s all you need to do. There is a systematic method of teaching that
I have created over a period of time and that should be made available to people, to corporations,
to schools, and everybody so that they can relate to the equations between Time equals
Money. Why are people paid for their time? It is
because it is a Divine Law. Money Equals Time is a Divine Law. Remember that I am talking
about the relative time as you and I understand it, like 9:30 or whatever it is here in California.
I will soon talk about the Timelessness, but I have to finish up what time is because using
up time, hours, daytime, and the equation between Time and Money, they are all very
important. That’s going to occupy equal importance in understanding Timelessness.
Then there is Biology of Time. So I have talked about the Physics of Time, Psychology of Time,
Neurology of Time, Astronomy and Astrology of Time, Economics of Time, now we will go
to the Biology of Time. What is the Biology of Time? The Time can also change you DNA,
and Aging. Aging is Time. Why is the DNA programmed this way? Because its programming time is
wrong. The genome studies have picked up. I saw the
other day when Obama introduced the amount of money to be earmarked for brain studies,
he said when he was presenting to Congress: ‘I’m going to put o much money into the
study of the brain. It’s an economic proposition. We are going to make as much money as we made
in the genome studies. So it is a great investment.’ I agree with him because the brain and genome
studies are very important. The brain can influence the genes. It can
influence the nucleus. It can influence how the nucleus perceives time. So what is important,
the gene or the brain? The brain is more important. He won’t dump it like Bruce Lipton. He’s
a guy who said: ‘The brain is more important than the DNA because even the cells can live
without a nucleus.’ It’s not that I disagree with him totally, but at least you cannot
take it to the other extreme. He’s right in saying that the brain can certainly influence
your nucleus, your DNA. Then you can go and counteract Time as the nucleus is doing now.
Then you can program the DNA to process Time in a different way, so that you don’t age,
and you don’t get old. That is my deep commitment. This teaching as I give it to my close people,
the Lightbody people, it started with them. I’m totally committed to them and they are
committed to me. It has been ongoing for 24 months now. Now, we have to go and change
our DNA through our brain. So the Biology of Time means the changing of the DNA, how
we can change. Then there is another area which is the Futurology
of Time. Everybody is interested in that. Is there anybody interested in knowing what’s
going to happen to you? That’s why you go and look at a magazine, or on Google: ‘What
is going to happen to me by looking at your zodiac sign?’ Whether you believe it or
not, there is an obsession for everyone to know what is going to happen. Can you know
about what is going to happen? Yes! That is what I call the Futurology of Time.
You can know about an accident and when the accident is going to happen. If it is going
to happen, you should know how to change it. I remember when I was reading a book called:
‘Reagan’s God’. When I was in a book store the book said: ‘Please read me, read
me, read me.’ Then I started reading that book and it said Reagan’s wife Nancy was
informed by a close friend of hers that she knew earlier on that Reagan was going to be
shot dead. This accident is going to happen. The friend did not say that because she thought
it was not a good news to go and it’s Astrology and so forth. But then it did happen and this
is information that is in the book called: “Reagan’s God’. So it is possible to
know. Be objective. That’s why the scientists are very arrogant. They don’t want to look
at religion. That’s why Einstein says: ‘Science without religion is lame’. Whenever you
study with me you have to be balanced. Bring the two methodologies together.
The last one is the Theology of Time. There is a God of Time, Kronos, or Kala Bhairava,
who can do all of these things. Now I’m running out of time so, I’m quickly
going to go into the Timelessness Zone. Now we have understood Time and you have to deal
with it. It’s just a whole bunch of things that you have to learn. Timelessness is the
most important thing. When you go into the domain of Timelessness, we’re simply not
teaching you how to stay in the ‘Now’. Nobody knows how to stay in the ‘Now’.
Most people say: ‘To stay in the ‘Now’ don’t let your thoughts interfere, just
stay there and everything will happen’. No. It’s not that easy. It is a matter of
how you can create the Timelessness within you. How you have to be ‘thought free’.
That’s the thing that I will teach in the next section of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra,
‘How to be Thought Free.’ When you are Timeless there is another intelligence
called soul intelligence. It is this soul intelligence that made Einstein to succeed.
He, himself, said: ‘Whatever I have discovered, it came upon me, not through rational process
because rational process is Time, but through Intuition.’ That’s how he gives so much
importance to the Timeless Dimension. Timelessness will also help you to bypass.
So how many complications, you have to bypass the effect. Sri Aurobindo used to talk about
an Effectual Consciousness, just get rid of your Cause. Now, I have a few more things
in Timelessness, but I’m running out of time so I’m going to give you an experience
now. This experience will put you into the consciousness
of someone like Richard Branson. Richard Branson said he is successful because
he doesn’t waste even one second. How is it possible? He told this to a bunch of CEO’s.
“In my personal life and my professional life, I care for every second.’ So they
were able to conceive of it. It was not Richard Branson doing that, his soul was speaking
to them and that is Timelessness. Similarly, Bill Gates said: ‘Business at the speed
of thought.’ It’s so fast, he’s not talking about it, his soul is talking about
it. That is what I want to inculcate in people
so that you can ‘Jump your existing Time Line’ and get into another Time Line. I’m
going to give you an experience of what it is. I’m sorry I have to rush it because
I have to cover two more sections within this short period of time, but I will continue
to do that and I assure you that. Let’s get an experience because philosophy, what
I have done is only philosophy and now I want to give you an experience.
[Meditation] ~ Close your eyes.
~ I’m going to give you some words, better sounds than words. These sounds will put you
in a domain of thoughtlessness. You’ll become thought free, word free. Just close your eyes.
~ Put a bright Light in your R eye, piercing through your R eye. There’s a reason why
I do this Light on the R eye. Put a Light in the L eye.
Put a Light in the 3rd eye, in between the two eyebrows and a little above.
Visualize the whole body becoming Light. This is preparation for listening to the sounds.
These are sounds that have come from a Divine Source, to stop the mind and remain in the
Timeless Domain and to perform Miracles from that level. The sounds will put you in a domain
where you become thoughtless, beyond Time, and in a domain where you can do Miracles.
The sounds are important, not the meaning as much although I’ll give the meaning too.
‘Chumma Iru Chollara’. I can talk about this for at least 7 hours
about how it affects your brain, your mind, your consciousness. Not needed now.
Just Listen. ‘Chumma Iru’. On the Right eye. 'Chumma Iru.' Receive the sounds there.
~ ‘Chollara’. On the L eye. Chumma Iru Chollara’. In between the two
eyebrows. ‘Chumma Iru Chollara’. I picked up these sounds because the guy who
received it, instantaneously became enlightened receiving this from this Divine Being and
was able to perform Miracles. These words are very creative. What do they mean, the
words, or the sounds? Chumma means be quiet. Iru, be quiet. Chumma Iru is be quiet, doing
nothing. That’s a rough translation. Chollara, without words. So be quiet, or be still without
words I the meaning. That’s for the mind. ~ Again on
the R eye. Chumma Iru Chollara’ ~ L eye. ‘Chumma Iru Chollara’.
~ In between the two eyebrows. ‘Chumma Iru Chollara’.
~ Now focus on the entire brain. ‘Chumma Iru Chollara’. Be still without words, Be
still without words, Be still without words. There are no words coming from the mind, from
the brain. No words are coming. No thoughts are coming.
~ ‘Chumma Iru Chollara, Chumma Iru Chollara’. The sounds will go into your cerebellum, pituitary,
pineal, the L brain , the Broca area, and the Wernicke area that’s the frontal lobe.
~ Chumma Iru Chollara. Be still without words. The whole brain, focus.
~ Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, ~ Shanti Shanti Shanti
~ Peace, Peace, Peace ~ Peace to the Body, Peace to the Mind, Peace to the
Soul, Peace to the Environment ~ Peace, Peace, Peace
~ Now, slowly, slowly come back to yourself and open your eyes.
[End Meditation] I have just given you a vision of possibilities
of how you can change your destiny, your life, your money, your health, your intelligence,
by being in Timelessness. In fact to allude to one important, actually
3 episodes in my life. The first one happened when I was dancing with a cd from Osho, it’s
called: ‘Nataraj’. Nataraj is the Dancing Siva. I was by myself, and I danced so hard,
I became Timeless and I fell down and I woke up only after a day. I was there in that position.
When I experienced Timelessness, my brain changed. Then when I was a graduate student
at the University of Pittsburgh, I was reading Krishnamurthy’s book: “Ending Time”.
I ended Time at that time. There was another time again in Pittsburgh, I was a graduate
student. I was reading a Taoist book: “The Golden Flower” that Jung liked very much.
He gave an introduction to that. Then I lost the concept of Time for several days.
So you can change your destiny. This is education, this is practical education, not just academic
training. You are not a victim of Time, you are a Master of Time, or you are a Master
of Timelessness. You can jump into Parallel Time if you understand what Time is. I don’t
have time to talk about the microseconds that Bill Gates and Branson are talking about.
You can live that too. If they can live it, you can live it too. That’s what every child
has to be taught. Not just only for school children but for everyone. So my time is up
for this Part. I will talk about the Siddhi Powers in the next Part. I’m done for now.
(43:23) >> Mohini: Thank you Dr. Pillai. Actually
we would like to give our viewers an opportunity to ask you questions over Chat. So everyone,
we’ll give you a few minutes to send in your questions over chat. And while we are
waiting, I would just like to mention that later on in the show, Dr. Pillai will be sharing
about his 1 Year Lightbody Enhanced Program. He has been intensively working on the syllabus
for the program while on his personal retreat and he has said this will be his most comprehensive,
and powerful program yet. So Dr. Pillai, we have the first question.
Can the techniques for Time Line Jumping help me to manage my family’s daily schedule
more effectively? I always feel we never have time to do the practical things or the things
that we would like to do for enjoyment >> Dr. Pillai: Well, If you go out into the
Timeless Dimension, then you are Omniscient, Omnipotent. The Key is how to get into that
realm because your understanding will be totally, totally different. Then you will see what
your mind could not even conceive of and find a solution to problems that will instantaneously
be known within a nano second. It is something like a particle is more powerful than an atom,
ore a molecule. The secret is getting into the nano second, Timeless Domain. That Domain
will put you in a field of all possibilities. Then the mind solutions are meaningless. Then
you’ll have a solution given by the soul intelligence, processing the nano second.
>> Mohini: Thank you Dr. Pillai. The next question: ‘if I’ve made a mistake in my
past that is still affecting me in negative ways today, can Time Line Jumping help me
to move away from these negative experiences and get into a more pleasurable time period?
>> Dr. Pillai: Yeah. Definitely, because the negative experience is due to the mind. The
mind is limited and living in the duality domain. So when you go into Timelessness,
there is no duality. Then there is only a thoughtless experience of pure intelligence
and your problems will be resolved from that Quantum Level of immense power. The power
is within you. Then you are not a victim. Now you feel you are a victim of the negative
thoughts. Negative thoughts won’t be there. Negative thoughts mean you are still in the
mind. You can’t get beyond it. I have all the Modules, 10 different Modules, all of
that will help you to understand what’s going on.
>> Mohini: Thank you Dr. Pillai for making yourself available for our viewer questions
and we look forward to your next teaching in Part 2 of our Master Class. So everyone,
we’re going to take a break now and after the break, Dr. Pillai will join us again for
a very unique presentation of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, as he will be teaching as Patanjali
himself. During the break, we’ll feature a video that highlights the Mystical Teachings
in Dr. Pillai’s 1 year upcoming Enhanced Program. So we’ll see you soon after the
break. [Break Master Time ]
The Yogis and Siddhas have a comprehensive understanding of Time, an understanding that
goes beyond logic in order to move beyond Time and to master Time. If we really understood
Time, we would understand the power of the smallest unit of Time. Just as the atom carries
with it the potential to create the atom bomb, so too does a second carry with it tremendous
potential, if you can harness it. A second is far more powerful than hours, days, years.
In other words you can accomplish more in a second than you could in an entire year
because then you are not bound by Time, you master Time.
This ability to truly live in The Now, and create your life moment by moment without
having to wait. Creating everything in The Now is true mastery. Get a new understanding
of Time, get a new understanding of The Now, never heard from any other source. The Now
gives you a different Timeline. Simultaneously leave the current timeline and jump into a
gorgeous, joyful one. Master Super- Normal Powers
Patanjali was a Master of Super Normal Powers. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras contain the secrets
to the realm of Super Normal Powers. His Mystical texts contain the secrets to becoming omnipotent,
or having the ability to do anything. Embedded in the Yoga Sutras, in the words and even
in the syllables are the secrets to manipulating mind and language as doorways into Super Normal
Realms. With the proper application of these sounds, one can go beyond human limitation
and enter the Realm of Super- Normal Possibility. Patanjali is alive and present in an entirely
new way. Ancient Palm Leaf Scriptures have identified Dr. Pillai as the reincarnation
of Patanjali and that it was him in this past life that wrote these Yoga Sutras. So we can
understand the hidden meaning embedded in his Sutras and experience his consciousness.
It will be this personality that reveals the hidden meaning of the Yoga Sutras and transmits
the consciousness that can give Mind over Matter Mastery.
Master Immortality. A true master seeks a permanent solution to
the problems of the physical body. Beyond the physical body and the harsh reality of
aging, pain, disease, and death there is the Lightbody. The Lightbody is our true nature.
We are Light, Infinite Light, that cannot be restricted by the limitation of the physical
body. In our Lightbody there is true freedom, true
bliss, true intelligence, and true love. We are greater than any boundary that we can
possibly imagine, but now we only believe in this illusion of the physical body. We
need only to remember who and what we are, and that is Light.
The Lightbody is the ultimate destiny of a Master. It is our Highest Self. It is the
deepest truth of who you are and the deepest truth that exists. Light is Life. Light is
Love. Light is Intelligence. Light is who you are.
Dr. Pillai: Why am I teaching the Lightbody Program? It’s an obligation that I owe to
the human race from times immemorium. Every time I came to the earth plane, I wanted every
human being to remember that they are not just flesh and blood, that they are pure Light
and Bliss unlimited. Not just to remember, but to turn the body into Light, literally.
In every birth I must confess that I failed because the times were not right.
The good news is, the time is right now and it is right now. Mother earth herself is ready
to become a Light Planet so it is the most conducive time. The dark forces will continue
to keep humanity in the ignorant meat body of disease again, pain, and death. My message
will ring a bell in the souls of those who have already known the truth. I invite those
souls to participate in my goal, a global effort to create ‘Heaven on Earth’ where
everyone will be an Angel of Light. I have carefully put together a 3 part curriculum
that can give you a 200% Life, 100% Material, and 100% Spiritual.
God Bless. [End Video InsertBreak]
[GH: Dr Pillai’s Master Class – Guest Vasu Devan Testimonial 4/26/14 Transcript:
starts ( 55:04)] >> Mohini: Welcome back to Part 2 of Dr. Pillai’s
Master Class. Dr. Pillai will be joining us soon to share the secrets embedded in Patanjali’s
Yoga Sutras. But first we have a special guest joining us to share his story of life change
from Dr. Pillai’s Teachings. His name is Vasu Devan. He’s a Chartered Accountant
in Chennai India and I would like to share that he was responsible for helping us 15
years ago with the best beginning to the work of Tripura Foundation in India and we are
very grateful to him. Vasu it is a pleasure having you on the show today.
>> Vasu: Thank-you mam. I’m indeed grateful for being given the opportunity to share my
thoughts today. Thank-you very much for your kind introduction and I’m also very glad
and happy to play whatever little role that has been assigned to me by Dr. Pillai, in
terms of supporting the Foundation and introducing right people and beneficiaries to the Trust
here. >> Mohini: Thank-you Vasu. I know that you
have experienced Miracles in every area of your life from your participation in the 2013
Lightbody Program, material, spiritual, family, and a new state of total health. So can you
please start by sharing your material manifestations? >> Vasu: Yeah. Certainly, yes. Always from
the time I’ve been involved with Dr. Pillai for the last 15 years I’ve never suffered
for material wealth in my life, thanks to his kindness and Blessings. When I joined
the program last year, the first time I joined the meditation program even though I’ve
been associated with the Guru for the last 15 years, this was the first time he advised
me to join the program. Initially I did the 5 months program on the
Midbrain Miracle Method and I really revolutionized my approach to the spiritual part of life
and followed up with the Lightbody Program. Within the first couple of weeks I experienced
1 or 2 wonderful material experiences. For example in my house I had a neighbor who
was kind of troubling me mentally every time and not even allowing me to carry out a small
repair work in my house. At the time I was doing a Kala Bhairava Meditation. I was only
praying that this guy has to leave there and I would even wish that the owner sells that
property to me. Within no time I got an email when I asked for permission to repair, he
in fact came back with a proposal that he was willing to sell the house. And quite interestingly
I was thinking about a certain price in my mind, which was almost 25 -30 % lower than
the market price. In fact he said this is the price I want, if you are willing to take
it. I’ll give the first offer to you. So it was really a wonderful gift from the Divine
Powers. That’s what I still feel. Then I’ve found out this last year whenever
I use this special Kala Bhairava Mantra during my professional work, I’m a Chartered Accountant
more into Investment Banking and Advisory Services, it has really clicked.
I can tell you another incidence when I was meditating before the Diwali Day, suddenly
a Mercedes Benz flashed before me and I’m not one who is fancy for cars because for
that matter I don’t know how to drive. I was meditating and then a few days later I
was with a friend and client of mine and I was telling him that maybe I should look around
at some of these Mercedes B Class cars that were just introduced in our city. He smiled
at me and left. The day before Diwali, his driver knocked at the door of my house and
said Zara has sent you a Mercedes Benz as his gift to you. That is another Miracle that
I wanted to share in the material part. Even for taking part in this program. I know
last Saturday, I was just thinking that Babaji should give me an opportunity to express my
experience in the program, but I didn’t know how to tell and how to communicate. Then
suddenly on Sunday evening I got a call from Madame asking if I would be interested in
sharing my experience. I think this is again a wonderful manifestation of my thought process.
As we’ve got the physical appearance, one of my friends and my own family people are
really impressed at my toning down. I wouldn’t say I have lost weight but I have toned down
without putting much of a physical exercise. In fact I had a physical experience previously
in the gym. I had a cholesterol level, alarmingly quite high, it was about 300+. And in the
last year of just taking a very minimum dosage of 5 gm Neostatin, once in 3 days. My cholesterol
level has come down to 117. My physician is unable to believe it. And my triglycerides
that were over 200, have come down to just 71.
I have not changed my food habits, even though I have revised my diet thanks to Babaji’s
advise. I find that this could have happened maybe because of the meditation I’ve been
doing and the cells have started recognizing the teachings. I think so. And I’m physically
very much fitter than I was one year ago. Yes, and the spiritual and divinity, as Babaji
has been advising us, and I’ve doing the meditation quite regularly and I find that
I’m really able to connect with some spirit and I’ve even seen some Light emanating
from in my puja room. In fact today, I had a crystal lingam which Babaji gave all of
the devotees last year. It suddenly emitted light and in fact I have captured it with
the camera. And the same day when I was doing the Arthi to Baba I had some Light flashing
into my puja room which is very rare because I could suddenly see a light glowing from
the picture of Baba’ picture that I keep in my puja room.
I’ve seen a lot of wonderful experiences when I go to temples and other places. I’m
able to connect whenever the Divine is present. Of course on the family front, we have quite
lot of family. Whenever we have time my wife and children, all 4 of us sit together and
meditate which is quite rare, because on Saturday evenings people tend to go out for dinner,
or watch movies, or see TV. I think we are one of the few families who really look forward
to do a group meditation. The family really looks forward to work with the program and
my little son who is hardly 5 years old, I wouldn’t say mastered, but he has learned
all of the mantras which Babaji has taught over the last 14 - 15 months, and he always
looks forward to new mantras. He goes and teaches his grandmother and he’s so proud
that he’s able to learn so many things Thanks to the Divine Grace and Presence of Baba.
>> Mohini: That is so beautiful. >> Vasu: In fact I have explored on other
areas in my profession. Like Babaji has been always saying E=Mc2, and now I’m working
on an assignment where we’re trying to develop a curriculum for the next level of (?). I’m
working with a group of 7 or 8 mathematicians, top University Vice Chancellors to do a course
curriculum for next generation computer software programing.
I’m in India currently, and have all of these opportunities to learn and understand
books of J. Krishnamurthy and Andrew Newberg, all because of Baba’s teaching over the
year. I’ve been really experiencing holistically, materially, physically, family wise, Divine
and spirituality, and knowledge wise. I find a tremendous gain over a period of the last
one year. >> Mohini: Vasu that’s fantastic. Thank-you
so much. I know that you have truly inspired our viewers and we very much appreciate you
taking the time for you to join us for the show today. So Thank-you.
>> Vasu: It’s a pleasure. Thanks for the opportunity.
[1:04 Part 2] >> Mohini: So Dr. Pillai, Thank-you for joining
us again. >> Mohini: Dr. Pillai, Thank-you for joining
us again. We eagerly look forward to an entirely new experience of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.
>> Dr. Pillai: In this section I’m going to present Patanjali in a very, very simple
and practical way. Vasu spoke about his experience of getting a Mercedes, lowering his cholesterol,
and buying a house for the price he wanted. What does it mean? It means one thing, Thought
Manifestation. It is Thought Manifestation. Every thought is manifesting at different
levels, even stupid thoughts are manifesting. Maybe not on the earth plane, but on other
planes that is how it works. The key is how to create a thought within
you that is very powerful and then manifest it. That is what Patanjali is all about. Patanjali
is all about thought manifestation. There is only one reality and that reality is Thought
Reality. You have to be very, very careful about what you think and how you think because
if you know the dynamics of creating a powerful thought, then you can manifest that thought.
I just remembered Paramhamsa Yogananda writing about his Guru Yukteshwar. After Yukteshwar
passed away, Paramhamsa Yogananda, is the guy who wrote “The Autobiography of A Yogi”
and introduced Babaji to the world. Yukteshwar one day materialized before Paramhamsa
Yogananda and said: ‘I am very (yuga?) master, I am in the Astral Plane.’ ‘What are you
doing there?’ ‘I am just meditating here to go to the next plane.’ ’So what’s
happening in the Astral Plane?’ ‘Well in the Astral Plane everything is so beautiful,
everything is joy and happiness everywhere, and you think and you manifest. You can bypass
action. There’s no need for action in this Plane.’ ‘Oh, that’s fantastic.’
So that experience can happen here for you because you have the Astral Plane within your
soul. You have to get beyond the mind. When you get beyond the mind, you are in that state,
and when you are in that state, you can help with the manifestation of your thoughts. That’s
exactly what is happening. Especially when Vasu was talking that he was
meditating on Kala Bhairava, and I didn’t have time during the last session to talk
about the God of Time. Bhairava, Kala Bhairava, is the God of Time. He’ll teach you a lot
and there is a certain time that you can access him. That’s not the topic and I don’t
want to digress to the pervious topic ‘Time Line Jumping’. I just remembered because
what he was doing was ‘Thought Manifestation’ and he was also working with this Theology
Part of Time, which is using a God to help you manifest that.
So the bottom line is, all of these things that I teach in 3 Parts which is Time Line
Jumping, the Siddhi Powers, and the Lightbody, they are all related, and form one group.
The important thing is you’ve got to get beyond the negative mind the doubtful mind,
which is a monkey mind which thinks something now and later on something else and then something
later on. So we cannot go on and really depend on this mind. Unfortunately we all know only
about this mind. All of our education is centered around developing the mind.
Nobody teaches how to get beyond the mind, beyond mind, and beyond time, because Time
and Mind are one and the same. So we have to have that education and that is what I’m
providing you. Patanjali, the Father of Yoga is an authority on this. He knows how you
can manipulate your consciousness to have powerful thoughts and these thoughts can become
reality. So he is in fact a Master of Thought Manifestation. Not all thoughts will manifest
on this earth plane. They may manifest on some other plane.
On the earth plane in order to manifest, you have to establish certain conditions. In fact
the ‘Mind over Matter’ is not just a philosophy. It’s true. It is the mind that becomes matter.
We have scientific proof. That’s what Quantum Physics is telling us. Particle Physics says
that the mind has complete control over how the particle functions. It’s not independent.
The particles are not independent. Who is the boss? You are the boss. Your consciousness,
but not your mind consciousness, that’s the key. The mind will not, because everybody
want a Mercedes Benz, everybody wants a Rolls Royce, everybody want this, everybody wants
that, but they don’t know how to get it. They have a schizophrenic thought pattern
that goes there and then they don’t believe in it, and they just simply say it from the
surface level of the mind. You have to go to the mind which is deep down
within your soul and then you will be able to manifest that thought. So you have to learn
that technique. Who is going to give that technique? Patanjali. Patanjali can give those
techniques to you. So don’t live in mind consciousness. Mind
consciousness is a very, very low level of consciousness caught in logic and sequencing.
We have to get beyond the sequential mind. We have to go beyond the cause and effect.
Don’t ask the questions: ‘How, Why, Where, When, what?’ These are all mind questions
that will stop the manifestation. You can manifest very little things. If you want to
manifest something gorgeous, something outrageous, then you have to go into the Domain of Thoughtlessness.
I’m not going to talk about Thoughtlessness, itself as a merit, that’s not going to work.
The purpose is not getting into Nirvana. Nirvana means thoughtlessness, the mind becoming still,
and I have achieved everything. No. That is what I call as ‘Divine Coma’. Divine Coma,
you will be a vegetable. That’s not going to work.
I follow the Method of Ramalingam. He said: ‘No. Don’t stop it there. Then you’ll
be in Divine Coma and be a vegetable.’ That’s only a step. Thoughtlessness, or Mindlessness,
or being quiet without any thought or a word, is only a step and you’ve got to get beyond
that. You have to use that Quantum Ground State in order to program, so that you can
create, so that you can create a better world. If you just sit in the Himalayas and ‘OM’ing
all of your life, it’s not going to work. Ok. But you have to use that. That’s where
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra plays a very, very important role.
It’s not an accident that I’m teaching Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. I’ve done that
several times. The first time I was introduced to Patanjali was when I was in the TM Movement.
When Mahesh Yogi was introducing me to the Patanjali Program I had the opportunity to
be with him in the Himalayas when he did that course himself, or taught the course himself.
However, I went beyond that because I wanted more information on the different commentaries.
I’m a scientist as well as a religionist because I just wanted to combine both.
So what is my relationship with Patanjali. You know, even when I was 7 – 8 years old,
I was born in Rameshwaram, and I used to go and sit at Patanjali’s Samadhi, which was
in the Temple. I did not know why I was doing that because I was 7-8 years old. I used to
go there every day and literally sit there. How can a 7 or 8 year old boy understand the
complex teachings of Patanjali? What was driving me there was my past life as Patanjali, which
was revealed to me in many Nadi Readings, but I didn’t take them seriously. Then I
was introduced to the Siddhi of Patanjali and then I did not have a great understanding.
I picked up more intellectual understanding of it by reading many commentaries like Vayasa
and others and even then it was not good. But when it became so real to me was only
about a couple of months ago when I was visiting a Siddha and he said Patanjali is getting
into your body. He was a very clean man, and not after money, and fame or anything.
I again went to the Samadhi of Patanjali and I began to have a better understanding of
it and to know what Patanjali was really doing with his Sutras. The power lies in understanding
the sounds that he uses. Somewhere in the Sutras, he talks about how the sounds create
meaning. I can give you an example in English. The word pull, p-u-l-l, vs. the word bull,
b-u-l-l. With p and b there is a lot of difference in it because they are both labial sounds,
but look at the change of meaning that it produces. Just by changing p from b you have
a different meaning. You are referring to something totally different and unrelated.
Is this arbitrary? Patanjali talks about that. So the tradition in India is so rich and nobody
has exploited that so far. They are into understanding: ‘How do you
know?’ What is the relationship between the subject and the object, thought and the
object, idea and the object? They are one and the same. You cannot have a Mercedes Benz
without thinking about it. When you think about it at a psychological level, it’s
uni-dimensional. When you have it in your garage sitting there, that is 3 dimensional.
The Mercedes Benz would not have been a reality, in the case of Vasu because in New York about
25 years ago I had a group of people just focus on Mercedes Benz. I have done that many
times. Most of them, the people in the program, ended up manifesting that because they were
so committed to the program. That’s what I’m going to explain to you because commitment
and also the technology is needed. I’m going to give that to you.
So what is needed is to just know the relationship between the idea and the object Plato was
also interested in that. There is no object without the idea. They are one and the same,
but at what levels, because there are different levels of consciousness? Because we operate
only on the field of the senses, you have this 3 Dimensional reality and it is very
difficult to manifest with the mind. So in order to manifest, which is Siddhi Power,
you have to get into the level of the mind or consciousness, and that is Quantum Ground
State of Consciousness which is Omnipotent, Omniscience, and Omnipresence also. All of
these things are available. Again you are not a victim. The givens are there because
by mistake, you created them. They did not happen on their own. They came because by
mistake you just thought about that and you manifested it. It doesn’t mean that you
have to stay there. You can get into this Timeless Zone, or Thoughtless Zone, beyond
Time and then pick up another Time Line. That’s going to happen when you understand Patanjali.
Now, Patanjali right at the very beginning, he doesn’t ‘Blah, Blah’. I’ve been
‘Blah, Blahing’ so long now, but Patanjali doesn’t ‘Blah, Blah’. He uses one or
two words. Not only in the meaning context, but also to listen to Patanjali is to experience
that. Ok. He says: ‘Stop the mind.’ Why? Why do I have to stop the mind? Then only
you can see your Swaroopa. Swaroopa is your soul, your real self. You are not the mind.
The mind is really blocking all of the manifestations. That’s why people don’t believe in Miracles.
The mind is tied to this very negative, rationalistic reality of slow progress. There is no outrageousness
in this mind. When you go to the realm of ‘Non-Mind’ then you are in the field of
Siddhis. Siddhi means manifestation, Miracle making, all of these belong to the Domain
of Siddhi. Prior to that, the very first step you have to do, is to stop the mind.
After I began to live Patanjali’s consciousness, then I had a whole different view of how you
have to understand and experience his Sutras. That’s why I told people who were working
on editing some of my old Patanjali stuff, I told them: ‘Please, stop it. Don’t do
it because that’s limited understanding.’ Not that they aren’t good. They are good
but in a limited way, but it is not Patanjali complete. Now I have a better vision, better
understanding, better experience with it. Now for instance I’m going to give you this
experience. [Meditation Experience]
~ Close your eyes and listen because the sounds that Patanjali uses will create experience
within you and take you to the domain from where you can manifest. The key is understanding
the Sanskrit sounds. I have been talking a lot about Sanskrit sounds
with the Hebrew sounds ‘Raba Bara GaBhRA’. If you just go and look at some of my Jewish
and Yogic Power Sounds, I talk about them and I have been immensely benefited by combining
the Hebrew with the Sanskrit Tradition. Well anyway, just listen to what Patanjali
says about how to stop the mind. ~ ‘Chitta Vritti Nirodah’ , ‘Chitta
Vritti Nirodah’. What it means is: ‘Stop the Mind Expansion.’
Chitta is the mind. Vritti is the expansion. Nirodha is stop. Stop the expansion of the
mind. That’s the English meaning. Don’t worry about that because the Sutra itself
will give you the experience. The key is to understand where is the secret. The secret
is in the sound ‘itt’. You can take the sound by itself, ‘Chitta’. ‘ Chit ta
Vrit ti Nirodah’. The ‘itt’ sound will raise the kundalini up. If you put your attention
there in your Muladhara, ‘Chit, Chit ta, Vrit ti Niro dah’. ‘Chit ta Vrit ti Niro
dah’. If you do it as a meditation, the kundalini
will raise from the bottom of the spinal column at the Muladhara, and momentarily your breath
will also stop. ‘Chit itt ta Vrit Vrit ti Niro dah’. It ends at dha is important.
‘itt’ is the most important. It will raise the kundalini and when kundalini goes into
the sushumna, the brain will stop functioning by practice, but even momentarily you will
have that experience. ~ ‘Chit ta Vrit ti Niro dah’
Now to just to give you another dimension. You are not just listening with your mind,
your soul is also listening. ~ ‘Chitt and Chitta’ will give you two
different states of consciousness. Chitt will give you the Divine Consciousness of Omniscience,
Omnipotence, and Omnipresence. From Chitt we have the Chitta which is the mind consciousness.
Look at the complications, the complexities involved in it.
~ ‘Chit ta Vrit ti Niro dah’ ~ ‘itt’ Just take the ‘itt’ alone
and practice. ~ ‘itt’ Kundalini will raise and the breath
will stop. The lung breathing will stop and the midbrain breathing will start at that
point. ~ Now I want you to open your eyes.
[End Meditation] This is a whole new way of practicing Patanjali
and this was revealed to me. So we cannot translate Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, particularly
his section on Super-Normal Powers where you do a special meditation called Samyama. I’m
going to come to that in a moment. If you use English, it’s not going to work.
You have to use Sanskrit words, sounds. Because the words are only for the mind. Patanjali
picks up the sounds because he was a fully conscious and enlightened being and gives
you these techniques where you can go into stages where you can experience the Miracle
Consciousness, Particle Consciousness, or a Nano Consciousness, a very, very refined
state of consciousness by stopping the mind. Just dealing with ‘itt’.
The Tamil Siddhas also use another sound which is the last vowel. There is a vowel: ‘ich’
and that’s even more powerful. That is something that I will teach in the program. That is
the last vowel and after that is matter. So you can understand the relationship between
energy and matter just by understanding the word ‘ich’. ‘ich’, the sound. It is
represented by 3 dots, one dot above and two dots horizontally. So this is liberation through
language. Now I’m going to go very quickly into the
steps because people are saying my time is running out.
- Samyama is a technique that he teaches for manifesting anything you want to manifest.
- Siddhi Powers. If you want to fly in the air, or if you want to know the future, if
you want to know somebody else’s mind, if you want to stop hunger, whatever you want
to do. There’s a whole chapter on Mystic Powers, Vibhuti Pada, by Patanjali where he
talks about all of these Miracles that you can do provided you can go into these states
of mind. What are these states of mind? And that’s the most important thing. One is
you have to tie the mind. It’s completely mind training or consciousness training. ‘Desa
Bandas Chittasya Dharana’. Dharana means concentration. You have to go
on concentrating and tying the mind to one particular part and then saying it over, and
over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. When I used to teach in the beginning
I said this is the Japa- like thing. You continuously go on saying: ‘I want a Mercedes, I want
a Mercedes, I want a Mercedes, - - -. Go on saying that and this will give you concentration.
Now ‘Desa Bandas Chittasya Dharana’. I don’t have time to explain what I did with
‘Chit ta, itt. If I have to do that, it will take the entire time. I don’t have
to do it, but I will do it in the Program. So that’s the first step.
Now Vayasa goes and gives a good understanding about it. You’ve got to put in the naval,
the heart, the tongue. Then there are other commentators who understand Dharana, ‘Desa
Bandas Chittasya Dharana’, as visualizing a God. You’ve just got to get into that
domain. It’s very powerful to do that. So that’s only the first step. The first step
is just called Dharana, which is concentration. This is the first step to go into the domain
from where you can manifest. What is the second step? The second step is
called Dhyana. Dhyana means meditation. That is the English translation. So when you talk
about this concept in English, we lose Dhyana. Dhyana, the sound itself is a very powerful
sound, deep. It can give you a very powerful thinking. ‘Dhyana Tatra Pratyaya Ekatanata
Dhyanam’ That is Sanskrit. So if you repeat this and understand the secret, you will be
in Dhyana Meditation. Just meditation is not just battling with
thoughts. You have to concentrate on the Pratyaya. You should not be in the domain of sounds,
domain of words, or domain of meaning, but you go to a much deeper level of holding the
idea, the concept. That’s Pratyaya. That’s a level of mind training and you can get into
that level and at that level, if you stay, then only are you said to be in meditation.
There are people that go about and say that they are teaching a Dhyana Class, meditation.
People have no clue what the classical tradition has to say about Dhyana. Dhyana is a much
more profound concept. Then you have the third step which is Samadhi.
Samadhi is perfect concentration. ‘ Artha Matra Nirbhasam Svarupa Shunyam Iva Samadhih
‘. Again you have to take every sound and look into it and how they can produce this
super concentration. Only the object remains. ‘Artha Matra’. Artha means object. Matra
means only. Nirbhasam : only that sign is in your mind, you are so absorbed in the object:
Svarupa Shunyam. Even the meditator disappears. The meditator disappears. The meditation disappears. Only the object remains.
If you have that, then you manifest. ‘Svarupa Shunyam Iva Samadhih’. This is Samadhih.
See the training. You cannot find this kind of training anywhere in the world. When did
Patanjali live? Sometime, 2000 BC. So these people knew the relationship between the idea
and the object. Any idea can become an object provided you know the methodology. And these
methodologies, how many people have understood. We have not introduced in schools and colleges.
I was very happy when Vasu said his 5 year old boy is listening to these sounds. When
the boy was born, I told him he’s a Divine child. Now we have the Indigo children coming
and they can process things very differently. One of the things that I’m committed to
in my life is the evolution of the human race. We cannot just accept life as pain, suffering,
disease, aging and death. That’s not acceptable. That’s why I am teaching the Lightbody Program.
You know you can become a billionaire. What is the use? You are going to aging and then
an invalid one day and die in a nursing home. Is this human destiny. No. It’s not. We
cannot accept it. The one thing that has happened is the earth
plane is now ready or this transformation. To go back to Patanjali. Patanjali says you
have to do them together. That is concentration, which is Dharana; Meditation, Dhyana; Samadhih,
trance, all of the concentration in one technique called Samyama.
You can do Samyama on anything. Samyama on money. I thought that I was going to do that,
but I don’t think I have time. If you focus on one thing, then layer, after layer of the
consciousness will reveal itself. Then you will know. Just to give you an example, just
put $100,000, or $200,000, and do a Samyama on that. Concentrate, and then go to the concept
level, and only the object level. Systematically, I want to engage on this for
at least 4 months. You can do it on relationship. You can do it on health.
Patanjali talks about a number of things. How to disappear. How to become invisible.
How to fly in the air. How to stop your hunger. He gives Sutras for all of these things. The
key is understanding the Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhih, the 3 steps and doing it together
along with understanding the Sanskrit sounds and where the secret lies. Then only is the
Siddhi Program complete. If you just hold the idea in English it’s not going to work.
Maybe you’ll get 20% results. I want to stop here because I’m exceeding
my time limit, but if you do this you will have Thought Manifestation. Thought Manifestation
is not philosophy. It’s not New Age teaching. It is science because thought has power over
matter according to Particle Physics. You have to live from that Quantum Level and Patanjali
has given us the understanding through systematic training of your consciousness through Dharana,
Dhyana, and Samadhih. I’ll stop here.
[(1:39: 21) Break:] GH: Dr. Pillai’s Master Class –Guest Vedic
Priest Premraj’s Sharing 4/26/14 Transcript (1:49:06)]
>> Mohini: So now we have another guest joining us this show and his name is Premraj and he’s
the head priest who performs rituals for both Astroved and Pillai Center. Rituals are a
very important component of the Enhanced Lightbody Program. As Dr. Pillai explains, the monthly
Webcasts in the Program convey new concepts to your conscious mind. The meditation practices
and the Live calls impact your subconscious mind and can bring Miracles to you. The daily
rituals create change at the soul level. So Premraj, Thank-you for joining the show
today and can you share how was your life before you met Dr. Pillai and how is it different
now.? >> Premraj: First of all, I’d like to Thank
Babaji and all of you for having me here. It’s a great honor to share my experience
with so many people. The big transformation of my life, before and after meeting Babaji,
I would say in short, I was a priest blinded by tradition and now I’m awakening to the
true purposes of these Divine Techniques. I used to consider myself an expert. I did
my Vedic studies for 4 years, my Sanskrit courses for2 years, and then I was performing
rituals all over India. I was performing rituals with well- known priests and they all mentioned
about the number of chants that I knew and the knowledge of procedures that I had and
then I met Babaji. My first meeting with Babaji, I don’t want
to go deep into that, but it was really inexplicable and since then he has planted the seed of
teachings into me. Like the very first moment I met him, I thought this is the person I
want to serve. This is the person I want to serve completely .I thought about that for
like days and weeks, and then after a month, I got the chance to serve him.
The real transformation happened with the conversation that I was ‘Blessed’ to have
with him, especially the very first conversation. I considered myself an expert and then he
came up with this question. It was very basic, and with that very basic simple question,
he crushed my ego of calling myself and expert. He did that with so much love. I’d like
to share that question here. He asked me: ‘So you’ve performed a lot of Lakshmi
Homas, right? I answered: ‘Yes!’ ‘So why aren’t you a billionaire?’ ‘Shouldn’t
you be a billionaire?’ He smiled and said: ‘Think about it.’ So I became introspective
and I began to think: ‘Yes, He’s right. I should be a billionaire. I’ve performed
a vast number of Lakshmi Homas. Why am I wearing this dress? Am I doing this for money or for
a living?’ And then I started to think. That was the Key the Initiation of Transformation
in me. But what inspired me the most I would say,
is the scientific and logical approach of Babaji over rituals. I never thought that
rituals had a scientific explanation or a logical answer. I thought that rituals were
just performed because they were told to be performed. For instance in my Vedic scholars
said to knock on your head 5 times before you do anything, before you do a ritual and
they told me to memorize the names of the five different heads of Lord Siva. When I
mentioned these to Babaji he smiled and said: ‘You knock on your head 5 times because
that secretes a special fluid in your brain. That helps you to concentrate better and for
better consciousness. The five different heads of Lord Siva is nothing but the five different
parts of your brain, and by meditating on certain parts of your brain, you can actually
gain access and get all of the benefits.’ I would say: ‘These spiritual and logical
explanations for these ancient techniques, were the basics for my transformation. I’m
still in a transition period. Babaji is inwardly guiding me to find my true self and to understand
what I want to grow into and I’ll always be grateful for that.
>> Mohini: Thank-you Premraj. Now how exactly do the rituals change the lives of others?
>> Premraj: Well, it is with its effectiveness. I would like to mention that Babaji has given
special guidance of how to bring the complete effectiveness of a homa, like the exact time
when a ritual should be performed, and also the materials. He’s really specific about
the color of the cloth that the pot should be decorated, the exact flower, the exact
fire stick, and also the fire offerings. These specific things and also the state of mind
of a priest. The 3 main aspects of a priest would be the Mantra, Kriya, and Bhavana. Mantra
is the chants, Kriya is the action, and Bhavana is the devotion of a priest. These aspects
of the ritual provide complete, complete effectiveness. I’d also like to talk about something here.
When people come and ask me are in-person remedies equal to proxy remedies? I would
say: ‘Yes. But you don’t get to feel it physically, but spiritually and psychologically,
yes they are the same.’ This has been happening from the ancient times. When Kings go to war,
priests do rituals for his benefit and it does happen. He does come back victorious.
And the same way, there is this procedure during the ritual called the Sankalpa. Like
when a ritual happens and it is complete with its full effectiveness, it’s like the Sun.
It glows out its rays all over the Planet, everywhere, all over the universe. But then,
this procedure called the Sankalpa, in which we mention the specific Birth Star and Name,
and also that this specific person has paid and seeks your ‘Blessing’, we pray to
the Deity and then the rays of the Sun, the Complete Rays diverge and gets to one single
person and he gets all of the benefits. I believe that, and it’s been proved because
I’ve had like numerous calls like: ‘hey, did you do a homa just for me? I felt a Divine
Being beside me, something guided me to stop saying or stop doing things. Something magic
just happened.’ It’s because of only the complete effectiveness and the direction of
the remedy. >> Mohini: That’s fantastic. Thank-you so
much for your time Premraj, your sharing truly helps our viewers get an inside perspective
on the power of rituals. So Thank-you. >> Premraj: You are very welcome.
Mohini: So now we are going to take a break, and after the break, Dr. Pillai will share
his personal experience on the Evolution of the Lightbody and he will give you a powerful
Lightbody Transmission, so that you all can experience a taste of your true nature as
Light. We’ll see you soon after the break. (1:57:05)
[2:04-2:08 GH: Dr. Pillai’s Master Class – Guest Heather Sharing 4/26/14 Transcript
(2: 04:05)] >> Mohini: Welcome back to Part 3 of Dr. Pillai’s
Master Class. Dr. Pillai will be joining us soon and will be giving a profound Lightbody
Transmission, but first we have one more guest who is here to share the dramatic changes
in her life from Dr. Pillai’s teachings. Heather, I’ve known you for several years
now, and it never ceases to amaze me how you have experienced a total turn around in your
life. Will you please start by sharing a snapshot of your life from when you first met Dr. Pillai?
>>Heather: Yes, definitely. You are right I have had an enormous turn around in my life.
About 4 years ago I had hit rock bottom, I had absolutely nothing. I had no work, no
money, living in Singapore and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I remember sitting
on a curbside outside a supermarket one day in tears because I didn’t even have the
bus fare home. I was really in a bad way. Then a friend introduced me, in a matter of
days actually, to Dr. Pillai. I met him the first time I ever heard about
him. I was very fortunate, in that respect, and I met you the same day in a Temple in
Singapore. I started to follow his teachings and my life shifted really quickly into a
more positive aspect, I was given the opportunity to design the Nadi Leaf brochure for Astroved
and for that I was given a Nadi Leaf Reading which was phenomenal for me. I predicted all
manner of positive things that I couldn’t even envisage in my life and a lot of them
have come true now, so it’s been quite remarkable. >> Mohini: Fantastic. I think the Miracles
just happened one after another. Can you start with the material manifestations first?
>> Heather: Definitely. The first thing that happened was, the Nadi Leaf predicted that
I was going to get a job in an industry that I’ve never had anything to do with before
and I still have that job today. I get great money, I work with great people, I travel
all over the world with it. That was phenomenal and completely changed my life all together.
Now having that money and that financial freedom has given me the opportunity to really expand
a lot of my personal projects and my creative passions.
I’ve just opened an art gallery which is a really big deal for me because I’ve been
practicing the mantras for four years now and I use the mantras to create art and I
call it mantra art and the mantras are embedded in the art. So the money that I have has allowed
me to move forward into creating large paintings and I’m embedding the mantras in them, I’m
writing the mantras on them, putting gold and silver leaf in them. I’m starting to
sell them now, which is wonderful. I’m giving a part of the profits from that to the Tripura
Foundation because I will always want to give back to Dr. Pillai because of the gift he’s
given me. On top of that, I’ve started to produce
my jewelry collection, which I have been able to do because I have the funds to do it.
Something very exciting happened to me recently. I’ve got an interview with a publisher about
my children’s books, in 3 weeks time. So many positive things have happened to me,
it’s amazing. >> Mohini: That’s so incredible and Heather
I have to say what really touches me about your story is that you always seek to give
back. And everyone. Heather is a sponsor of one entire Hope Center and so she is literally
giving a new destiny to 35 children, 35 new lives to the children.
And recently Heather, you were also able to save some elephants. Is that right?
>> Heather: Yeah. Elephants are very, very close to my heart and the plight of the Asian
Elephant is something that concerns me in Asia. There was an elephant that needed rescuing
and it obviously needed a lot of money. Because of the money I have, I was able to give a
substantial amount towards its up keep and rescue and I intend to keep doing that for
that elephant. I’m also fortunate because I have extra
income, over and above all of the things that I have for myself, that I have an opportunity
to do these types of things and they make me feel good. To be able to help other people.
Those children in the Tripura Foundation, that’s just an amazing gift to be able to
be given the opportunity to do it. They send me cards and pictures all of the time and
it’s truly beautiful. >> Mohini: That’s so fantastic. Heather,
you are truly a role model of manifestation and how you always seek to give back. So Thank-you
so much for appearing on the show and sharing your story. We look forward to hearing about
more Miracles in your life in the future. >> Heather: Thank-you very much. And Thank-you
to Dr. Pillai. (2:08:49) >> Dr. Pillai, Thank-you for joining us again
and we look forward to your latest revelations on the Lightbody and experiencing a glimpse
of our true nature as Light.
[GH: Dr. Pillai’s Master Class Part 3 Lightbody 4/26/14]
[Transcript starts(2:08: )] >> Mohini: Dr. Pillai Thank-you for joining
us again. We look forward to your latest revelations on the Lightbody and experiencing a glimpse
of our true nature as Light. >> Dr. Pillai: This section is going to be
where I will pour my heart out to you. What makes my life meaningful to me is teaching
this Lightbody Program. We have now completed 24 months of training. And for those people
who are watching this who don’t understand about what is going on about the Lightbody,
and what’s the Lightbody, and ,how true it is, and think it’s an off the wall concept,
and how can this body which is flesh and blood turn into Light? It’s unscientific, nobody
has turned their body into Light. That’s not true.
There are a whole bunch of people who have turned their body into Light. That has not
happened recently, but in every tradition we have this knowledge available, wisdom available.
The ancient traditions, they knew how to turn the body into Light. Why would anybody want
to turn the body into Light. Why don’t we compromise to disease, why don’t we compromise
to aging, why don’t we compromise to die, because this is what we see in life and to
talk about Lightbody and Immortality, that is not going to happen. The mainline thinking,
that has to change. I have had many lifetimes and every lifetime
I came to this earth plane, I taught only the Lightbody. You can become a billionaire
and still there is no guarantee that you will not have disease. What is guaranteed of course,
disease is guaranteed. What is guaranteed is that you are going to lose your vision.
What is guaranteed is you are going to lose your hearing. What is guaranteed is you are
going to lose your teeth. What is guaranteed is you are going to lose your energy. What
is guaranteed is you are going to grow old, age, and sit at home and you can’t even
go to the bathroom. I knew in this life time at least, something
happened when I was young, my father had cancer and he used to roll in pain. That was about
55 years ago. And at that time he got the best treatment available in India. He was
at a Cancer Research Institute, but they couldn’t do anything so he came home in Rameshwaram.
He was slowly, slowly dying a very, very painful death. A very painful death., and he used
to roll in pain. Then it kicked in my brain: ‘Is this human destiny that we have to deal
with this aging process, the disease process, the death process?’ No, it is not.
We have to look at the alternatives. Lightbody is scientific. We are simply applying Einstein’s
model that matter is just Light. If it is a scientific truth in a physical domain, it
is also a scientific truth on the human existence. So we are a bunch of Light particles, but
we don’t feel that. Why? Because we are committed only to the 3-Dimensional existence.
So in this session what is new for those people who are listening to this program, who have
been with me trying to work on their 3rd eye, which is the pineal gland, and working on
changing their breath, and going into the midbrain. That’s what we have been doing
extensively in addition to chanting some very powerful chants from Swami Ramalingam, who
turned his body into Light and also advocated that this is the only way the human beings
can have perfect happiness. As I said, the time is right now and more
than ever, people will resonate to this teaching. Why? Because after December 2013, last year,
the earth itself is going through a transformation. She is becoming a Light Planet, a planet of
Light. So we are all in the process of evolution along with the earth. Those people who are
stuck in the 3rd Dimensional world of flesh and blood, ego, and senses, money, food, and
sex, they will also evolve along with the earth plane.
There is more opportunity for us to evolve now. Can you accept this misery, this body,
which is going to lose its power down the road when we age? Why can’t we do something?
It is not going to cost a lot of money, all that we need to do is to change our consciousness,
to go deep. And deep, what power do we have? In the 2 sessions that I just spent with you
on Time Line Jumping, how parallel realities are available.
Parallel time realities are available. Similarly parallel body realities, consciousness realities
are available. I’m going to talk about the 13 Dimensions that are available for us to
live. But then we are stuck only in the 3rd Dimension. It’s our own fault. We have not
known all of these options that are already available to us. We have shied away because
we are so absorbed in the materialistic world and compromised to pain, death, suffering,
and all of these ugly realities. We are Angels. This is not only the finding of the Siddhas
alone, or the Yogis alone, because none of them wanted to die.
From a very early age onward Jnana Sambander, the child prodigy, asked. He was praying to
God: ‘God, what am I waiting for? What am I waiting for? Am I waiting for the time that
I will lose my sight, my hearing, my teeth falling, and my body losing energy? That is
stupid! I don’t want to do that. Why would I want to do that?’ Listen carefully to
what he is praying : ‘While I am on the earth plane, I should have everything. When
I want to leave, I should just disappear.’ This is the prayer and he says if you pray
like that there is nothing wrong. That’s the 200% Life. It is not right to compromise
to diseases, aging, and death. That is living this materialistic, 3-Dimensional, life. You
can just move and live other realities. That’s what the Lightbody Program is about.
Ramalingnam committed his whole life to the process of the Lightbody, and how the body
can go into Light. What you need to know is like the Time Line Jumping, the other Parallel
Realities that are available to us. What are they? I don’t want to ‘Blah, Blah anymore.
What are those opportunities? Where are those Dimensions? These Dimensions that exist within
the space, also exist within your body. The first 3 dimensions are not that important.
The Mineral Kingdom is the 1st Dimension, atoms and molecules, of which we are made
up of too. The 2nd Dimension, is the Plant and Animal Kingdom. Surprisingly the Angels
and Demons are also in this Dimension. This is also inside you too. As I said they are
inside you and outside you too. I will explain all of this when I do this Lightbody Program.
For those people who are already in the Lightbody program, this is going to be totally new experience.
We are not going to leave out the working on the 3rd eye. We are going to continuously
work on the 3rd eye because once the 3rd eye is open, everything becomes very easy and
together with the Dimensions, and understanding and living the Dimensions, that becomes very
important. The 1st Dimension is the Mineral kingdom,
the 2nd Dimension is the Plant and Animal Kingdom, the Gods and Angels, the 3rd Dimension
is what we all know. People always talk about the 3rd Dimensional Reality, we live this
3rd Dimensional Reality which is we don’t really feel the spirit. What do we feel? We
feel this Flesh and Blood. We feel the Ego. We feel the Mind. We feel the Senses. Other
than that, nothing else. This is 3rd Dimensional human life of total Ignorance. What is the
stumbling block? This very body is the stumbling block.
It has to be turned into Light, only then can we have ‘The Kingdom’. That’s why
Paul said in Corinthians: ‘Don’t be fooled by thinking The Kingdom is going to come down
to earth because this body, this corruption, will not be able to live The Kingdom. The
Kingdom will not be lived by this body.’ So what has to happen? He saw clearly: ‘In
the wink of an eye, the body will turn into Light.’ ‘In the wink of an eye, the body
will turn into Light.’ So don’t think that you really , really
have to work hard. You have to do some preliminaries, which I’m going to be teaching, and prepare
ourselves. It is going to happen ‘In the wink of an eye.’ Anybody who got this Lightbody,
got it through and extraterrestrial contact, or God, to put it very simply. You have to
be able to move to that level where you can see God and able to relate to God.
Why don’t we see it? We are looking through eyes, and we don’t see the atoms and the
particles, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Similarly, in order to see God, you
have to be in a different Dimension. If you are in a different Dimension, then you can
not only see God, but you will become the God. Then you will know that you are God.
Why are you settling down to the 3rd Dimensional Reality?
So human evolution, whether you like it or not, is going to happen. I’m calling on
all of those people to whom this teaching will resonate, to come and be part of the
Program. We have to really change this world. I know that not everyone is going to relate
to this. Everyone is going to relate to the 3-Dimensional Reality, which I call MFS, money,
food, and sex. This is all the 3-Dimensional Reality is.
Most of the world will be lost in this ignorant feeling. They don’t want to think about
the old age, cancer, and being confined to a wheelchair. Even if they do, I’ve seen
so many people sitting in the wheelchair and looking at the interest rates their deposits
are making and then yelling at the wife or husband: ‘Oh no, you are not taking care
of this.’ Hey, you are in a wheelchair and you cannot even go to the bathroom. Why is
there such an obsession n this? The worst thing that can happen is to die with this
consciousness. Then as a spirit you are still going to be limited because the experience
you have gained in this world is really going to dump on you. So the worst thing that can
happen is to die with an ignorant consciousness. The real education is to see how unlimited
we are while we are still in this body. The body has been given to us to understand, and
experience what limitation is and then learn from it, so that we can become free from all
limitations. We are not the 3-Dimensional Flesh and Blood Reality. ‘In the wink of
an eye, the body will turn into Light.’ That’s what Ramalingnam says. That’s what
Manikkavasakar says. That’s what Jnana Sambander says. That’s what the Egyptian people, the
Pharaohs who were able to turn their body into Light, they had this understanding. They
knew even more. There were chairs in Egypt where the King can go and sit and disappear
because they could go into a different Dimension because they had a technology. So I’m not
just confined to the Indian model. Even the 14th Dimension that I’ve been admitted to,
there are several Ascended Masters who just gave this technique to us. Ok.
Now, I want to stop the ‘Blah, Blahing’ here and go into real technique. What? Forget
about the 14th, the 13th Step, and I’ll talk about it a little bit. Although we are
flesh and blood reality, we have to get rid of this. Even with your own structure, you
can use this. What was Christ trying to do? Christ was trying
to do this. People asked Jesus for fish and bread. The people said ‘Give us fish and
bread because this is what Moses gave us.’ He manifested and gave it to them because
he was a Siddha who could manifest. But what he said to them was: ‘I’ll give you eternal
life.’ What is this eternal life? We do not care for it, we can’t relate to that.
Give us the fish. So this was the consciousness of the people.
Jesus said at the end when he was ready to go, he clearly said the problem is the body,
the flesh and blood. You are going to participate in my dissolution of my body, of my blood.
That is the communion. Here is my blood, here is my body, giving the wine and the bread.
So whenever you are doing this ceremony, it is a symbolic act, a cosmic act where you
have to get beyond the human 3-Dimensional Reality, and just like Jesus, rise into your
Astral body. That puts me to talk about the Astral Body which is the 4th Dimension.
The 4th Dimension is very important. That is where we are going to first experience
the non-physical, non-3 Dimensional Reality because all of the time we feel this physical
body. We feel the Ego. We feel the Senses. We feel the House. We feel the bed. We feel
only these things. Are these things only about who we are? We are not just the body. We are
not the mind or the senses. So in the 4th Dimension, when you live the 4th Dimension,
which is the Astral Dimension which I’m going to teach in the Program. We progressively
go to the 4th, to the 5th, the 6th, to the 7th, the 8th, theoretically understand. But
even in the 4th Astral Dimension. I just mentioned about Yukteshwar appearing
before Paramhamsa Yogananda. ‘Hey, I’m in the Astral Plane and Thought Manifestation
is a common thing here.’ You don’t have to die to go to the Astral Plane and then
experience that. You can have that experience here while you are still living. That’s
what we looked at in the previous session. So in the Astral Plane, the Astral Dimension,
which is the 4th Dimension, there are Siddhi Powers, Gods and Goddesses live here, and
duality ends. Duality ends at the Astral Plane. There’s a very simple technique that I am
teaching that you should never ever give credence, or credibility, to the physical body. I’ll
give you an exercise.
[Meditaion Experience (2:28:20 – 2: 34: 42)]
~ Close your eyes. ~ You feel the body. You have legs, hands,
and internal organs within the body, the brain, the different parts. This is experiencing
the 3-Dimensional Reality. The mind is fully functioning and giving you access only to
this 3-Dimensional Reality. Now how to get into the Astral Plane, or the
Astral Consciousness within your own soul. ~ Just imagine this body doesn’t exist.
This body doesn’t exist. This body is a mirage. Not real.
~ Say to yourself: ‘I’m not a body. I’m not the body. I’m not the body.’
~ Now visualize the Astral Body separating as a Lightbody and walking out of you. You
identify with that Lightbody that is able to go and pierce through the wall because
you don’t have flesh and blood body, so the Lightbody, the Astral body, can go anywhere
it wants to. Your identity is not with the flesh and blood body, it is only with that
Light, Astral body of Light. What you are doing is the Bhavana. Bhavana
means it’s an imagination, but that imagination is real. That’s why Einstein said: ‘Imagination
is better than intellect.’ So don’t think imagination is fooling yourself. You fool
yourself only when you think this physical body is everything.
~ ’ Imagination is better than the intellect’. ~ Let the Astral body come back to yourself
and merge with your physical body. ~ Now feel within the body, both the Astral
body, and the physical body. Feel within this body, the physical body, the vibrations of
the Astral body. Yes, it is imagination, but imagination is better than intellect.
~ Now again, send this Astral body out of you. It goes wherever it wants to go. It has
no duality. It can have Thought Manifestation. It has all of the Siddhi Powers.
~ Now the body comes back to you. Feel the body within the body, Astral body within the
physical body. ~ Now, open your eyes.
[End Meditation] This is a very important meditation. Not only
a meditation that you will do with closed eyes, you should have this consciousness all
of the time because this is all Maya. You are in a dream. The Dream of the 3rd Dimension.
Now go into the 4th Dimension of another dream, a very fantastic life of non-duality, of Siddhi
Powers. It was interesting that someone came to me
about 20 years ago. He was a Siddha. And he said there was another Siddha here and he
gave me this technique to disappear. Ok. What was it? He said: ‘He gave me an herb - - -
(There are herbs also. That makes me to talk about herbs. There are herbs that can change
consciousness. Lightbody Herbs are going to be available. We just started a Herbal Company
and you will get notification of that. Herbs that can refine your consciousness. This is
something that I’m very excited about. I wanted to produce these things in the US itself
because the hygiene and standards are kept better here than anywhere else.
Yesterday was my Birthstar Day so we started that Lightbody Herbs that can give you the
experience, that change the chemistry of the body. That again was a gift of the Siddhas
who have been working for centuries on the Lightbody to liberate human beings from diseases,
from aging, and from death. Ok, to go back to the Siddha, what he gave
me was an herb. I have to hold that herb, and with that herb I will go in front of the
mirror and then stare at my reflection there. We can do that, but we don’t have the herb.
That’s a special herb, and I don’t know what that herb is and it one day disappeared.
That’s ok. The day that you are not able to see your
image in the mirror, that means nobody can see you. So you have to meditate with an herb
and look at yourself in a mirror and when you cannot see your reflection, that’s the
time when your body has disappeared and it happened to me. After that for some reason,
it miraculously disappeared, the herb. In any case, I want you to do this technique
also. Just go and stare at your physical body because this is an illusion.
The truth is we are Light, not matter. It is because of misperception that we are seeing
that. So whenever you go in front of the mirror. It’s a very beautiful meditation, you will
see yourself, the transformation, your body disintegrating, and then at some point your
eyes will close and you can go into a deeper meditation.
There are other Dimensions, like the 5th Dimension is the Heaven. That is also within us. There
is no suffering. When you live that Heavenly Consciousness, there is no suffering what
so ever. I’m going to teach those techniques also. The 6th Dimension level is where you
get to know about the blueprint of where everything happens because all of that is there. It is
there within us, but we have not tapped into it because we are so busy with our day to
day reality and that’s all of the world we know, and we die, and we age. This is not
an acceptable option. It started with my father, who was suffering from that time onwards,
and this is not acceptable. This does not make sense to most people, but they will learn
on their own time. Those of you who vibrate with it, are people
who are evolved, and who are going to help the world, I want you to join together with
me. There are so many movements happening now, they are called Light Workers. Why are
there so many light Workers now, than before? It’s because the time is right. The time
is right now. So I’m going to reveal to you all of the
different dimensions that are available to you. I don’t have time to go through all
of the Dimensions. There are at least 13. There are countless Dimensions, but I have
stopped with 13 Dimensions which I will systematically explore during this Program, The Enhanced
Lightbody Program. The Program, the Enhanced Lightbody Program
Teachings, itself: First: How to get out of this Time Line. This Time Line is the givens
with in this lifetime, your body, your finances, your relationship. All of this has to be transcended
and live a Parallel Time Line which unlimited. I will spend about 3 to 3 ½ months or whatever
time it takes. It’s a 1 year program. The second one is gaining the Siddhi Powers
of just completely training the mind with the Sanskrit sounds given to us by Patanjali.
I gave you the experience of the sound ‘itt’ for the rise of the kundalini. There a so
many things I will go through with you for different Siddhi Powers. That will be like
a 4 -5 month course, 4 months or 4 ½ months. Then third, The Lightbody Program where you
will learn all of these Dimensions and how to activate all of these Dimensions. How there
are specific meditations you will engage in and how to build that consciousness within
you, within the soul, and to activate them. That is worthwhile, and a lot more profitable
than spending all of your time running around making hundreds of millions of dollars. What
are you going to do? You are still going to die and still be attached to money, and this
world and not be living a life which is worthwhile. So we are Light. Between a billion dollars
and a Lightbody, which is preferable? The Lightbody is preferable. Ok. I don’t judge
people by the amount of money they have, but by the wealth of their consciousness. Wealth
is a matter of consciousness. Wealth is not a matter of bank balance. That is true evolution.
I will stop here. (2:43:21) I am happy the Divine made it possible for
me to make this presentation. This will be available to you on the You Tube. And those
of you who cannot afford to do the Program, you have the opportunity because I have given
you some training in each module. The techniques in each module, you can use. I’m happy that
it’s available for you without any cost. Thanks for Google because they have the model:
‘No Evil’. Ok. Which is a great thing. And Broadcast yourself so I don’t have to
go and spend dollars to the networks to get in there. Even then, they don’t want teachings
like this. They want only the mundane things. This is a great opportunity. So Thank-you
You Tube and Google. Thanks for the Earth Plane itself. Thanks
for Mother Earth, that she’s evolving and supporting us more than ever. We have the
opportunity to grow, to evolve, so that we are not just the flesh and blood, but we are
Angels. That is the truth. We have to get back, reverse the fall. The fall is from Heaven,
Eden, to the Earth Plane, where we began to experience this pain, death, and disease.
It’s not acceptable. Please don’t accept it.
Let us all join together in our own level. Some people will be able to commit totally
for it. Some people can resonate it a little bit. Everybody is in their own evolutionary
phase. We must do it. That’s why I am living. It makes my life meaningful.
Thank-you all, and Thank-you to all of the people who worked very, very hard in putting
together this program. And Thanks to God.
>> Mohini: And Thank-you Dr. Pillai. We are richly ‘Blessed’ with your presence, your
teachings, and your empowerments today. So everyone, I’d like to highlight a few important details about
our Lightbody Enhanced Program. If you register by May 3rd, you receive a 1 month Bonus Program
and an Early Bird Price. May 31st is the Final Registration Date and the Program starts on
June 1st. I invite you to click on the button for Program Detail right below your viewing
window, so you can review the Comprehensive Program Syllabus created by Dr. Pillai.
Now because the Program starts on June 1st, that is why we’ve created the 1 month Bonus
Program for you
to make the most of May and be more prepared for the most transforming experience in the one year
Program. We received so many questions about the Lightbody
Enhanced Program that we’re holding a live Q & A call tomorrow and the details are below.
I’ll be happy to answer any questions on that call. If you feel that you won’t be
able to participate in the Lightbody Enhanced Program this time around you can read about
you can get immediate support with practicing the teachings from this class by clicking
on the link below the viewing window called The Master Class basics Kit. And more than anything
remember that you
have received the teachings , techniques, and empowerments, today to begin the process
of recreating your life. Take advantage of the Sun in Aries, and
the transforming energies of this
day to truly commit to starting anew and opening up to
your highest self. And until the next time, may you
embraced by
the Light!
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Dr. Pillai's 2014 Live Free Master Class: Know Secrets

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Hhart Budha published on June 14, 2014
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