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  • you guys still on personal leave?

  • Uh, all the communication with chi between, uh, organization.

  • I'm gonna keep private.

  • And, uh, I'm sure you'll hear from him at some point.

  • Kyrie Irving is a sensational talent.

  • Let's be very clear about that from job.

  • He's one of the MBA players you actually pay to see every night.

  • We're not seeing Kyrie Irving every night.

  • We're not seeing him most nights.

  • In fact, it sounds like the Nets don't even know where he is.

  • 18 months after signing a four year, $141 million deal, Kyrie Irving has only played 27 games Now the Nets had reservations about giving him that deal, and we're seeing exactly why.

  • Now there was the injury.

  • Ah, preseason media boycott burning sage at TD Garden and absence for personal reasons.

  • And now he's completely off the grid with the n b A.

  • Investigating whether he was massless at a family party.

  • If true, that would violate league Covic protocols.

  • Y'all.

  • But Correa has already violated the trust Kevin Durant putting them.

  • This is K.

  • D s franchise.

  • K D.

  • Wouldn't have signed with the Nets if he didn't want to play with Kyrie Irvin.

  • You can't win in Brooklyn without Kyrie Irving.

  • We all know that Kyrie isn't in Brooklyn way.

  • Don't know where the hell he is but we know where Kevin Durant is right under the damn bus where Kyrie Irving evidently has thrown him a t least for now.

  • Oh, I couldn't wait for this segment.

  • Couldn't wait for you all.

  • See this segment?

  • This segment is called Honorable mentions.

  • It's when you send your questions to Twitter or Instagram and I take it from there and I answer them right here on this show.

  • I'll be doing that on a weekly basis.

  • Your questions to Twitter and Instagram.

  • I'll take him.

  • I'll answer them.

  • Here's my first mentioned Somebody tweaks.

  • What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

  • Stephen.

  • A.

  • Mm.

  • I actually have two of them.

  • Believe it or not, Sex in the city.

  • I still watch old episodes of that Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • I loved that show.

  • I loved all that.

  • I love Samantha and other characters that I watched it just like all the ladies out there watch sex in the city.

  • I loved it, but the other one was the Honeymooners.

  • All of those 38 39 original episodes.

  • I've seen them all.

  • Number one Ralph Kramden talking about Carlos Carlos trying to teach you the mambo e.

  • I mean, that makes the world a difference.

  • But secondly, I didn't think I know what you were doing.

  • Everybody out.

  • Ralph Kramden, you gotta go watch that.

  • You understand what I'm saying?

  • Greatest comedy of all time.

  • At least one of them.

  • That's one of things that I like to do.

  • That za guilty pleasure.

  • Let's go to that final mention here, Stephen A.

  • Smith made.

  • I want you to answer one question for me, buddy.

  • Can you tell me why you hate the damn cowboys, huh?

  • Yeah, I reckon you might have a point by asked asking that question because you feel kind of guilty.

  • You're sitting there and you're looking at that old dude, Stephen A You're saying, dammit, why does he hate my cowboy?

  • But I'll answer the question with a question to you.

  • Did you really like the cowboys of your shield?

  • Do you really like a team that hasn't been able to win in 25 years and counting?

  • Do you really like a team that messes up and continues to miss the postseason every chance to get, particularly the last game of the regular season.

  • Do you like team that has a billion dollar play plan and has gorgeous tear leaders and all that other stuff?

  • And they do everything right, especially make headlines and make money.

  • And they got an owner that makes headlines, and he's the face of the franchise.

  • But when it comes to producing on the field, they left it this year at the very least, to a football team in the nation's capital that doesn't even have a name.

  • Continue to send your video mentioned to the hashtag Stephen A world you might just want to end up in my world, you never know.

you guys still on personal leave?

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Stephen A.: Kyrie Irving has thrown Kevin Durant under the bus | Stephen A.'s World

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