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  • Donald Trump lost his bid for re election last November, it was a free and fair election.

  • In fact, President Trump's own election security director called it the most secure election in U.

  • S history.

  • But for two months now, Donald Trump has refused to accept the will of the American people over and over again.

  • He's told his supporters he didn't really lose.

  • The election was stolen from him and from them.

  • And as they grow anger and anger over this perceived injustice, he told him there was still a way to keep him in power.

  • So is Congress prepared to meet for the sacred ritual of certifying the results of the presidential election?

  • The president made his move.

  • He directed his supporters to travel to Washington for a rally to stop the steal they did.

  • He then once assembled, he had one final request march on the U.

  • S.

  • Capitol.

  • Do what it takes to help me hold on to power.

  • We will never give up.

  • We will never concede.

  • He told them you if you don't fight like hell, he warned, you're not gonna have a country anymore.

  • The people on the Ellipse that day heard his message loud and clear.

  • They answered his call for insurrection.

  • As the third ranking Republican in this chamber put it.

  • He summoned the mob, assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack.

  • Armed with guns, pipe bombs, bats, shield, zip ties and more.

  • They set their sights on the U.

  • S.

  • Capitol.

  • They stormed the citadel of our democracy.

  • Hundreds of domestic terrorists did what Donald Trump wanted them to do.

  • They seized the capital and tried to end our country's 234 year experiment in democracy as the Trump Family and White House aides What's gleefully on television.

  • They searched the halls of this building for the vice president, who they came toe hang for treason.

  • They overran the office of the speaker who they came to assassinate.

  • They sought above all else to seize control of our government In the name of Donald Trump.

  • Let that sink in.

  • The terrorists who stormed this building plant Oh, hang.

  • The vice president killed the speaker and topple our government.

  • They took down the American flag and replaced it with a trump flag.

  • I ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle who are not planning to vote for this article.

  • Is this the kind of country you wanna live in?

Donald Trump lost his bid for re election last November, it was a free and fair election.

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