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  • Video vote cap by business English part dot com Yeah, In this lesson, we'll look at vocabulary related to Human Resource Is or HR.

  • Human Resource is is concerned with talent management and staff development.

  • This may involve performance appraisals as well as learning and development.

  • To improve employees.

  • Proficiency ease employees may develop through on the job training as well as coaching.

  • We'll also cover equal opportunity initiatives and leadership development.

  • Talent management, talent management.

  • A company's strategic efforts to attract higher, develop, manage and promote good employees is talent management.

  • It's not enough to recruit good people.

  • You need an effective talent management system to retain and developed.

  • UM, performance Appraisal Performance Review.

  • A performance appraisal or review is the evaluation Oven Employees Work and abilities.

  • Regular performance reviews are often tied to compensation and promotion within a company.

  • I was quite nervous before my annual performance review, but my manager had mostly positive feedback.

  • Learning and development, learning and development.

  • Learning and development is the field of HR.

  • Concerned with improving the work and performance of employees, also called training and development.

  • This involves educational and training programs.

  • We've added language training toe are learning and development program to support our international employees.

  • Proficiency, ease, proficiency, ease, proficiency, ease are the basic abilities or skills that a person needs to do a job.

  • The job description listed writing skills as one of the key proficiency is for the job of account manager on the job training on the job training training that happens during the regular course of work is on the job training with on the job training employees learned by working with the tools and processes normally used in the job.

  • Through six months of on the job training, new employees learn how to operate every piece of machinery to coach to coach.

  • Companies may coach select employees by giving one on one help to improve skills or performance.

  • A coach can provide very personalized training and development.

  • I realized Dave isn't performing well, but maybe you just need to coach him for a while, so he gains more confidence.

  • Equal opportunity initiatives, equal opportunity initiatives, Equal opportunity initiatives are programs designed to give equal chances to all people, regardless of sex, race or physical abilities.

  • As a result of our recent equal opportunity initiatives, over 40% of our senior managers are women Leadership, Development, Leadership, development, leadership development programs aim to develop key leadership skills in select employees.

  • Developing leaders may learn about communication, negotiation, management and motivation.

  • I was chosen for my company's leadership development program and sent to Denver for a course on conflict resolution.

  • Now it's your turn to practice some of the words we've looked at in this lesson.

  • In a moment you'll hear a Siris of sentences with the word replaced with a beep.

  • Repeat each sentence, including the missing word.

  • For example, if you here with so many new contracts, we need to increase our by 10 people, you can say, with so many new contracts, we need to increase our head count by 10.

  • People will provide the correct answer after each question ready, Let's give it a go.

  • I'm hoping to get a promotion.

  • If my performance goes well, answer.

  • I'm hoping to get a promotion.

  • If my performance review goes well, rather than sitting in a classroom, I'd prefer to do on the job.

  • Answer rather than sitting in a classroom I'd prefer to do on the job training our equal opportunity have increased diversity in our workforce.

  • Answer our equal opportunity initiatives have increased diversity in our workforce.

  • Yeah, that's all.

  • For this episode of video vocab, be sure to check out our website at www dot video vocab dot tv form or videos on business English vocabulary.

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