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  • Devante Smith from Louisiana.

  • How they've gotten out of there.

  • Who knows?

  • Najee Harris is from California, the next great quarterback from Alabama.

  • Yep, Bryce Young, also from California.

  • Matt Jones is from Florida and Jalen Waddle T you were wondering.

  • He's from the Houston area in Texas all over the country, the country's best team.

  • They roll 50 to 24 and for Alabama in a span of 11 days.

  • Key to playoff wins, the Heisman Trophy.

  • And for Devante Smith, that Heisman Trophy winner.

  • It'll be some kind of future.

  • A three touchdown catch tonight, and now you just wonder what he might be at the next man.

  • This dude is ridiculous, right?

  • I just It's so it's so funny.

  • I wish I could have watched the game with you guys, because because just seeing and understanding the offense and seeing what's coming and how how they line him up.

  • I've seen it so many times throughout my career because this is SAARC's playbook.

  • This is Lane Kiffin's old playbook.

  • This is the stuff that they use that Washington, USC, Tennessee.

  • I mean, I just I saw when I saw Devante come across the formation, stutter step in in in man coverage and lose the defender and shoot to the flat.

  • First thing I said, Oh, he getting ready to go to the flat bam touchdown.

  • You know, when you see was getting ready to happen and he's a terrific young man.

  • You mentioned the next level.

  • You interesting thing about it is with who he is and his style of play.

  • He's got to go to the right system to excel at the elite level like he is at Alabama because the wide receiver position in the pros or even even in college, to a degree, you depend on so many positive things that happen for you.

  • He's got to go to the right system.

  • He can't get lost with a bum quarterback or bum offensive coordinator because that amazing talent that we saw on display last night will be lost in the wash.

  • He reminds me of Marvin Harrison, Um, to a degree Hollywood Brown.

  • You Antonio Brown smaller frames with crazy quicks and speed.

  • But he's gotta be in the right system because his size will not allow him to just plug in any system and dominate the pros.

  • You know, college coaches tend to know what to do with individual talent and individual matchups.

  • My guy is better than your guy mano a mano.

  • I'm going to take advantage of your defense.

  • It back with my wide receiver in the pros.

  • That's not the case in the pros.

  • They're trying to run.

  • Their system is such a chess game, where in the pro in college, I could look across the line of scrimmage to say, My dude way better than yours, You ain't got a chance and do exactly what Alabama did last night, where in the pros everybody is good.

  • So you've got a kind of skiing things a little bit different, But he's gonna have a amazing, uh, career in the NFL because I think with that type of talent, you can't do anything but force yourself.

  • Thio.

  • Get him the football in certain situations and care right from the beginning of the game.

  • You just thought, you know Ohio State.

  • Keep up with this pace with the way that Mac Jones and it's Alabama offense is scoring the ball right.

  • Like they tried short zone.

  • They tried man to man to deep three deep.

  • It didn't matter.

  • Their secondary could not hold Devante Smith at all.

  • I mean, his first half stats for 12 receptions, 215 yards and three touchdowns.

  • That's more TVs in total yards.

  • Then Ohio State had an entire first half.

  • His stat line alone.

  • Zubin now will translate automatically to the pros.

  • I think it will, but we talk about this.

  • There are only a certain few players that doesn't matter what team they go to, the next level key, where that's going to translate for 95% of top draft picks.

  • It depends upon the situation and who you're surrounded with.

  • I think that's gonna be the same for Devante Smith.

  • They just got a note.

  • They just gotta know that he's a talent and they got to get him the football if they want to keep their job.

  • Last word goes to Chris.

  • We didn't make mention Najee Harris.

  • You know, we didn't make mention of him.

  • He was amazing.

  • It's not the 2020 vision, but it is the 2020 DeVante going for more than 20 touchdowns receiving and Nagy, 20 on the ground.

  • Both were electric last night.

  • Last word to Chris Fowler, who called the game, and I couldn't agree more.

  • He's calling the biggest sports for US team wise.

  • He's calling the biggest sports for us individually in tennis.

  • And he said in the year 2020 whether you're a part of a team sport or you're an individual champion, that a championship in 2020.

  • When you look back at a 20 years from now, there will be no Asterix because in the word of Fowler and I agree with them, you get the trophy for winning.

  • But you also should receive another trophy for overcoming all of the adversity you would have Thio to get.

  • They're so a championship for Nick Saban, his seventh and this one, obviously, in a year unlike any other.

  • And you could tell if you heard Saban last night after the game in his voice, how proud he was of this team.

  • I say this tongue planted firmly in cheek, he almost seemed happy and satisfied for a small moment.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Devante Smith from Louisiana.

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