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  • Public speaking is an ancient art wired deeply into our minds.

  • In every culture on Earth, as language developed,

  • people learned to share their stories, hopes, and dreams.

  • Imagine a typical scene:

  • It's after nightfall, the campfire is ablaze, an elder rises,

  • eyes lock onto the wise, wrinkled face,

  • and as the storyteller speaks,

  • each listener imagines the events that are being described.

  • What happens next is astounding:

  • The brains inside the heads of independent individuals

  • start to behave very strangely.

  • They begin to sync upthey gasp together, laugh together, weep together

  • and as they do so, something else happens.

  • Rich neurologically encoded patterns of information inside the woman's brain

  • are somehow copied and transferred to the brains in the audience.

  • These patterns will remain in those brains for the rest of their lives,

  • potentially impacting their behavior years into the future.

  • Every meaningful element of human progress

  • has happened only because humans have shared ideas with each other

  • and then collaborated to turn those ideas into reality.

  • From the first time our ancestors teamed up to take down a mammoth,

  • to Neil Armstrong's first step onto the moon,

  • people have turned spoken words into astonishing shared achievements

  • The same is true todayas a leader or as an advocate,

  • public speaking is the key to unlocking empathy, stirring excitement,

  • sharing knowledge and insights, and promoting a shared dream.

  • Indeed the spoken word has actually gained new powers.

  • Our campfire is now the whole world.

  • Thanks to the internet, a single talk can end up being seen by millions of people.

  • Just as the printing press massively amplified the power of authors,

  • so the web is massively amplifying the impact of speakers.

  • What is more, we can enhance these skills

  • in ways the ancients could never have imagined:

  • the ability to show right there in beautiful, high resolution,

  • any image that a human can photograph or imagine;

  • the ability to weave in video and music;

  • the ability to draw on research tools that present the entire body of human knowledge

  • to anyone in reach of a smart phone.

  • Suddenly, an ancient art has global reach.

  • We need that now more than ever.

  • Ideas that could solve our toughest problems often remain invisible

  • because the brilliant people inside whose minds they reside

  • lack the confidence or the know-how to share those ideas effectively.

  • At a time when the right idea presented the right way

  • can ripple across the world at the speed of light,

  • there's huge benefit to figuring out how best to set it on its way,

  • both for you, the speaker in waiting,

  • and for the rest of us, who need to know what you have to say.

  • The good news is these skills are teachable.

  • They absolutely are.

  • And that means that there is a new superpower that anyone,

  • young or old, can benefit from.

  • It's called presentation literacy.

  • I've become convinced that tomorrow, even more than today,

  • learning to present your ideas to other humans will prove to be

  • an absolutely essential skill for any child who wants to build confidence,

  • anyone who wants to progress at work, anyone who wants to leave a legacy,

  • anyone period.

  • The campfires of old have spawned a new kind of fire

  • a fire that spreads from mind to mind, screen to screen,

  • the ignition of ideas whose time has come.

  • This matters.

  • Let's go light a fire.

Public speaking is an ancient art wired deeply into our minds.

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