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  • Who is This is Lieutenant community.

  • I'm with the NYPD Hostage negotiation team.

  • I'd like to talk to you about the situation that we're in.

  • Where the fuck is Garber?

  • Mr.

  • Garber is a train dispatcher.

  • This is now a police.

  • Well, I want to talk to Garber.

  • I'm sorry, Mr Ryder, but Mr Garber is no longer involved.

  • Motorman.

  • But Garber on the line.

  • To be honest, Mr Garber has gone home.

  • But Garber on the fucking liner, I killed the motorman.

  • E guarantee you, Mr Right.

  • And I am the best person for you to be talking to you right now.

  • Just give me a moment.

  • I'll explain why you're always gonna be the first one, Thio.

  • Oh, Mr Community, you got 60 fucking seconds before I kill another.

  • Okay, 59 58.

  • 50 Garber, 56 50.

  • Trying to locate Mr Garber asap.

  • Mr Ryder.

  • Why did you do that, Mr Tam Manetti or whatever?

  • Fucking greaseball name you got.

  • The city of fucking New York killed Jerry.

  • Okay, 53.

  • 50.

  • You got cover car, Big.

  • He killed Gerry Pollet, Man, come on.

  • You want to talk to you right now?

  • He's here.

  • He's on the way.

  • 11 10, 987 He's approaching the desk.

  • 54 three to It's me, it's Garber.

  • Garber.

  • You didn't say goodbye.

Who is This is Lieutenant community.

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