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  • how are robots and the Internet of things?

  • When Mawr and more items are connected to the Internet, how are they improving everyday accessibility way?

  • Need all stakeholders in our society toe make technology available to all people has no disability.

  • They cannot really imagine what that really means For people like me, there are 253 million visually impaired people in the world.

  • These people have been still using just a plain stick.

  • Cities can be difficult places to navigate the best of times, but for some with disabilities, they can turn into gauntlets.

  • With nearly 200 million people globally experiencing a severe disability, stairs curbs train gaps.

  • Even crosswalks can be impossible obstacles.

  • But as devices grow smarter, cities are becoming more accessible.

  • In fact, the assist of tech industry will be worth an estimated $30 billion by 2024.

  • That's up from 14 billion in 2015 on when those with disabilities are around 40% less likely to be employed.

  • Access, of course, has a huge impact on the economy as well.

  • It's very important to invest in our field because there's a multiplication effect.

  • If we develop new technologies, it does not help just single person's.

  • It helps a large group off users.

  • Three of the most cutting edge examples are already changing lives.

  • My accident waas in G I Joe with a motorcycle.

  • Yeah, in the 1st 2nd you You know what happens if she constantly article rose to hashtag is through from Kenya.

  • Jose he wrote us about half a year ago when he met that he would like to test the Reacher.

  • Our goal is to develop wheelchair that can climb stairs.

  • Cool.

  • Okay.

  • Sucking young dunk again.

  • Hey, nice to see Okay, Look super messy.

  • The goal was to make a really, really cool robot that start But then it switched over toe developing this product because we saw there was such a huge need for for the people Mhm, that need is felt in cities across the world.

  • In Paris, the European Union's largest city, only nine out of more than 300 metro stations have full disabled access.

  • As of 2019, I think there's a boom in the development off assistive technologies systems are getting more robust and smaller and smaller thes smaller systems are allowing assistive tech to become increasingly wearable, undiagnosed off pit Lamu body.

  • That's a genetic disease.

  • While it was muscle cells everywhere.

  • I have not enough muscle strength to really hold me.

  • Hi, Michael.

  • I have my suit for you to try.

  • Oh, great.

  • What we are developing a zone extra muscle is rather a system that assists people that need extra force or extra assistance in their in their daily life.

  • You hear the motors of the system.

  • So the way that the tenderness routed from the muscles here in the backpack, it's really extending the hip and the knee.

  • So it's the same muscle groups that we use, uh, this muscle that we need the glutinous and the quadriceps to really extend both joins at the same time back e really have this vision in mind to dio amount now.

  • I quit my son.

  • My family thinks Yeah, you were crazy, Michael.

  • So I I never really thought that I would do American.

  • You do what do you My toilet.

  • You're a hero.

  • Robotics does not only connect to the body of a person, but also to many other devices which are connected by the idea of Internet of things.

  • By 2025 there'll be an estimated 25 billion connections between these things around the world.

  • This will transform how devices operate within cities.

  • Unfortunately, I cannot name a single city as a perfectly disabled, friendly city.

  • That's why we are trying to provide this independency for visually impaired people.

  • Way Walk is a smart cane developed for visually impaired people.

  • You can easily connect.

  • We walk to your smartphone while we walks application and it's so enjoyable, you know, you can talk with your cane and your cane is answering you navigation.

  • I get started navigation shift, the club star.

  • Starting another of we walks capabilities is obstacle detection.

  • Embedded in the handle is an ultrasonic sensor that maps the user surroundings.

  • If an obstacle is detected, the stick warns the user by vibration behind us on the van, we will couldn't meet Chuck upon the child with.

  • All of these technologies have had interest from other industries, indicating that the good health of the assistive tech sector can only be a good thing for society.

  • There is a lot off new movement, and there will be a lot of new results.

  • We apply cooled Advantage robotic technology, which attracts many people who do not have a relationship to any kind off person with a disability, so it opens the minds of many people.

how are robots and the Internet of things?

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Robots That Provide Mobility

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