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  • it was unforgivable.

  • Unconscionable.

  • And coming up on this floor and talking about what about is, um and you're trying to make these false equivalence ease.

  • Give me a break.

  • The President United States instigated instigated an attempted coup in this country.

  • People died.

  • Everybody should be outraged.

  • Whether you're a Democrat or Republican.

  • If this is not an impeachable offense, I don't know what the hell is This President is not fit to remain in office.

  • For years, Donald Trump has honored thugs worldwide who suppressed democracy for months with a daily diet of lies.

  • He has made clear his refusal to accept any election in which he was not the winner.

  • Trump basically attempted to overthrow the government.

  • Gentlemen from Massachusetts, this is reserved teachable.

  • Gentlemen in Oklahoma is recognized telling domestic terrorists.

  • Nearly all of them were white supremacist, many of them who support him politically, who stormed the capital to derail Congress from completing its constitutionally required duty of counting and verifying the vote.

  • Gentlewoman's time has expired.

  • Gentlemen from Massachusetts reserves.

  • The gentleman from Oklahoma is recognized.

  • Your I rise today to urge the impeachment of Donald Trump because the attack on the capital and the Congress was the single most depraved betrayal of the US Constitution ever committed by a president.

  • The traitorous incitement oven insurrection demands not just impeachment but removal of office from office immediately.

  • Violence during the transfer of power.

  • Confederate flags, Anti Semitic paraphernalia desecrated this capital, so accountability must come swiftly.

  • We must act with the same resoluteness we showed in the early morning hours after the insurrection where we ensured the will of the voters was effectuated.

  • Donald Trump's defilement of this capital will not stand.

  • It demands impeachment.

  • Now I yield back.

it was unforgivable.

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