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Here's what I made for my family of four for Thanksgiving this year. I made Bryant Terry's
Candied Sweet Potatoes and Apples. I have a video for this. The only thing that I did
differently is I covered it instead of baking it uncovered. That way you don't have to baste
it with the juices. Delicious as usual. I made our family favorite zesty marinated Vegetable
Salad. It's a tradition that my mother started years ago. I made green beans. I actually
omitted the bread crumbs because I burned them and I was too lazy to make some more.
And I made - VegNews has the best mac and cheese ever and I made this recipe this year.
I tried a different one last year but this is ultimately my favorite and I'll make this
very soon for the channel. I made the braised cauliflower with garlic and tomatoes. And
this was kind of my "something different" for this year. I'm not sure if my family has
had cauliflower before, at least cooked cauliflower. And they really enjoyed this recipe. I made
chickpea patties with a mushroom cream sauce, that really ended up being more like a gravy.
I'm still working on this recipe, but I hope to be able to share it with you soon. And,
I did not make dessert. I was tired of making apple pies that did not come out the way I
wanted them to and so I got some ice cream. Which was just as well because my family has
a tradition of not having room - or claiming to not have room - for dessert. So instead
of wasting my time and energy making a pie or a cake or something, I just brought some
ice cream and actually only one person -- my grandmother -- tasted it maybe like an hour
or so after we finished eating. So, that's what we had for Thanksgiving this year. Let
me know what you contributed to your vegan Thanksgiving meal this year if you did.
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Vegan Thanksgiving Menu | 2013

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Hhart Budha published on June 14, 2014
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