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  • Here's what I made for my family of four for Thanksgiving this year. I made Bryant Terry's

  • Candied Sweet Potatoes and Apples. I have a video for this. The only thing that I did

  • differently is I covered it instead of baking it uncovered. That way you don't have to baste

  • it with the juices. Delicious as usual. I made our family favorite zesty marinated Vegetable

  • Salad. It's a tradition that my mother started years ago. I made green beans. I actually

  • omitted the bread crumbs because I burned them and I was too lazy to make some more.

  • And I made - VegNews has the best mac and cheese ever and I made this recipe this year.

  • I tried a different one last year but this is ultimately my favorite and I'll make this

  • very soon for the channel. I made the braised cauliflower with garlic and tomatoes. And

  • this was kind of my "something different" for this year. I'm not sure if my family has

  • had cauliflower before, at least cooked cauliflower. And they really enjoyed this recipe. I made

  • chickpea patties with a mushroom cream sauce, that really ended up being more like a gravy.

  • I'm still working on this recipe, but I hope to be able to share it with you soon. And,

  • I did not make dessert. I was tired of making apple pies that did not come out the way I

  • wanted them to and so I got some ice cream. Which was just as well because my family has

  • a tradition of not having room - or claiming to not have room - for dessert. So instead

  • of wasting my time and energy making a pie or a cake or something, I just brought some

  • ice cream and actually only one person -- my grandmother -- tasted it maybe like an hour

  • or so after we finished eating. So, that's what we had for Thanksgiving this year. Let

  • me know what you contributed to your vegan Thanksgiving meal this year if you did.

Here's what I made for my family of four for Thanksgiving this year. I made Bryant Terry's

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Vegan Thanksgiving Menu | 2013

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    Hhart Budha posted on 2014/06/14
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