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  • Yes, we are in a new reality because, as you rightly say, we are under the conditions.

  • Often agreement they are under the conditions often agreement the joint comprehensive plan of action signed in 2015 and which indicates that Iran should be in reaching only up to 3.67 the Iranian they have.

  • We know that as a result, off the sort of teeth of tat tit for tat logic that that came into play when the United States announced its withdrawal from the the agreement, they were reaching at a higher level.

  • But the the difference was not as as big.

  • The Delta was simply to show that they were above the agreed limitation.

  • Now 20% is a different thing, of course, is a much higher degree that requires important changes in the in.

  • The operation on, of course, attracts ah lot more attention internationally because off the correlation that exists with between the enrichment off Iranian and the ability to get toe to levels that are potentially off military use, the process has started, and we have to see, uh, each day how much they can produce with with this installed set off cascades We're talking about a few kilograms per month, but this could could increase.

  • Uh, I cannot tell you figure now, not because it's a secret.

  • It's because they have just started.

  • But if we project if we were to project the estimated volumes off production against the capacity off the machines there, we're talking about something like that, 10 or a little bit more, uh, per month.

  • This is a new situation in so far as we've never been confronted with a comprehensive law and the government, uh, informs us, um, piecemeal, um, whether they are going to be.

  • So I cannot I cannot have a pattern or a background.

  • What I can tell you is that we are in constant dialogue Well, with the Atomic Energy Agency off Iran and with the Foreign Ministry.

  • E think it's a constructive dialogue that we're having so far.

  • I hope this will be the case and we will continue.

  • Um, in this in this way, of course, all of these things take place against the background off bigger or the or the wider political developments on going on.

  • I suppose that they are also connected with this reality.

  • But if you ask me whether we have been informed off an impending suspension off our inspectors activities?

  • Uh, no.

  • But they are in the law.

  • But these provisions are in the law.

  • So when you ask me, do you take it seriously?

  • I take it seriously.

  • I'm concerned.

Yes, we are in a new reality because, as you rightly say, we are under the conditions.

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