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  • so 2021 is here and we are off to just a fantastic start.

  • Aren't ways.

  • It's wonderful, you know, since 2020 was such a great year.

  • No, boy, does it show.

  • Like if I take just the YouTube comments section alone, um, the amount of pain and anger being displayed down there, especially around the holiday period.

  • There are actual comments that made me cry, and not because oh, it hurt my feet.

  • No, just because the amount of pain that people have to be in tow leave so But I'm lucky.

  • I'm fortunate.

  • I have that that block or hide user from Channel Button.

  • And I will tell you I exercise it freely because we don't need that down there.

  • But it got me thinking that not everybody has that button, especially with with all the fatigue of the world and everything around us, the number of people who work in the service industry or in essential services, or, for that matter, the people who have dedicated their lives to learning how to work in a hospital and take care of people on Lee to then be attacked and hated on by those people and just the amount of just Oh, the world has Just when all of this started, I genuinely I thought I believed I really believe that we would be united together against a common enemy.

  • And it would really just bring humanity together, asshole.

  • Not just I didn't That didn't play out the way I expected at all.

  • But But here we are.

  • And quite frankly, I refuse.

  • I refuse to lose.

  • I refuse.

  • Thio give into just saying Okay, well, this is the way the world is now.

  • It's just a bit of a throw away.

  • We'll just we'll let them have it.

  • I'm not gonna not gonna let them win.

  • And this this None of this was I I didn't actually plan to make this video today.

  • We Tokyo just went back into a state of emergency That might be starting across Japan.

  • There were other videos, but they're gonna have to wait and they can wait.

  • I wasn't gonna put up anything this week.

  • And then just with everything the way it is, I wanted to sit now.

  • I felt it was I needed to address the the world in the state that it's in and put this message out there.

  • We're all tired.

  • This has been going on for a very, very long time.

  • It has definitely hit some people harder than others.

  • And some people have actually done quite well through it, or at least surviving quite well.

  • And if you're one of those people, if you're doing okay, if you have even, just ah, little bit of extra energy, there's something I want to ask of you.

  • We'll call it a bit of a favor, if you will.

  • You see, A couple days ago, I was having a bad day, really one of the worst days I've had since all of this started.

  • And ah friend reached out to me in that timing and Lenton ear and it made all the world of difference.

  • And I want to pay that for I think the world honestly needs a little bit mawr of that right now.

  • Like if you are doing okay, if you feel like you've got that little bit of extra energy inside of you, I wanna ask you from me to you reach out to somebody.

  • Do you have a friend who's working in essential services?

  • Do you have a friend who's in the service industry in a restaurant or immediately.

  • Even worse in a hospital or a clinic.

  • Who, You know, maybe at the beginning, you talked to them a little more.

  • But lately, you haven't really had the time or you know, the conversation.

  • But I don't know, maybe got a little repetitive, and you didn't want to keep asking the same things.

  • Do me a favor, reach out to them.

  • When was the last time?

  • When was the last time you gave your mom a call?

  • Like honestly, I I should I should give my mom a call.

  • Actually, I think right after this, I'm gonna give my mom a call.

  • Hi, Mom.

  • My mom watches all of these and I love her for that.

  • But that little act, you could make all the difference.

  • And I Absolutely I said it before.

  • I absolutely, positively refused to give into the negativity in the anger.

  • And I feel like so many.

  • I have watched long term commenters off this channel.

  • People who I have loved interacting with over the years throughout the period of all of this just crumble and disintegrate go from beautiful toe.

  • A little negative to really angry Thio I broke my heart and through the YouTube comment section there's only so much kindness I can give.

  • But that's why when I see you guys giving kindness to each other down in the comments section, we're supporting each other or connecting with each other.

  • It means all the world to me because I think people need that now more than ever.

  • And so that's it.

  • That's all I wanted to really talk about today.

  • If you have, ah, little bit of extra energy, a little bit of extra time in your day, you don't have to box off a list of people, reach out toe one person, one person who you think let's just make the world just a little bit better than it is today for somebody just just for one person.

so 2021 is here and we are off to just a fantastic start.

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