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  • hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your question of the week and today

  • is an embarrassing mistake if you mispronounce

  • these words so pay close attention our words are wore to wear

  • horse the animal and whores or prostitutes i think a lot of the

  • confusion with these words comes into play with

  • the spelling so you can see we have wore whores and

  • horse so let's start with the word wore it starts with a w and our lips are

  • puckered for that www and then we're going to move to the or

  • sound by you're going to already be at the pucker

  • and then you're going to pull them back for that er which is going to be square

  • tense lips tongue is either pointed down or flipped back

  • just do not touch the teeth so we have wore wore

  • wore now the spelling here is w h and we are

  • actually going to pronounce this as an h in this situation all right so

  • we have h or z and we are going to end

  • with a h sound so again this is going to be an

  • h sound and then we're going to move to the or

  • and then we're going to end with the z z for the z sound your voice box is on

  • and moving and for the h i'm just going to mention

  • you're just letting the air puff out h so we have

  • wore and whores and then for horse we're going to end

  • that with the s sound and the difference between the word

  • whores and the word horse is that with this s sound the voice box is not

  • on and it is not moving there's no vibration in the

  • throat so again we have sss and zzzzz

  • yes they look exactly the same your mouth is doing exactly the same thing

  • the only difference in these two sounds is that your voice box

  • is on and moving for the z so let's try all those words wore wore

  • wore

  • whores whores whores and horse horse

  • horse i have no sentence for you today um i don't even want to try to use that

  • word in a sentence give it a try i know people are going to notice the

  • difference if you found this helpful we'd love a

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  • speech thanks everyone

hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your question of the week and today

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How to Pronounce WHORES, HORSE, WORE - English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/01/11
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