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  • my mama, My mama My, my I just wonder.

  • Wonder what he read?

  • Discovered Welcome to your almost drowned.

  • Oh, just one.

  • Elmo was wondering about your dog break, Rip Rip 40 routines.

  • Now the things you dio every morning to get ready.

  • Okay.

  • Oh, like brushing your teeth, Brushing your hair.

  • Oh, that boy Elmo, Because to find out more about routines.

  • Okay, let's ask almost friend Smarty, let's call her together.

  • Oh, smile.

  • Oh, here I am answering your call.

  • It's what I do every day as part of my routine.

  • What is perfect, smarty?

  • Because I know nothing known a bad routines.

  • Well, what do we do to learn something new?

  • Well, way searching.

  • Here you go.

  • There are lots of things that might be part of a morning routine.

  • Things that you do every day.

  • Like eating breakfast fresh in your teeth, toothpaste brush, rinse and spit getting dressed.

  • And once you're done with your morning routine, you're ready to start your day.

  • Thanks, Swati.

  • You got it, Elmo.

  • Well, I'm off to recharge my battery.

  • Just part of my routine.

  • Uh huh.

  • Boy, that is Elmo.

  • An idea.

  • Let's play a game together.

  • Come on, e O.

  • Can you tell me this kid is gonna fresh her teeth as part of the morning routine?

  • Let's try to put the pictures in order.

  • What should she do first?

  • Is it this?

  • No, You put the toothpaste on your toothbrush.

  • So this one comes first?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, that comes first.

  • So what comes next?

  • Does it this?

  • No, she has to brush her teeth before she spits it out.

  • Right.

  • She has to brush her teeth up and down and all around, And then she spits.

  • Yeah, and then she's How did it make sense?

  • First she puts the Turk pace on that turf brush.

  • Then she brushes.

  • Then she's boats.

  • That's it.

  • That's right.

  • Order.

  • It's important to do your morning routine and order.

  • And that makes Alma wonder even more.

  • Does Mr Noodle have a morning routine?

  • Hey, let's ask him, OK?

  • How?

  • Mr Brother Mr.

  • Mayor, can you show us your morning routine?

  • You know the things you do every morning to get better for you again?

  • Yeah.

  • Mr.

  • Noto has his clothes.

  • He's going to get dressed.

  • Yeah, like that.

  • Mr Newdow.

  • No, no, no.

  • First take your pajamas off, then put your clothes more.

  • Yeah, that's right.

  • What does Mr Neural do next?

  • And his morning routine?

  • Yes.

  • You have breakfast.

  • Is there something you do before you eat?

  • Mr Newdow?

  • Uh, she is dancing.

  • Is dancing part of the morning routine?

  • It is for Mr Newdow by Mr Newdow.

  • Have a good morning.

my mama, My mama My, my I just wonder.

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Sesame Street: Morning Routines | Elmo's World

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