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  • are the Rams bigger Super Bowl contenders?

  • Or would you say it's rust in the Seahawks?

  • The Rams are the bigger Super Bowl contenders than the Seahawks.

  • But get this Stephen A.

  • They got to get past the Seahawks, and I don't know if they will, because Gough has still not last.

  • I checked, been named the starter.

  • He still McVeigh still won't say.

  • Yeah, it's golf.

  • Not not Ah Woolford, right, because Gough has been hurt, and that makes a big difference.

  • Whatever you want to say about golf, he has been in a Super Bowl.

  • He didn't do real well in the Super Bowl, but there weren't a lot of point scoring.

  • That Super Bowl period was a lone score, low scoring Super Bowl in the history of the NFL.

  • But when you look at the Rams this year, was that defense any better than this one?

  • I wouldn't say so.

  • The offense was a little more dynamic, but this Rams offense could score.

  • The Rams have the look of a team that the kind of team that makes runs in the playoffs, the Seahawks to me don't and by the way, the Seahawks, when they traded for Jamal Adams.

  • They were my pick preseason, but it hasn't panned out that way.

  • Russell Wilson has looked faded in the second half compared to the first half of the season and the Rams.

  • It's not just that they can score points.

  • They could stop you from scoring.

  • They have some of the best defenders in the league, including Aaron Donald on that side of the ball and have in terms of all the teams with upside on the defense, like who is capable of playing at the very highest level.

  • I'd say the Los Angeles Rams, I think there's a bigger Super Bowl threat.

  • I disagree.

  • I say no, respectfully, because I looked at the Seattle Seahawks and they have Russell Wilson and the Rams don't.

  • And with Jared golf out, you know, because of his thumb injury, we don't know what they're gonna do.

  • Which is AP Report, which is ideal for the Seahawks.

  • Because now, first of all, you might not have had him to worry about much anyway because he wasn't having the greatest year in the world.

  • But secondly, and more importantly, if he ends up out off this game, which is which is which is going to be the case.

  • Then guess what?

  • You're the 31st ranked defense against the past in the National Football League for the Seattle Seahawks, and suddenly you don't really have AH, passing game to be worried about, and as a result, I think that bodes very, very well for them.

  • So you've got Russell Russell Wilson, who is the Super Bowl champion who's made in the two parents and two Super Bowls, who's who's got significant playoff experience, and we know he's a winner.

  • He is the second leading rusher on a team with over 500 yards.

  • Russian.

  • He's completed 68% of his passes this year, He's thrown 40 touchdowns, is just 13 interceptions, and he's got two wideouts that have recorded over 1000 yards this season.

  • And Tyler Lockett and, of course, the stud that his d.

  • K.

  • Metcalf.

  • So when I look at it from that perspective and we're talking about who's a legitimate Super Bowl contender, I give I give all the props in the world to the Rams defense led by Aaron, Donald, Jalen Ramsey and the crew.

  • But you got to be able to put up points and I'm not sure the Rams are going to be able to do that, particularly without Jared golf.

  • When we talk about a Super Bowl contender, I'm a role with Russell Wilson before I roll with anybody on the ramps any day of the week.

  • Well, I'm assuming that he has that.

  • Golf would have enough time to get back.

  • You know, if you say, Who do you like in this game?

  • Okay, I get the Seahawks giving where the Rams are now.

  • That's why I think they have to get over this hurdle.

  • But if they do like whichever team won this game, Seattle or L.

  • A.

  • If it's Seattle, I don't like their chances as much as if it's L A.

  • Getting past Seattle with the hurt.

  • Golf is a different story.

  • Yeah, I don't I don't I don't feel that way because I don't feel the same way about the Rams offense.

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are the Rams bigger Super Bowl contenders?

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Stephen A.: I'll 'roll with Russell Wilson' and the Seahawks over the Rams | First Take

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