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  • Holla, Moody.

  • For more than a month now, thousands of farmers have been protesting on the outskirts of the Indian Capital Deli.

  • Oh, Mr Group, bought in Mhm.

  • The single water has become the epicenter of the protests.

  • Old and young men and women who continue to brave the bitter cold and rain and refused to back down would be a little I'm Roberta and I've come to spend the night at the single border.

  • I'm not here to debate the laws which have angered the farmers.

  • I'm here to simply understand what keeps them going.

  • Theo thing is a former soldier in the Indian army.

  • He says he's unfazed because he has fought battles and much harsher trains.

  • Hillside, maybe the hair one here T o e todo Hazarika open E u.

  • S s R.

  • Raja Raja.

  • With In September last year, the government passed three farm laws that losing rules on how crops have produced, stored and sold.

  • The laws allow private players a greater role, and that sparked farmers fears that they will lose decades old concessions and be left to fend for themselves at the mercy of the free market.

  • So, on 26 November farmers from Punjab and Haryana states march to Delhi.

  • They clashed with police firing tear gas.

  • But that did not stop them laying siege to the capital model women to have joined the protests.

  • Since then, change It is the first woman to have come from her village.

  • But Johnny Catherine Bertini we started.

  • But John Hardy Hakem Elgin.

  • Mhm Joey Kelowna.

  • See that?

  • The cracking eight.

  • Liberty.

  • Don't know.

  • Alcohol Mini.

  • I get equally.

  • Oh, can you have a consummate sorry of that?

  • You learn.

  • I see Hakkasan smooth.

  • Since November, the protest sites have turned into many settlements That single where I am.

  • Farmers wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare meals for themselves and all those who have gathered in support regardless of religion, caste agenda, entire families apart of the protests.

  • And this includes Theo college going Children of farmers.

  • Some of them say they are struggling to keep up with studies.

  • Hm.

  • Arabella, Katya, Many fathers of critical attention pass out.

  • I leave America Ferrera.

  • Rabbani, who got the cause?

  • You've been in UK CBM?

  • Yeah.

  • Those two Look just Mazar we've got to take.

  • They can have very sport taking up a a some of the a single you keep hearing that it's not just a farmers protest that its collective resistance.

  • Harry India Killing Sorry, Uncle Sam.

  • Or there have been reports of farmers dying during the protests.

  • So in honor of them, no celebrations were held on New Year's Eve.

  • But protesters do have a wish list for 2021 Maria estimate.

  • Just hard tickets up.

  • Big Quick.

  • Come now.

  • Best of heart, your buddy buddy.

  • But he thought dog.

  • But he's not Uh huh.

Holla, Moody.

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A night at India's largest farmers' protest - BBC News

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