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  • Okay, let's get started.

  • First engineer, Susie Beagleman!

  • - Awesome! - ( cheering )

  • After our first stop at the park, it's Pete's turn.

  • - So, all aboard! - ( whistle blows )

  • All right!

  • Here's how the controls work, Susie.

  • Press the yellow button to start the engine.

  • Push the green lever to go forward.

  • Use the steering wheel to go left and right.

  • And when you want to stop, just pull the red lever.

  • Got it, Mickey!

  • But don't push the blue button.

  • That will separate the cars from each other.

  • So, you ready to roll?

  • You know I am! Starting the engine.

  • ( music playing )

  • All aboard when you hear that whistle blow

  • We can ride these rails... ♪

  • Step right up, folks, and fill your tummy

  • with something healthy and yummy.

  • - Ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo! - Priceless!

  • ( laughing )

  • All aboard the Hot Diggity Dog Express

  • Oh! A bounce house car.

  • Well, I've never seen this on a train before.

  • Well, no one has, until now.

  • So let's bounce!

  • Mickey: Come on, everybody, this train's a-rolling!

  • All aboard!

Okay, let's get started.

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