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  • rev up your engines, Mario says how did you land such a hot wife Scotty,

  • well hey you ever seen the picture of me on James Dean's grave that was taken

  • when I was going to graduate school at the university llinois, I was decent

  • looking back then and I'm a personality and my wife liked that, she knew about me

  • because she's three years younger than me and she lived six houses down the

  • street from me, so she always saw hey he's this guy riding back and forth his

  • motorcycle all the time, I wonder about him, so she thought it would be

  • intriguing to go out with me, so she did we ended up getting married, women like

  • things that are intriguing they also like things that are good-looking and a

  • lot of women do like riding around on motorcycles even though they don't

  • really, that scares them but they find it interesting and if you survive it well

  • even more that it's interesting and you survived,

  • Keith Andre says what do you think of a Nissan GT R okay I'm not a Nissan fan

  • since they merged with Renault, but the GT R is an interesting design you know I mean they

  • are fun to drive around and they're very expensive to fix as they break and most

  • guys beat the heck out of them so they do wear out and buying a used one it's a

  • real big chancy thing, so if you're gonna buy one of those things you really got

  • to have it checked out with a fine-tooth comb before you throw your money out

  • but they are fun to drive around in, they put on some interesting technology, really

  • when it was Datsun they made the first reliable dependable sports car of all

  • time with that 240 when they came out with the Datsun 240, it was a sports car that went quick

  • and didn't break and didn't leak oil and it amazed people when it first came out

  • it's just that now the quality's just getting kind of meh, it isn't what it used to b,e

  • the beast 22 says Scotty what do you think of the 1999 Chevy Camaro with the v6

  • 3800 it has 200,000 miles but it drives nice, okay it's a v6 and it's got 200,000

  • miles on it, now if you're gonna buy that thing, of course you need to have a guy

  • like me check it out, cuz it's a sports car somebody might have beaten heck out

  • of it, but the 3,800 engine is really a decent engine that GM built they can

  • last a really long time, they're well made engines, it's a 20 year old Chevy

  • and it's got 200,000 miles on it, so don't give too much money for it, that'll never

  • be a collector's item, it's got a v6 engine the v8s were the more popular

  • ones, and if you can get it cheap and it runs

  • good now, what the heck you can have a fun little toy to play around and just don't

  • you know think, oh I'm gonna put a blower and turbocharger or supercharger on it

  • make it go faster, be happy with what it has and drive it the way that it is if you

  • like it, Ben 3 says what do you think of the 1.6 Geo Prizm realize that a Geo

  • Prizm it's pretty much the toyota corolla and those things can run a

  • really long time, the Geo Metro they were junk, they were that three

  • cylinder engines, the Geo Prizm was made with Toyota Corolla engines,

  • transmissions, brakes and it can run just as long as the total Corolla so, you buy

  • a use one in decent shape they can be a great beater car for driving around

  • in, August angel says my in-laws 94 Saturn SL 1.9 the motor jumps when it's

  • in gear, I changed all four mounts because they were bad, but it's jumping

  • like the mounts are bad, it jumps when it's in gear and you changed all the mounts

  • you make sure you got them all changed and it still jumps that means there's

  • only two things that can do that, one is the cv joints are worn and when you put

  • it in gear, they get loaded and then they clunk clunk and the other is the transmission

  • itself was wearing out, and I know those Saturn's and I bet 99% that it's the

  • transmission starting to go out, those had horrible transmissions in the things

  • and they cost so much money to rebuild and every time I had a customer with a

  • saturn and the transmission went out, no one ever fixed them because I said, okay I don't

  • rebuild them but let me check it, yeah definitely it's shot, and then I call up

  • my transmission guys and they say how much money it costs to fix and it was

  • always two to three times what the vehicle is worth and they junk it, they

  • never fixed it, because they were so complicated it cost so much to fix and

  • they broke all the time, so odds are it's the transmission going out, Shelley

  • Thomas says is there anything I can do about the melting dashboard in my 2010 Altima

  • Coupe ok, yeah like I say Nissan make these days you got a melting

  • dashboard, they can't even make plastics that can take the heat you know, you can always go

  • to a junkyard and buy used one, of course it's gonna melt too cuz they're all

  • cheaply made, there are companies that sell those dashboard covers and some of

  • them even have molded copies, that you just take the mold that they sell you

  • and it glues over the top your old one, I did that with my old 81

  • Toyota Corolla sr5 and it didn't look bad, it just glued right over the top of

  • the one cuz the old one got all warped and cracked, so if you don't mind stick that on and see

  • those are aftermarket so they're not gonna melt like the original one cuz they're

  • made out of better plastic the one that I put on that Corolla, it was 12 years later

  • it still wasn't cracked it was made out of better plastic, so if you never want

  • to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

rev up your engines, Mario says how did you land such a hot wife Scotty,

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