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  • Pixar is taking us into space with  none other than Buzz Lightyear!  

  • This is Toy Story 5. No, not  quiet, this isn't a Toy Story film,  

  • it's something entirely different and we've got  the scoop on Disney Pixar's upcoming LIGHTYEAR

  • So what is it about you ask? Well the original  Buzz Lightyear toy was designed with the idea  

  • that he was a toy based on a real human  character from an epic blockbuster film  

  • about a space ranger defending the galaxyWell now Pixar is making that into a movie

  • It's an epic origin story of  the original Buzz Lightyear  

  • and takes audiences deep into space as the young  test pilot launches into infinity and beyond

  • We will learn the origins of all of Buzz's  catch phrases that made the toy so popular

  • Chris Evans aka Captain America will be  voicing the character and some fans are  

  • divided over the new voice casting for the film. Why not use Tim Allen, the original voice of Buzz?  

  • Well, again, this isn't the toy coming  to life, that was the toy's voice.  

  • This is a living breathing human and it's OK if  the voice is different, who knows, maybe even his  

  • personality will be a bit different. Director Angus MacLane will be bringing the film  

  • to life, who has been a part of Pixar since 1997. Lightyear really sets us up for an awesome action  

  • packed scifi adventure. The opening to Toy Story  2, gave us the best glimpse of what Lightyear  

  • could be like and we'll also get to see Buzz  come face to face with the evil emperor Zurg

  • Back in 2000 there was actually an animated  series called Buzz Lightyear of Star Command  

  • which followed the space rangers adventuresit was the first series to be based on a Pixar  

  • franchise but didn't even last a year on televsion  so don't expect it to follow the series at all

  • I loved the first 3 Toy Story movies, I  personally didn't think the 4th was needed  

  • and I kinda hated the ending but that's in  the past now. This is more exciting to me,  

  • a spin off that's very different yet will  be familiar. This is the kind of movie that  

  • will get kids and adults excited about space. I can't wait to see what they do with this movie,  

  • Lightyear is set to come out Summer 2022.  You can expect it to be in June as that's  

  • the typical month for Pixar movies in the summer. What are you most excited to see in LIGHTYEAR?

Pixar is taking us into space with  none other than Buzz Lightyear!  

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Disney Pixar Lightyear - First Look (2022)

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