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  • Hello, I'm John Russell.

  • In a previous video, we explored the sound, the sound of hobbies and daily activities.

  • That sound is made with the back of the tongue.

  • Consider these examples.

  • I like running.

  • I am walking.

  • I am watching television, but in everyday speech you will often hear Americans replace the sound they use the sound?

  • No.

  • In its place, the sound is made with the tip of the tongue and the area just behind the teeth.

  • Let's think back to our previous examples.

  • I am walking, becomes I'm walking.

  • I like running becomes.

  • I like running.

  • I am watching television becomes I'm watching television.

  • What is important is that the speakers are changing the place of articulation.

  • Instead of making the sound with the back of the tongue, Americans make the sound with the very front of the tongue.

  • The next time you watch American films or shows, try to listen for house speakers pronounce the ends of words, particularly words that end in I N.

  • G.

  • You will begin to notice patterns in how people speak and how they use thes words.

  • That's all for today.

Hello, I'm John Russell.

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