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Everyone wants things to go their way.
Here are 7 mind tricks you can do right now to get what you want.
To get someone to subconsciously think they like you, mirror their body language.
I feel like we could... bring you in.
That's great! I'd love... I'd love to work here.
"Foot in the Door" Technique
Ask a small favor of someone, "Kaitlyn, could you open this for me? I can't," before you ask them for what you really want.
Hey! You know, you're pretty strong. I'm moving this weekend; I could really use some help.
Oh... Yeah, sure.
Oh, that'd be great.
"Door in the Face" Technique
Ask for something big, "Hey, Sara. Would you mind watching my cat this weekend?" "Uh? This weekend?" before you reveal what you really need.
- It's kind of... - Actually, maybe, you know, that's a lot to ask.
Maybe you could just put this in the mail for me.
- Yeah, I can do that; I can do that. - Hey, thanks!
Misattribution of Arousal
Sometimes we think our emotions are caused by one reason, but actually caused by another.
Do something exciting with a date.
And they might mistake their jitters for attraction.
You can get someone to agree with you in the moment on something that is clearly incorrect by placing them in a group setting and having everyone else give that wrong answer.
Hey, Robert, by the way,
all of us have been showing up to work every Sunday.
You haven't been there.
- Right, guys? - Yeah.
Every Sunday man!
You gotta show up to work on Sunday, man.
- OK... Yeah, OK. Cool. - OK, good.
Primacy/Recency Effect
If you want someone to remember you out of the group, try to be introduced first or last.
Who wants to go first?
Oh, I'll go first.
We all have to go to the damn bathroom every once a while, but what if it could be a hell of a lot more fun.
You can persuade an audience better by mildly swearing at the start and/or end of a speech or presentation.
It will demonstrate that you're passionate about your argument.
In short, it's something we need, damn it!
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Mind Tricks To Get What You Want

61887 Folder Collection
Laura Hung published on May 11, 2015    Laura Hung translated    Bryan Pai reviewed
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