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  • Hertz had a tough game.

  • I mean, he didn't have a bad game, but he had a tough game.

  • So now this team is four and 10 and 14 10 and one.

  • They're they're on the outside looking in.

  • What happens with the quarterback situation now in Philly?

  • Yeah.

  • Listen, the quarterback situation in Philadelphia when it's tied to Carson Wentz is, um, isn't tied to the performance of just Jalen hurts, Right?

  • Everyone thought, Okay, we're gonna make the quarterback switch and everything will get better there one and two in the three games that he's started and they're one win was against the guy that was Taysom Hill when he turned the football over three times.

  • And his quarterback play has been better than what Carson was given than this year.

  • So it speaks to the reality.

  • It's not a great football team.

  • I have said this.

  • I do not think that you can have Carson Wentz in Philadelphia with Jalen Hurts in the same room.

  • I don't believe it's gonna be a competitive quarterback room.

  • I believe it would be combative.

  • It would not be a healthy situation.

  • What do you do?

  • Is the head coach to Doug Peterson.

  • Want to coach Carson Wentz?

  • Or does he want to coach Jalen Hurts?

  • Is he going to come back?

  • So the the question or the future of Carson Wentz isn't tied strictly to the performance of Jalen Hurts?

  • I will say this.

  • It was interesting to watch how Dallas played.

  • Dallas dropped into coverage, and then they had somebody spy.

  • Jalen hurts when Jalen Hurts hit his back foot in his drop, that spy committed to going after him and when he broke the pocket, whether he was sometimes he wasn't even allowed to buy the spy.

  • And then when he did, it wasn't a clean vision, and the performance wasn't as dominant or wasn't as impressive It was.

  • It was his first two starts, so the Eagles have some questions to answer.

  • They got big questions to answer, and it will.

  • 100% start with what do they do with Carson Wentz?

  • All right, so Ryan Clark's back with us.

  • Ryan Clark.

  • Maybe you can answer that question.

  • What do they do with Carson?

  • Wins?

  • Well, Ryan Smith.

  • Since you want to use my whole government way back, I'm reintroducing you.

  • That's how it worked.

  • That's my job for the audience.

  • You didn't way.

  • Hey, you know, Listen, I think you gotta to keep Carson wins.

  • This'll is a very small sample size of what we've seen of Jalen Hurts.

  • And I think some of the questions that kept Jalen hurts on the sidelines so long while Carson Wentz was struggling are going to continue to prevail in the minds of Doug Peterson and in the minds of Howie Roseman in this team.

  • And so now, looking at going forward, I don't know if you've had enough of Jalen Hurts being successful to say that he's your quarterback of the future.

  • I believe Doug Peterson when he said this was going to be weak too weak, because I felt like he still had certain questions and obviously plays well in the first half.

  • The second half, you see the turnover, the turnovers in Dallas, cowboy territory.

  • Those are things that are concerning, because if you're not gonna have a quarterback that protects the ball better than Carson Wentz, you're then gonna look to the skill set.

  • And some of the things that Carson wants has shown you in some of his M V P caliber play and say, Man, maybe we could get him back there.

  • I think not.

  • Having great performances by Jalen Hurts just muddies the water and makes this a much more difficult decision for Doug Peterson in the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Hertz had a tough game.

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