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  • Kevin Durant will miss Tuesday's game against the Utah Jazz due to the MBA's health and safety protocols, the team announced on Monday.

  • Durant averaging 28.7 rebounds and nearly five assists a game.

  • He's slated to miss the next four contests at this point or N b A insider Adrian War Janowski now joining with more.

  • What else can you tell us about Durant story?

  • Yeah, I remember Kevin Durant had the coronavirus back in May.

  • Um, but, you know, he has tested negative here in the last three days.

  • Uh, hey, listen, he had close contact to somebody who tested positive, and it puts him right back in to that protocol.

  • You know, he continues toe, have the antibodies in his system, I'm told, and and, as I said, has tested negative for the virus.

  • But he is still subject to the league's protocols, which means seven days in quarantine.

  • He will miss four games, including tomorrow's game with Utah and a game with the 76 years.

  • This is a big blow for a Nets team that has struggled lately and has dropped a three and four with that lost the Washington last night.

  • Yeah, no doubt about it.

  • Not an ideal start for them again, losing by one toe.

  • Washington the other night.

  • Thank you, Coach.

  • And let's take a look at that upcoming schedule because, like you mentioned very valuable games lost here for Durant.

  • You're the next four opponents.

  • You got the Jazz.

  • You got the Sixers and Thunder.

  • Aziz Well, as a road game in Memphis in between.

  • So with the condensed schedule every game so important if cleared to return, Durant would make his comeback at home against the thunder.

  • A week from tonight on for more on Durant and the Nets.

  • Tim Legler joining us now on legs The Nets are already missing.

  • Spencer Dinwiddie They've lost four of their last five games.

  • Where is this gonna hurt them the most?

  • You think?

  • Well, look, right now they're just flat out outscoring people when they do win on DSO When you've got Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving basically as a two man show right now.

  • Offensively, while a lot of those other pieces air trying to find their way and find consistency, you're basically taken out half of the offense that you've been using to win the three games that you have, so that's where they're going to feel it.

  • I think unfortunately for them, they still have an elite offensive player in Kyrie Irving.

  • To build your offense around, you're gonna get extended now.

  • Opportunities out of Caris.

  • Levert.

  • He showed last year.

  • He's capable of doing that.

  • But right now, the overall bigger picture with this team is that their defense just hasn't really been something they've worked on.

  • You could tell they haven't touched on it very much.

  • There's a lot that Steve Nash probably wants to implement, but right now, their offense is light years ahead of their defense, and that's why they've had a hard time getting some of these winds.

  • They've lost close games because they cannot get stops down the stretch when they need to.

  • That has got to be the biggest area of improvement because you're just not gonna have two guys go out every night and, you know, rotate turns taking shots and expect to fulfill your dreams of winning a championship.

  • That defense has to tighten up, and maybe this is a great opportunity to do that.

  • Missing Kevin Durant's 28 point tonight legs.

  • You mentioned offense K D s former team and his former teammate.

  • If you missed it last night, Steph Curry was cooking.

  • How about a career high 62 points in the Warriors win over the Blazers?

  • Let's go by the numbers on Curry's masterful night.

  • He is just the third player to record a 60 point game after turning 32 years old, joining Wilt and Kobe.

  • It was the oldest ever to do it.

  • He accomplished the feat in the final game back in 2016.

  • Curry.

  • How about eight for 16 from beyond the arc?

  • That's his 49th career game with at least eight triples.

  • That's more than James Harden and Damian Lillard combined, who are 2nd and 3rd all time in that category.

  • In the Chef poured in 31 points in each half last night.

  • In the process, he became the first player to score more than 30 points in both halves of an MBA games since Pistol Pete, 1977.

  • What stood out the shimmy looked like it was back legs and step is the second leading scorer in the N B A, averaging over 32 points per game.

  • But But last night felt different.

  • What did you see from Stephan Steve Curves offense?

  • Well, I just saw a guy last night that I think was reminding People don't sleep on his greatness.

  • And that's why I said before the season, anybody that underestimates this guy's greatness is making a big mistake because I saw people thinking the Warriors can't make the play offs that maybe the time had passed step to be an elite player.

  • I never thought that never said it, and I never would have bought into that, because what he does the defense is with his motion and activity in the shooting range.

  • He just forces so many communication issues for teams defensively.

  • And when he really gets it going the way that he did early in the game last night, he's capable of putting up huge numbers now.

  • Obviously, that was a career night, but Steph, I think, has seen.

  • While some guys were trying to find their comfort zone with this team, Andrew Wiggins Kelly uber a couple new pieces.

  • They struggled to shoot the ball early in the year.

  • James Wiseman is a rookie, so he's right now trying to get out of people's way basically and find his way Draymond Green just came back.

  • So while that's all been going on, Steph Curry has realized he needs to put this team on his back a little bit offensively and again.

  • Have one of those roll back the clock type nights.

  • That was Steph Curry from his M V P years.

  • He's more than capable of doing it, and it's the biggest reason why I think people are gonna start taking the Golden State.

  • Where is a lot more serious?

  • Because this guy's greatness makes the game a lot easier for everybody else on the floor.

  • And those other pieces I mentioned are just going to get more comfortable as the year goes on, regardless of your allegiance to a team.

  • If you love the league, you love the N B A.

  • You love basketball.

  • It's fun to see.

  • Step back the Warriors.

  • They host the Kings in my legs.

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Kevin Durant will miss Tuesday's game against the Utah Jazz due to the MBA's health and safety protocols, the team announced on Monday.

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