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  • like, What's up?

  • Guys from my hotel room here in Kabul, Afghanistan.

  • Yeah, it's on the street.

  • Welcome to Afghanistan, people.

  • Very famous songs like So we're now on zone, where you, Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar, the leader of Taliban used to state.

  • Natasha could always about 20 minutes.

  • Give us some pomegranate.

  • So I figured you see the whole city of Harar behind it Right now I'm getting lost in Alexander, the Great's former home.

  • We've just arrived in the old Jewish quarter here, so fascinating to connect with my heritage, outstanding nature here in the Bamyan province of central Afghanistan, that place it's 1/12 century citadel.

  • It's a UNESCO site, e m super excited to let you know that I am back in my beloved Afghanistan for the next two week.

  • The honest truth is because I'm hungry for more way have found the bologna, my friend, right in front of a way, as someone who is going to every country in the world, there are very few that leave a lasting impression on me in Afghanistan is one of them.

  • When you turn on the TV when you read an article online and you hear the word Afghanistan in it.

  • It's never gonna be positive, almost never.

  • So I feel like it's my duty to come here.

  • Yeah, tell you guys stories of what's really happening with the 30 million people that are living here that have to go to school every day that have Thio make money to survive, that need to eat when they're hungry and need to go shopping in the markets, There's still an incredible life here happening.

like, What's up?

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A tourist, in Afghanistan? - BBC News

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