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  • well, Joe Biden is still two weeks or so away from his inauguration as president, but his ability to deliver on his promises may hinge on events later in the day.

  • Because Georgia has to run off Senate elections on, they'll decide which party controls the upper chamber.

  • If Mr Biden's Democratic Party picks up both seats, then the house will be split 50 50 on that would give the vice president, Kamala Harris, the deciding vote.

  • It would also mean unease, ear passage for Mr Biden's appointment off administration officials and federal judges.

  • Republicans have held sway in the Senate for the past six years.

  • His Namir Iqbal in Georgia theme men standing with Joe Biden might just be his most important friends right now.

  • Democrats Pastor Raphael Warnock on investigative journalist Jon Ossoff are running for Georgia's two Senate seats.

  • If they win, the president elect's party will control the Senate.

  • One state, one state can chart the course, not just for the next four years but for the next generation.

  • The people in Georgia.

  • This means campaigning has never stopped place.

  • That we demand better is at the ballot box.

  • The energy here in Georgia is something I've never seen before.

  • Yes, we can do it.

  • Yes, we can.

  • All right.

  • If Jon Ossoff wins, he'll be the youngest senator, a title that once belonged to Joe Biden.

  • He's been campaigning day and night.

  • Joe Biden's Fates live in your hand.

  • If you leave, is Mr Biden's presidency weekends before it's even begun.

  • We're gonna win on Tuesday, and when we win on Tuesday, we're going to enact an agenda that serves working people in this country.

  • You guys, the pressure is on Georgia's Republicans, too.

  • Kelly La Flor here meeting voters, and we're in the battle for the country.

  • So fellow candidate David Perdue has had to quarantine for a few days.

  • Make sure that you get your friends and family out.

  • This is about turnout.

  • We're gonna win if we turn out.

  • The early voter turnout in Georgia has been huge on.

  • That's because this state knows that their candidates will decide just how powerful Joe Biden's presidency will be.

  • Her pro business, pro conservative values have really trickled down to our city as mayor.

  • What I'm telling people is go out there and vote, vote, vote, vote and teenagers are getting organized to with livestreamed events like this, polls suggest they could give Democrats an edge.

  • Since the presidential election, more than 23,000 have turned 18 and can now vote in this Senate race.

  • I did the math in my head and turns out I couldn't vote for The presidential election was short by just a month.

  • So I got so mad at my mom like you couldn't have made me born a little bit later.

  • Even though I may not have been able to vote in the presidential election, I'm still in some ways ableto vote on a presidential scale.

  • Georgia is the final battle for President Trump.

  • He's still wrongly believes the election was rigged.

  • There's no way we lost Georgia.

  • There's no way a rig that was a rigged election.

  • Some Republicans worry he could put off voters, giving an advantage to Joe Biden, Namir Iqbal, BBC News.

  • Georgia.

  • Well, let's get a bit more from messes, Trump and Biden, shall we?

  • They campaigned at rival rallies in Georgia, as we were saying, Mr Trump repeated his claims that Democrats are trying to steal the presidential election despite his lawyers having had some 60 challenge is now thrown out of court over lack of evidence.

  • As for President elect Joe Biden, he criticized the Trump administration's Corona virus response and said a Senate majority would boost his administration's response.

  • Let's hear a bit more of what they had to say.

  • It's a new year, and tomorrow can be a new day for Atlanta, for Georgia and for American.

  • By electing John and the Reverend, you'll be voting to get the states.

  • The resource is they need to get the vaccines distributed.

  • It's a shame what's happening now.

  • It's a literal shame.

  • I've said it before.

  • Getting America vaccinated will be one of the most difficult operational challenges this nation has ever faced.

  • But we've known for the last month this administration has gotten off to a god awful start.

  • The Democrats are trying to steal the White House.

  • You cannot let them.

  • You just can't let them steal the U.

  • S.

  • Senate.

  • You can't let it happen.

  • If you don't go on vote, the Socialists Marxists will be in charge of our country.

well, Joe Biden is still two weeks or so away from his inauguration as president, but his ability to deliver on his promises may hinge on events later in the day.

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Georgia Senate: Biden and Trump rally voters on eve of poll - BBC News

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