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  • Washington coach Ron Rivera said in a statement that it benefits both parties that we go our separate ways and this was telling Dwayne Haskins tweeting this statement yesterday afternoon.

  • My time with the Washington football team has unfortunately come to an end.

  • I thank the team and the fans for the opportunity to play for the team I grew up rooting for.

  • I take full responsibility for not meeting the standards of an NFL quarterback and will become a better man and player because of this experience.

  • Dan, I want to start with you what happened here with this relationship.

  • I mean, almost everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.

  • Basically, Washington got to a point where it decided that it was it was doing more harm than good to them toe, have him on the roster.

  • I mean, look, go back a week and he was in trouble for off field behavior that could have brought the cove in 19 virus into the facility, right, so they stripped him of his captaincy.

  • They find him $40,000 but they still give him the start Sunday because Alex Smith can't go, so they're offering him a chance like, Hey, man, show us.

  • Show us that you've learned from the experience of this year last year and that you've grown and that you're ready to deliver it.

  • Ah, high level for us.

  • The exact opposite happened.

  • He was unable to do anything to help them win a game that they needed to win.

  • So now you have a situation where both off the field and on the field.

  • Not only is he not helping you, but he's actively hurting you.

  • They know they're not going to go with him next year.

  • So they decided to cut the court now and move on and try and win this game this week that they need to win without him.

  • Marcus, I have to wonder, What does Haskins future look like in the NFL?

  • To you?

  • Yeah.

  • Very, very sketchy.

  • Ryan, when you think about look, I want everybody to keep this in context.

  • The Washington football team is about to play a play in game for the playoffs, and they cut the dude that started seven days ago for them at the quarterback position.

  • Like think about that indictment and what the other 31 other teams are looking at.

  • and saying to themselves, How does it get this bad that they have to cut Dwayne Haskins before they go into a potential playoff game?

  • And then the second part is this, like there are things that we don't know that other organizations will know when they called to inquire about Dwayne Haskins.

  • And I don't wanna Powell on because the kid is young and I hope he gets another opportunity to play in this league toe, have a chance at success.

  • That doesn't guarantee he's going to be a good quarterback or anything like that.

  • But we know there's talent there through 50 touchdowns at Ohio State.

  • So there's some talent that somebody may want to attach themselves to.

  • But what you have to you have to ask every other team in NFL.

  • I am going to need you to get over the fact that the Washington football team cut him before a play in playoff game.

  • That is the biggest indictment on this whole situation when it comes to a football standpoint and Jeff, when I think about that, I think about how tough it may be for him to catch on elsewhere.

  • No, there's no doubt I mean, let's think about this man like like it's hard.

  • This is not an easy thing to do to get released.

  • This is the fastest any Any players been cut since, you know e think in NFL history from A from a guy who's been drafted 15 like it just It is hard work from a guy who went undrafted, thio all of swag, you and dance points.

  • You know that this was an indictment on he.

  • He is mawr of a problem than a solution in a situation where we're trying to make the playoffs.

  • That that is never there is no warm and fuzzies in this thing, and I'm with.

  • So why do on this?

  • Look, man, I'm a player guy.

  • I want every player to be successful.

  • I want to make the most money they can play in this game like, but at some point you have to be a pro's pro.

  • And if you're not handling your business off on and then on the future, walking in and offering nothing to a football team, man, it is tough to get back in.

  • So hopefully he'll get an opportunity to back up somewhere and learn how to be a how to be a professional football player and really turn the experience around from where he is right now.

  • Yeah, maybe it would have been a different story had he been performing on the field, but obviously not so we'll see what happens next with him.

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Washington coach Ron Rivera said in a statement that it benefits both parties that we go our separate ways and this was telling Dwayne Haskins tweeting this statement yesterday afternoon.

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