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Welcome to Vanity. What are we doing for you today?
Oh...oh... just the trim.
Your name?
Suzy Arsenal
Okay... There's a bit of a wait
Really? Doesn't look that way.
Would you like some candy while you wait?
Oh...no...thank you...That's okay.
They're delicious.
And the spot just opened up.
Hi. So what are we doing for you today?
Oh.... just an inch off the bottom
Okay... You know...I think you can do something a little more edgy. Your hair is looking a bit boring.
I don't really...
Oh...Hi....So what are we doing for you today?
Oh... I... just an inch off the bottom.
Okay...You know...I think you could do something a bit more exotic.
Really? I don't think...
Don't you worry. We're professionals.
I'm excited! How's it looking?
You know... with the new cut...color doesn't match anymore. Her hair needs to be thicker...much thicker...
What? You make my hair look thinner?
No... You just have thin hair. Birth effect. The cut makes you look thinner. A darker shade blade the appearance of thickness and volume. Right now... you look like you're bolding. Hand me the toner.
NO... wait...wait...wait...I just came in for the...
Ma'am... Please stop. We're professionals.
I don't know about this...
Look...You're nervous. But it's not gonna look that different. You do wanna look beautiful, don't you?
Just don't make it too dark.
Would you care have some tea?
Oh... no... I'm okay... Thank you.
Hot cocoa?
No... I'm good for now... Thank you.
Is that allowed? No... coffee is fine.
You know... the face doesn't match the hair anymore.
What do you mean my hair doesn't match my face?
We'll have to fix your face.
Excuse me...I'm still right here. How the fu** are you gonna fix my face?
You see...Your hair color is dark now, making you look pale. That's not attractive. We just have to fix your makeup to match your hair.
I already came in with the makeup on.
Yes! That was your old hair. This is your new hair. We just gonna touch it up. It won't take long. You're gonna look good.
I just didn't plan on changing this much today.
Enough! We're fu**ing professionals!
How do I look?
Oh... Thank you.
Let's deal with the bill first.
So...that's a cut and color, style blowdry, makeup, facial, makeup application, extra fluffing and brushing, therapeutic massage, plus a gift basket ,and thirteen cups of coffee. And don't forgot candy, plus labor and the tip. Four...
What the fu**? Who charges for a gift basket? I didn't ask for any of the sh**! You just did it! Oh my god! I wasted my whole day. I am so pissed right now.
I would be too if I made the choice as you did.
I didn't make any single choice!
Well~ It'll all be worth it when you see the new you.
You could be our triplet.
Hey guys! Today I'm hanging out with Dia and Dahlia. I mean... Dahlia and Dia.
Hey guys! I am Dia and I am Dahlia. We just shot this awesome video with Olga so make sure to check out the other version at our channel. You could click our faces or the description below. And Bye~~~
Also check out our friend Alex who was in the video. Also, his link is gonna be in the description box below. Today's question is would you rather go to a salon like that or cut your hair yourself? Let us know in the comments below please remember to .....
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EVIL TWINS - Mirror, Mirror

14667 Folder Collection
cindychen0729 published on July 12, 2014    cindychen0729 translated
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