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  • Hi

  • Welcome to Vanity. What are we doing for you today?

  • Oh...oh... just the trim.

  • Your name?

  • Suzy Arsenal

  • Okay... There's a bit of a wait

  • Really? Doesn't look that way.

  • Would you like some candy while you wait?

  • you...That's okay.

  • They're delicious.

  • And the spot just opened up.

  • Hi. So what are we doing for you today?

  • Oh.... just an inch off the bottom

  • Okay... You know...I think you can do something a little more edgy. Your hair is looking a bit boring.

  • I don't really...

  • Oh...Hi....So what are we doing for you today?

  • Oh... I... just an inch off the bottom.

  • Okay...You know...I think you could do something a bit more exotic.

  • Really? I don't think...

  • Don't you worry. We're professionals.

  • I'm excited! How's it looking?

  • You know... with the new cut...color doesn't match anymore. Her hair needs to be thicker...much thicker...

  • What? You make my hair look thinner?

  • No... You just have thin hair. Birth effect. The cut makes you look thinner. A darker shade blade the appearance of thickness and volume. Right now... you look like you're bolding. Hand me the toner.

  • NO... wait...wait...wait...I just came in for the...

  • Ma'am... Please stop. We're professionals.

  • I don't know about this...

  • Look...You're nervous. But it's not gonna look that different. You do wanna look beautiful, don't you?

  • Just don't make it too dark.

  • Would you care have some tea?

  • Oh... no... I'm okay... Thank you.

  • Hot cocoa?

  • No... I'm good for now... Thank you.

  • Tequila?

  • Is that allowed? No... coffee is fine.

  • You know... the face doesn't match the hair anymore.

  • What do you mean my hair doesn't match my face?

  • We'll have to fix your face.

  • Excuse me...I'm still right here. How the fu** are you gonna fix my face?

  • You see...Your hair color is dark now, making you look pale. That's not attractive. We just have to fix your makeup to match your hair.

  • I already came in with the makeup on.

  • Yes! That was your old hair. This is your new hair. We just gonna touch it up. It won't take long. You're gonna look good.

  • I just didn't plan on changing this much today.

  • Enough! We're fu**ing professionals!

  • How do I look?

  • Amazing!

  • Oh... Thank you.

  • Let's deal with the bill first.

  • So...that's a cut and color, style blowdry, makeup, facial, makeup application, extra fluffing and brushing, therapeutic massage, plus a gift basket ,and thirteen cups of coffee. And don't forgot candy, plus labor and the tip. Four...

  • What the fu**? Who charges for a gift basket? I didn't ask for any of the sh**! You just did it! Oh my god! I wasted my whole day. I am so pissed right now.

  • I would be too if I made the choice as you did.

  • I didn't make any single choice!

  • Well~ It'll all be worth it when you see the new you.

  • You could be our triplet.

  • Hey guys! Today I'm hanging out with Dia and Dahlia. I mean... Dahlia and Dia.

  • Olga!!!!

  • Hey guys! I am Dia and I am Dahlia. We just shot this awesome video with Olga so make sure to check out the other version at our channel. You could click our faces or the description below. And Bye~~~

  • Also check out our friend Alex who was in the video. Also, his link is gonna be in the description box below. Today's question is would you rather go to a salon like that or cut your hair yourself? Let us know in the comments below please remember to .....


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