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  • Tomorrow is the start of the next 100 years.

  • We Hauntleys always throw the most terror-ific party.

  • Whoa!

  • The best part about the new century

  • is that it's a time for monsters to make a resolution.

  • It's like a promise to improve yourself

  • or learn something new.

  • This century, I decided to get better at baking.

  • It's going to be a challenge.

  • And I decided to learn how to juggle... pianos!

  • ( grunting )

  • Nosy makes it look so easy.

  • Ouch! Oof!

  • That's going to hurt next century.

  • I promise to be a friendlier monster

  • who never loses her temper.

  • Don't worry. I'm not going to get too soft.

  • I'm made of stone, after all.

  • And I decided to give up eating sweets and desserts.

  • - Good-bye, my sweet friend. - Wow, I'm impressed.

  • You're going to do all that for an entire century?

  • That's a pretty big commitment for 100 years.

  • Which is why we're all going to make sure not to mess up.

  • This century is our century!

  • - All 100 years. - Woohoo!

  • - It is! - You got it!

  • But, Vee, you didn't say

  • what your new century's resolution is.

  • I decided I'm going to be the best,

  • most helpful monster I can be, starting tonight.

  • Oh.

  • I'll make sure everyone keeps their promises,

  • no monster what.

  • It's on!

  • "New Century's Spookin' Eve With Dragos."

  • Ghoultide greetings!

  • It's a chilly night here in Transylvania

  • as monsters gather from all over to scream in the new century!

  • In just a few moments,

  • the big magical pumpkin will drop

  • and we'll count down to the beginning of the new century.

  • - Giant pumpkin? - That sounds amazing.

  • Come on, my little ghouls. The countdown is about to start.

  • Dragos: Here we go! Get ready to scream and shout!

  • Psst! Vee.

  • I always have a bite

  • of Chef Remy's New Century's cake

  • during the countdown.

  • Look at it over there.

  • It's haunting me!

  • How am I going to stay away from sweets

  • for a hundred years?

  • Can you help a ghost out

  • and keep me from eating any of them?

  • You've got it. You're not going to mess up

  • your New Century's resolution, I promise.

  • You're the best, most helpful monster ever.

  • Little Vee, I can't seem to get my juggling just right.

  • - Will you practice with me? - Sure, Papa. No problem.

  • Batkins, will you lend a wing in the kitchen later?

  • - I need help with my baking. - Okay, Mama.

  • Dragos: It's time to shake your tentacles!

  • All: 10, 9...

  • I need help, too, Vee.

  • This friendly monster thing is harder than I thought.

  • - 4... - Uh-huh.

  • 3, 2, 1!

  • - Happy New Century! - Woohoo!

  • ( music playing )

  • Should old vampires be forgot

  • And never brought to mind

  • Should older spirits be forgot

  • For screams of monster times

  • For all the monster times, my spook

  • For all the monster times

  • We'll share an "eek" ♪

  • An "aah," a "boo" ♪

  • For all the monster times

Tomorrow is the start of the next 100 years.

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