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  • okay.

  • And after their comeback, when versus the Colts?

  • The Steelers problems are behind them.

  • Overreaction or not, I think that's an overreaction.

  • I don't think we wipe away as lousy a month as the Steelers had based on 20 good game minutes of football, which is what we saw.

  • Look, halfway through the third quarter, they were getting stuff that the goal line and looked like they had no chance to score.

  • Then they sprung toe life.

  • They still needed almost 50 yards of pass interference penalties on their final scoring drive.

  • Uh, to go ahead.

  • So I think there are some issues with the Steelers that have been there all year that surfaced in December and that while they disappeared for about an hour on Sunday, are still likely toe trouble them come playoff time.

  • Just one hour.

  • All right, Marcus.

  • Jeff, let me bring you back in.

  • Marcus, I'll start with you.

  • Are the Steelers problems behind them?

  • No.

  • Hell, no.

  • They ain't behind him, Ryan.

  • Like, listen, this is a part of the makeup of this team now, like I don't wanna dis disregard or dismiss the fact that this is a Mike Tomlin led team with being Roethlisberger with a lot of experience, and the team that's been there were still really good players.

  • But no, they're problems on behind my.

  • I like the fact that they hit big plays down the field garage, just told you about the yards that they were that were given up for penalties.

  • But when you look at the Pittsburgh Steelers, I think the issues remain right offensively.

  • They had to have a bunch of explosive plays.

  • Can they carry that for four quarters?

  • Because now we're talking about teams that you're gonna have to do that it gets, and then to like, I don't know about everybody else and I know Jeff Saturday as a coach fan, I was so disgusted with Matt Ebert.

  • Flues plan in the second half for the Indianapolis Colts.

  • Almost broke my TV screen.

  • He played vanilla, tried to play the simple coverages, didn't didn't add any pressure.

  • The big being who we know doesn't move well in the pocket and allow these guys to continue to be one on one, um, in the passing game.

  • So yeah, they were not gifted, but they took advantage of some very sketchy defensive play calling by Madiba Flues and then being took advantage of that over the top.

  • But I still saw some of the same lingering issues.

  • I still saw the note, the non consistent run game and things that weren't gonna affect them well, going forward in the playoffs.

  • So no, it didn't change my mind at all.

  • So, Jeff, let me ask this a little bit differently.

  • I know you weren't high on them in terms of how far they go in the playoffs before this weekend.

  • Did you see anything this weekend from that game that makes you feel differently?

  • Not at all.

  • Listen, they beat the Colts and swag.

  • You made uh, made some great points, and so did Dan.

  • Right?

  • They played one quarter in three minutes of really good football, but they got stuffed on the goal line.

  • Listen, their offensive line ranks 29th and pass protection win rate.

  • I think they're 28 wins and rush rate.

  • So when you're talking about an offensive line that's played that poorly, big plays definitely help.

  • I I have no problem.

  • They made some big plays against the Colts on Sunday.

  • Can you consistently do that in the playoffs.

  • I just don't see that happening And listen, I love Mike Tomlin.

  • I think he's a heck of a football coach.

  • He gets his guys as motivated as possible.

  • But at the end of the day, the trenches matter.

  • And when your offensive line isn't playing up to par, you're gonna have tough sledding.

  • And and again, teams are just gonna let you drop back and hit big plays.

  • They're gonna bring pressures.

  • They're gonna try.

  • They're gonna try to make Big Ben pump fake or get rid of it so fast guys can rally up.

  • The Colts did not do a good job, really, in all three phases in the fourth quarter, and and they will admittedly say that they couldn't convert First down.

  • They stopped running the football, everything they could do wrong.

  • They did to give that game to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Steelers took advantage of it that will not continue and playoff football.

  • Alright, so we'll see how this plays out because this is a Steelers team that really came on in that second half.

  • But the bottom line is this is a team that offensively has just been stuck for so long and so many people think they're just not gonna get it going.

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