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  • Hey, I'm no garden towards Please check out my new stand up comedy album.

  • White men can't joke right now.

  • I'm gonna read some.

  • Am I?

  • They ask questions from Reddit and pass judgment without learning any of the context.

  • Am I the asked for accidentally going to a strip club while engaged?

  • No, you're not the asked.

  • I went the night before my wedding.

  • It's a rite of passage.

  • I support it as long as your hands off and stay appropriate.

  • Good on you.

  • I'd be asked for wanting my daughter's middle name to be danger.

  • No, you're not asked.

  • You're just unoriginal and kind of lame.

  • Am I?

  • They ask for asking my boyfriend to purposely lose a mini game in Mario party.

  • No, you're not gonna ask, but I suggest you spice up your personal life by throwing a key party instead of the Mario party.

  • It might be asked for not bailing my mom out of jail.

  • Yes, She bailed you out of her vagina.

  • Bail her out of wherever she needs you to stop being an ask.

  • Go get your mother and my The asked for telling my stepson he isn't allowed to be in common areas of my home without being fully clothed.

  • Uh, that depends.

  • Are you sexually attracted to your steps on?

  • If not, then yes.

  • You're the asked.

  • If so, there's a lot of money on certain websites I won't mention waiting for.

  • You might be asked for getting a vasectomy and not telling my wife.

  • Yes.

  • You're a brilliant asked.

  • Maybe.

  • I don't know.

  • Um I d ask for getting pissed at my now vegan girlfriend refuses to live with me if I eat me.

  • No, you're not the ask, but you better make up for it by eating other things home.

Hey, I'm no garden towards Please check out my new stand up comedy album.

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